10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, everyone! My favorite weekend thing lately is making French toast with chocolate chip brioche bread (such a treat!!) and having a little family brunch in our dining room now that it’s finally complete (tour is coming this week!!). Does anyone else like to sprinkle sugar on their French toast so you get some crunch in each bite as well?? Here’s what else I’m loving this week.

-Joined our local community center fitness area and I ordered these leggings and this top to get back into my workout game (it’s been a while, you guys!). Love that they turn recycled bottles into usable clothing.

-This rug!!!

-This console table is basically making our entryway look official these days. Love the white and gold details, and it’s actually been super helpful to house some essentials that we didn’t have room for in our kitchen (like the “miscellaneous” drawer that has all your pens/stamps/etc.). Trying to decide what artwork to hang above it so still on the hunt for that.

-This set of blends sounds amazing! Just the thing to diffuse around the house during summer (or with my little mini diffuser I keep on my desk).

-Is it just me or are these the prettiest combat boots I’ve ever seen??

-This romper is so cute and super comfortable! It’s kind of a linen material, and I like that it has pockets and a little length to the shorts so I can wear it when I’m on mom duty (but it still looks put together with some heeled sandals). I got it in two colors because I like it so much!

-Excited for this shirt to come in the mail! I love the little smiley faces on the elbows—so cute. Should I get the matching glass, too?

-Super inspired by this wall at the restaurant Sketch in London. It would be really fun to do a wall like that in our house with some of Lola’s artwork.

-I almost bought them a few times, but I finally got some of these when Elsie said the girls loved to use them at their house—they are great! They’re washable and a lot more contained when kids want to paint, but you don’t feel like doing the whole painting setup and getting a little messy. Lola loves for me to draw outlines so she can fill them in, or we’ve been cutting out shapes of animals and then coloring them that way as well.

-Been using this after washing my face and it smells like a sweet orange and grapefruit dream!

We have our summer bucket list up on the fridge and we’ve been chipping away at it each week! Definitely need to get out our snow cone machine and start using that on the regular while it’s still in full snow cone season! xo. Laura

  • Hi, pardon me if you have answered this before – I am new to the blog! – but where did you get the awesome print of the hand and eye in the picture?

    • It was on urban outfitters a while back! I tried to find it but I don’t see it anymore!


  • So many fun things:) But what I really want to know is: what plant care regimen do you have for that fern in your hanging planter? I have the same type and it looks so anemic and sad!

    • He gets some decent indirect sun in that spot but I do have to water him more frequently or you can tell he starts to droop!

      Laura 🙂

  • Laura, are you a synesthete? You mention that the essential oil blend sounds amazing 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, actually, it would contribute to your amazing set of skills!

    • Haha, I’m not but I can just imagine that they would smell good! 🙂


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