10 Things I Love Sunday

I cannot believe this is the last Sunday of 2020! I know I’m not alone when I say I’m cautiously optimistic that 2021 will bring some great things. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season so far! We stayed in Nashville for Christmas (our family lives in the St. Louis area) and it’s only the second time we’ve been alone for the holidays. Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of time to online shop and do projects, so I’m going to share some favorites with you today!

I’m SO into this sweatshirt. It’s got a very worn distressed look that I love and it feels incredible. So soft, a little stretchy, and a different shape than your “run of the mill” sweatshirt.

My favorite affordable leggings. One of these days I really want to splurge on some Girlfriend Collective leggings. I think those are probs the ultimate, but in the meantime, here are the leggings I love!

This teddy coat! I absolutely love this coat and have had it for three years now. I also really love the faux-fur options!

The planner I’ve been using for six years!!! I’m such a fan and this version is under $30. Day Designer’s flagship design is hardcover, but I really like this more lightweight version. The “to-do” list and daily schedule are what I love most about this layout.

This is the brand of collar I’ve been buying my dog for yearrrrs! Love the velour for winter.

I love this subtly Harry Styles-inspired sweatshirt from Jane Dottie Vintage.

Are you A Little Bit Alexis? This mug is for YOU! 🙂

OMG. We watched the Bee Gees doc on HBO Max (I love them so much) and it was so great. Thinking about getting a Saturday Night Fever vinyl — I mean, that’s kind of essential, right?

Just got this curling iron and I am so in love. My technique is I curl away from my face, allow the curls to set, then brush them out. Voila, perfect waves! I would recommend the 1.25″ if you want a looser wave, but for my fine hair that’s armpit length (what a glamorous way to describe my hair length), the 1″ is perfect and creates a lot of volume and movement.

Last thing is a project—the arched moulding wall in the photo above. I got the tutorial from Hot Pink Pineapples! We love how it turned out and recommend this project if you have a wall that needs some dimension and interest. (Also, here is the lamp we used in this room!)

Over the holiday break, I’m planning on doing some more projects (possibly making over our laundry room and definitely giving our office ceiling fan a refresh) and just enjoying some chill time. It’s a bummer not to be with family, but I know things will be back to normal next year!

xo Keely

  • Keely, that arched wall molding looks fabulous! Great work! I love that little nook 🙂

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