Favorite Quote Tote Bag

Hand Stamped ToteI am of the opinion you can never have too many tote bags. I use them for hauling groceries, carrying books from the library or just as a purse. They are so versatile! Here's how I made this hand-stamped quote bag: DIY Tote Bag1. Supplies: blank tote bag, leather strips (mine were 1"x23"), scissors or a seam ripper, letter stamps, and fabric paint. 2. Remove the existing straps with a seam ripper or pair of scissors. Sew the cut leather strips onto the outside with a sewing machine. 3. Choose a favorite quoteβ€”mine is a quote from Marilyn Monroe. Write it out so you have a reference.  Brush the paint onto the stamps and begin stamping your quote. I ended up using smaller stamps than I originally intended since my quote was pretty long. 4. Let the paint dry and you're all done!  Hand Stamped Quote Tote BagFavorite Quote ToteHappy stamping!  xo. Katie