10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! I recently got some maternity portraits done, this is one of them (I did like 4-5 different looks, ha!). I don’t plan to share a ton of them online EXCEPT I was thinking I’d share a big collage of my favorites or something like that in an upcoming newsletter. If you aren’t signed up for our newsletter, and you like more personal updates in addition to the type of content we share on the blog, you should make sure you are signed up. We don’t send tons of emails and you can unsubscribe anytime. But, that’s where Elsie and I tend to share more personal things, like I’ll probably share some of my first baby photos of my son in our newsletter as it just feels a little more personal to me than the blog or social media. 🙂

As my due date, June 4, is rapidly approaching (or it feels that way) I have been making some plans of what to do during my two-month maternity leave. I am sure I’ll have my hands mostly full already. Ha. But I just like having little things to do, small plans that break up the days. If I don’t get to it, oh well. But I am anticipating some postpartum depression (I had some in the second trimester as well) and for my personality, having plans (even tiny activities) helps a lot. A few things I’m thinking on for that:

I got this stroller (and a bunch of accessories, like a cup holder, ha). I love walks in my neighborhood—it’s truly a charming place to live with a coffee shop just a five-minute walk away. It may take some time before I feel like even going on a short walk, but we’ll see. I like that it’s an option.

Also bought The Home Edit Workbook after Elsie recommended it to me. I like the idea of cleaning/organizing something small (like one bathroom drawer) on days I feel like accomplishing something. Small wins sound nice to me, or if I’m too sleep deprived I can just use the workbook later. Either way! Ha.

I decided to get a little inflatable pool and an umbrella for our backyard. I may use it with my son later in the summer, or just by myself (when Trey or my mom is watching our son). I think there is a little part of me that is scared I’m going to miss all the summer activities this year, which of course is fine. But making a little backyard pool area sounds like something to do that won’t cost much and doesn’t take much effort or any traveling away from the house.

I think I linked these in a previous post, but here is my star dress and the star crown I’m wearing in this photo.

Did you know that Stacey Abrams writes suspenseful romance novels in addition to her amazing political career?! I bought this one and I can’t wait to read. (She writes them under the pen name Selena Montgomery).

Recently bought this jacket while it was on major sale (it still is!) and I’ve been wearing it almost every day since it arrived. I love a denim jacket generally, but I especially love the cut of this one, so flattering.

I don’t know how to read tarot cards, but I still had to buy this pack because they are TOO beautiful (designed by Mackenzie Moore). Actually, I bought two because I have a friend who does know how to read them, so I thought they would make a cute gift.

Everyone asks me if I have pregnancy cravings, and tbh I haven’t really. BUT if there was something it would probably be waffles, as I make those for myself waaaaay more than I used to. I am thinking about buying this mini honeycomb waffle iron because it’s just too cute and I love the color.

Hope you have a great weekend! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photo: Janae Hardy (edited with ACS and Pink Papaya). Makeup: Emily Edgar.
  • Congrats on your pregnancy and thank you for your honesty! Hope you have a very special summer!!

  • You look radiant, Emma! I hope that you feel similarly. And thank you also for speaking so openly about post-natal depression, it’s so common and important for women (and men – who can also suffer from PND) to be aware of this and seek help if needed. Also, I’m sure you’ll love that pram. I have one that we still use it almost daily with our three year-old and I’ve pushed it probably well over a thousand kilometres.

  • I’m due in May and also thinking a little bit about missing summertime with a babe (it’s my first too!) I’m loving this advice in the other comments about getting outside. Also had some depression/hormone shifts today that I hadn’t experienced yet this pregnancy and went on a walk with a friend and her new baby which felt absolutely amazing after spending the morning crying about random things! I think I’m just going to chalk this summer up as an investment time for next summer when I’ll have a more mobile/less fragile sidekick to share in a 1 year old version of summer!! So excited for you Emma and your son! Loving following your nursery plans and everything else you’re sharing about motherhood!!

  • You look absolutely radiant! Motherhood looks wonderful on you. And kudos to you for identifying a few small things you can do during your maternity leave. For my first, I planned to reorganize my ENTIRE kitchen (hahahahahaha, so naive). So I love your idea to have small things that are way more achievable. And like you said, if you don’t get to them, that’s fine!

    • Yeah, I had planned to reorganize my closets while the baby was sleeping. Hahahahahaha, that didn’t happen, but I did enjoy going on lots of walks and having little outings to look forward to every day. Small goals!

  • You look amazing Emma! 🙂
    And thank you for talking about the difficult parts of pregnancy/postpartum. I struggled a lot with hormones, and I think it is so important to talk about and normalize. Asking for support is showing strength!

  • Such a beautiful photo Emma, you look gorgeous and that will be such a special treasure photo later!

    Laura 🙂

  • Looking good, Emma! I am SO happy and excited for you! Just had my baby girl in December, and now that the weather is nice, it’s a huge help. My tips: Get outside and try to pick up clutter here and there, if you’re the kind of person who gets bothered by that stuff. I actually had myself pegged for PPD/PPA and I never got either. So be open to embracing that possibility, too! You’re going to do great!

  • Emma, this is the most gorgeous maternity photo I’ve ever seen! This is a keeper.

  • Two-month maternity leave?! Only? ?? Sounds crazy! I have stayed at home for one year with my babies and that seemed so little… I live in Italy but I am from Finland where parents can stay at home more time and even get some money while doing it.

    • I work for myself, so it’s more of a choice for me. But working with (and knowing) other mom’s outside of the US it does seem maternity leaves are longer in other places generally. Personally, I am excited to return to work after a few months (although I suppose I’ll see how I really feel when the time comes) but everyone is different.

    • I was shocked too. I mean I know Emma works for herself so shorter plans are expected but here in Canada, most woman get 1 year from their employer and for federal employees like myself, we actually get 1.5 years now (automatically).

  • One thing I found that helps with PP blues is being outside— a short walk or even just getting a tiny bit of sun or sitting on the porch was so helpful. I never had full on PPD thankfully, but I did get a longer bout of blues. I was extra careful with my second to try to do things to combat this proactively, so thinking ahead like you are doing is so great.

    Being outside helped a lot, as well as taking a short trip to target for an hour by myself or getting coffee (decaf lol if breastfeeding) out were all little things that helped me feel more like my old self. And be sure to accept help!! Anytime it’s offered, say YES!

    • I love that you said this! I think the super power I have been cultivating the most in my adult life is exactly that: accepting help! Turns out, it’s actually a really smart way to live. Took me a long time to figure that out. 😉

  • I have a dash waffle maker (not the honeycomb) and I use it almost daily. I highly recommend you get one!

    Also, I LOVE the maternity photo. Wishing you all the best as you head into motherhood!

  • Emma!!!! That photo is SO BEAUTIFUL like star goddess mother! Can’t get over it! ?

  • emma!!!! I LOVE these! When I saw the pictures of your crown/dress in the show notes a few weeks ago, I was really hoping this was the direction you were going. I’m so glad you shared the pics. I am so, so obsessed! They’re so artistic and cool – like something that belongs in an art museum. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Emma! What a gorgeous photo:) I want to say good for you for planning for the possibility of postpartum depression and the little things that make you feel good. It’s a hard but beautiful time when you bring a baby home, and I know the feedback of strangers doesn’t/shouldn’t mean much, but yay for you!

  • Emma, you are radiant! I LOVE maternity pics and you are stunning in this one. Go, girl!

  • Emma, you look beautiful! I’m pregnant and due May 24, but it’s not my first baby. I wanted to say how meaningful it is that you’re speaking openly about prenatal and postpartum depression. Normalizing mental health struggles during motherhood is so important and your openness is a gift to others who could be silently struggling. I experienced depression when I weaned my elder daughter. After confiding in another mom and my health provider I found out weaning was another time women are prone to experience depression due to the major hormone shift. I had no idea and I wish I’d known ahead of time. Talking about this stuff is important. Thanks for sharing parts of your journey with us.

    • I actually didn’t know this about weaning either—but that makes a lot of sense with hormones.

      My goodness hormones are no joke! It was hard for me to really understand until I experienced it, and that’s why I am already thinking / planning for experiencing it again. I am so grateful my body so far has been able to carry and grow my son, what a gift. But the depression that came with the second trimester (only about a month of it) was deep and very difficult for me.

      Grateful for a support system, as my main strategy is to call someone (my sister, Trey, my brother, other friends / family) or go for a walk with friends when I am feeling very low. Reaching out and getting help when you need it is NOT a weakness, it’s a powerful way to live and I am proud to talk about it (although I am by no means an expert, I only have my own experience to share).

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