10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi friends! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. We’re very excited to take Nova apple picking and to a pumpkin patch today!

1. I got so many requests for a recipe on these little pies, but I didn’t make them with that intention (I made them just for fun). I didn’t use a recipe, but you can get the recipe and instructions here!

2. I am so so so excited for Nova to wear this.

3. These rolling pins are so cool!

4. One of my favorite projects for Nova so far this year.

5. I’m back on the ol’ spending freeze, but I’ll probably be adding these jeans to my b-day list. SO cute!
(this bag too!)

6. This pink letter board is so sweet.

7. Our adoption agency just made this beautiful video of a family we love. If you love adoption stories, go watch.

8. We’re currently marathoning Better Call Saul and it’s sooooo good.

9. White Chicken Chili. Hell yes!

10. This print is hanging in our hallway. It’s always a good reminder of what is important in life!

P.S. Over on my family blog, I wrote a post about eating out and flying with a toddler. It feels so cool to have actual parenting tips finally (although we’re still learning so much too!!).

Love you all! xx. Elsie

  • I love those little pumpkin pies! I’m definitely going to have a go at making them this season. Those rolling pins are very cute!

  • The weekend is really wonderful and also your cookies with the touch of Halloween event.

  • The little pumpkin pies look like a fun activity to make with my kid! I’m always looking for new chili recipes!

  • Wow, I am obsessed with those rolling pins! The Christmas one is perfect for making your own edible decorations for the tree 🙂 And the adoption video is such a heartwarming story.

    Thank you for sharing these inspiring links!

    Love, Kate x


  • I have a similar rolling pin. It’s pretty cool. They make fun gifts as well, especially when you get the recipient’s name included in the design.

  • Okay, those rolling pins are literally some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!! I wish I were more of a baker ––– I might have to become one just so my husband will let me buy one! ;D Ha!

  • So much yes for chilli recipes! No better time for chilli than during fall 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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