10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful week. We’re getting ready to see my parents and my children are taking a few weeks off school.

Here’s a link to the pjs I am wearing above (top and bottoms). They have a lot of other patterns as well.

1. I found this Etsy shop that has surprising cotton candy flavors like root beer, pickle, buttered popcorn and margarita. Would you try them? I think I’m going to order some.

2. We started watching The White Lotus and it’s reallyyyy good so far.

3. I got a new perfume that I LOVE. It smells so nice.

4. Cute taco holder.

5. The most beautiful cocktail shaker I’ve ever seen.

6. Makes me smile.

7. The pink paint (above) is Meet Cute by Clare paint. I love it. It’s the kind of pink that would look beige if you held it up to a true pink—I love the tone. Clare paint has really nice colors and I’m thinking of using more soon.

8. Six fun horror movies (I haven’t seen any of these, so excited!).

9. If you’re shopping for kids stuff, check out my two favorite small shops: Mochi Kids and June & January.

10. If you’re prematurely excited for Halloween, click here. You know I am!

  • Adorable photo! I listen to the podcast regularly, but hadn’t stopped by the blog in awhile. You look lovely and happy and radiant:) Good vibes coming to you from Michigan.

  • This is our local cotton candy shop and they ship! They use a lot of natural flavors, too.


  • Do you have a similar Halloween shirt recommendation ? I LOVE the look of the shirts and the neutral pallets but the sizing does not seem inclusive 🙁

    • Sorry about that! I would search “pumpkin shirts” on Etsy- there are a lot more cute styles. Also Modcloth if you search “Halloween”. I will post WAY more Halloween, but I’m trying to wait until later in August before we go all in. XX!

  • We’ve tried some of the the cotton candy. We liked rootbeer, pineapple mango, peach, and creamsicle. Pickle, bacon, and lemon were not our favs.

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