Simple Whiskey Sours

Whiskey soursWhat I love most about this whiskey sours recipe is how simple it is. Most of the time I use some kind of simple syrup in my cocktails. Simple syrup (as the name suggests) is not hard to make, but it does take a little time and is best if you make it ahead so it has time to cool. These whiskey sours do not use simple syrup. So if you didn't plan ahead, or are in the mood for a cocktail NOW (is it just me who feels this way sometimes?) don't worry, we got you covered. These also remind me of my favorite cocktail: a sidecarEasy whiskey soursSimple Whiskey Sours, makes 2.

In a cocktail shaker or mason jar with lid combine 2 shots (that's about 3 ounces) whiskey, juice from 4 lemons, juice from 2 limes, and 4 teaspoons powered sugar. Shake until the sugar dissolves. Strain and pour in two small cocktail glasses filled with ice. Garnish with a little lemon rind.Lemons and limesYou can adjust the sweetness level by adding more or less powered sugar. If you don't have powered sugar on hand I recommend making simple syrup. Granulated sugar won't dissolve as easily and could make your cocktail grainy, with settled sugar at the bottom of your glass. No great tragedy, but I'd still recommend making simple syrup in this case instead (or buying a bottle). xo. Emma