Monkey Lamp Makeover

CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful Mess The folks over at CB2 sent us their adorable monkey lamp to try our hand at ReStyling! Monkeys (specifically, chimpanzees) are my absolute FAVORITE animal in the world, so when I saw this I got super excited. Here's what I did:Oil PastelsOil Pastel DIY by A Beautiful MessI used a white oil pastel to create a simple, messy scribble pattern in four rows all the way around the lampshade. I tried a couple other mediums first (paint pen and paint) and oil pastel was by far the best. You can really see the lines and it's easy (and fast) enough to mark with that you can create a pattern that feels truly random. I love how it turned out!CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful MessI knew that for my own home I would love to keep the monkey white, ranther than painting him a bright color. So to add some color I added a couple blooms, he makes a pretty cute little flower vase, don't you think? I love that these can be swapped out and matched to different seasons and themes! I think I will try a few air plants next.CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful Mess  When the lamp is illuminated you can barely even see the scribble lines, which I love. It has two completely different looks. 

I had so much fun with this challenge, and now my one last decision is which room our new monkey gets to live in. I'm thinking guest bedroom! Thanks so much CB2

Happy Monday everyone! xo. Elsie