10 Things I Love Sunday

I was having coffee with a friend the other day at one of my favorites places—European Cafe. It’s connected to a cool office building that was built over 100 years ago. You guyyyys. The inside looks like the set of Mad Men and I can’t get over it. I had to get a picture in front of the old elevators (and yes, those are marble walls). It was the highlight of my week! I’m sharing some of my other favorite things below:

1. The best retro pink sunglasses under $10.

2. How cute are these birthday cake candles?

3. I had no idea you could buy pre-owned jeans from Madewell. I snagged a pair right away!

4. OK, so I know it’s only August, but I’ve been in the mood to buy Halloween decor

5. I haven’t worn overalls since high school, but I couldn’t resist these.

6. My favorite morning face serum. It smells incredible (like fresh squeezed oranges).

7. I bought this wall hanging (in the large size) to fill up a blank wall in my orange and pink bedroom. It’s on sale right now, too!

8. I watched a documentary about Woodstock ’99 the other day. I was in high school at the time, and I remember wanting to go so bad (looking back, I’m really glad I didn’t get to go, haha).

9. Has anyone tried this soft matte lipstick? I’ve been looking for a new one to try.

10. I’ve been dealing with really bad PMS symptoms for years, and I can’t believe how much these B complex vitamins have helped. I’ve been taking them for five months and have noticed a huge difference. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with similar stuff!

xo, Jacki

Credits // Author: Jacki Moseley. Photography: Steven Spencer.

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