10 Things I Love Sunday

I feel like there is so much shifting in life right now. Mostly good things, which I am super grateful for! Just trying to hang on and enjoy the ride, you know? I’ve noticed as more and more of our friends and family are getting vaccinated and we’re getting to see them, I talk SO much when I’m able to see them, haha! It’s just been so long since I’ve really been around anyone other than my husband and my dog and as an extrovert, even I am having a little trouble adjusting to being around people again. Anyway, here are a few things I want to share with you:

Absolutely love these Tevas! I saw them on one of my Instagram faves Janea Brown’s stories (@jnaydaily)—she mentioned they are so comfortable and easy to just rinse off whenever they get dirty, so they are now on my wishlist.

Something that I’ve been on the lookout for, seemingly forever, has finally been found—a new umbrella! I saw this one and fell in love with the neutral, abstract cheetah print (comes in another print, too!). The quality of this baby is so good. My previous umbrella that I had from J.Crew for literally 15 years (!!!) is so similar in function to this one, which makes sense as Madewell is under the J.Crew family of brands, so I have high hopes this one is going to last me quite a while as well. Highly recommend!

I have a new favorite flavor of sparkling water, and it’s this one. I was introduced to it at Elsie’s recently and it’s become my go-to.

Do you sweat? I’m gonna guess probably. SO DO I. I have three things for you that are going to make summer more enjoyable. First up is Body Dust from Megababe. It’s a talc-free powder to keep you dry. I use it mostly for underbust and on the backs of my thighs (not sure why but the backs of my thighs are so sweaty in the summer) and it works so well.

The thing that makes it extra fun is this dust puff! It’s HUGE and soft and wonderful (and pink) and makes application a breeze. The last piece of this holy trinity is Thigh Rescue! I definitely have thigh chafe if I wear a dress in the summertime and half to walk around a lot, but with this product that is a thing of the past—I’ve been using it for a few years now. They even have a mini-stick that’s perfect for your bag. Just be careful—it can melt if left in high heat for too long!

If you’ve never tried a konjac sponge and are looking for a gentle way to cleanse and exfoliate, I would love to recommend this sponge from Honest Beauty (just $8!).

As a ’90s/2k kid, I’ve really had mixed feelings about small sunglasses coming back, but I think I’m finally ready. I love the pink and tea color combo.

Speaking of ’90s/2k fashion, I’m also pumped that bucket hats have made a comeback. This one is on my list because it looks like it provides a lot of shade from the sun—perfect for a pool day.

I’ve been coveting this dress. It’s simple but beautiful! I also love how comfortable it looks and those little ruffle sleeve details are so dainty and sweet. 🙂

Of course, I can’t do a 10 Things without a playlist! Presenting “favorite feel-good songs from the ’90s and 2000s movie scenes.” My cousin sent this to me and it’s too perfect, especially The Parent Trap playlist art!

GORGEOUS mug for under $10! I love to have a little stash of small gifts to give in case a friend needs cheering up or a little boost, and this kind of thing is exactly what I look for. Maggie Stephenson is an amazing artist and I love everything in her Anthro collection.

Happy week ahead!! xo Keely

P.S. The photo of the cactus at the top of the post is one of the prints in our print shop—click here to snag it!

  • Oh, the Tevas are like a Crocs and Teva hybrid. I do like that the Tevas have straps on the back vs the popular Birkenstock EVA that don’t.

  • I just bought that bucket hat from Anthropologie this past week. It’s too cute!

  • I absolutely love Keeley‘s 10 things every time! They are the perfect mix of fun, real world, fresh and classy!

  • This playlist is so fun. I’m doing a little day drinking, a little Sunday cleaning, and a little daydreaming with this fun playlist to keep the shoulder dancing alive. Thanks for sharing!

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