At Home With Abbey Hendrickson

At Home With Abbey HendricksonA good dining space can often be the hub of the home. This is the place where friends and family gather for food, games, or just great conversation. Abbey Hendrickson is here today to share her beautiful dining area with us!

Dining room inspiration"My family and I bought our once-abandoned

1880’s farmhouse just over a year ago. Truthfully, I really didn’t want to live

out in the middle of nowhere. Sidewalks were one of my chief requirements when

we were looking for a house, so it came as a complete shock when I fell for

this place. We love to host big, crazy dinners, and—as luck would have it—our

dining room is a great space for throwing parties."

Dining room details"After a full year of non-stop DIY renovations

(most of which are still in progress), we decided to throw a Last Days of Summer

party to celebrate all of that hard work.

About 50 of our favorite

people came, half of whom camped out overnight. The

morning after the party, we lounged around the dining room table with our

smart, fabulous friends—laughing, talking about art, arguing over politics, passing interesting books back and forth, and nursing well-deserved hangovers. It was truly one of the best

weekends ever."

Lovely dining room details

Lovely plants"Anyone

who’s ever worked on a big project knows that, at some point, you may begin to

doubt decisions you’ve made: Maybe the renovation projects take longer than

you expect, maybe your wallet doesn’t match your dreams, maybe your dog rolls

in something stinky, or maybe your kiddo gets a cold. Whatever the issue, I can

tell you that gathering around a table with your besties is curative. That

weekend certainly made me step back and appreciate our decision to buy a beat

up old farmhouse. The goal isn’t just to “finish” the house; the goal is to

fill it with life and love."

Bookcase detailsGorgeous dining areaThank you for sharing your gorgeous space, Abbey! You can see more peeks of Abbey's home over on her lovely blog Aesthetic Outburst.

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