Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

DIY macrame curtainRope macrame curtainTrey and I have been (slowly) fixing up our home office these past six months. I’m excited that, for the most part, we’re done (!!!!!), and I’ll be sharing a full room tour later this week. The room is an extra bedroom, so it had a closet that I wanted to convert into an extra storage area but that wasn’t a total eye sore. This closet used to have a sliding door on it, but the door got damaged and I never had it repaired as I’m not a huge fan of the look of those doors anyway.

I knew in order to keep this area looking tidy but still functional the easiest solution would be to add a curtain to hide the random (but needed) contents of the closet. We store everything from our important documents file folder to guitar cases to old brides maid dresses in there.

Diy macrame curtain I wanted to add a curtain that was light in color (white or cream) but that wasn’t boring and would still had interest and texture to that corner of the room. We decided to create a macrame curtain from thin rope (I found mine at Home Depot). Here’s how we made it, we used colorful yarn to illustrate the process better:

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain 1. Tie four strands together on a foam core board and put pins into the top knot and at the bottom of the two middle strands to keep those in place.

2. Take the outer right strand (pink) and pass it to the left side over the other middle two strands. Take the outer left strand (yellow) and pass it underneath the pink strand, behind the middle strands, and over the pink strand on the other side.

3. Pull the two strands tight. Now you just reverse what you did in the first step! Take the outermost left strand (which is now the pink) and lay it across the middle two strands. Take the outermost right strand (which is now the yellow) and pass it underneath the pink, behind the two middle strands, and over the pink on the other side. Pull these two strands tight until they make a knot with the woven strands from the previous step. That’s the hardest part! The rest of the steps just repeat these basic motions.

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain abeautifulmess.com4. Repeat steps 1-3 with four more strands to make another knot right next to your first knot. Bring the two rightmost strands of the first knot to make a new group with the leftmost two strands of the second knot.

5. Repeat your basic knot with the new group by taking the outer right strand (purple) and passing it to the left side over the middle two strands. Take the outer left strand (green) and pass it underneath the purple strand, behind the middle strands, and over the purple strand on the other side.

6. Pull the two strands tight. Now reverse the first step! Take the outermost left strand (which is now the purple) and lay it across the middle two strands. Take the outermost right strand (which is now the green) and pass it underneath the purple, behind the two middle strands, and over the purple on the other side. Pull these two strands tight.

7. Divide the middle group of strands by moving the two leftmost strands left and the two rightmost strands right. Repeat the basic knot with both the groups and continue this process until you have done as many rows as you would like.

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain When beginning to make the actual curtain, I made 14 groups of rope, each group with four strands that were all 100 inches long. I found it made a neater knot at the top of the curtain to cut two strands of rope that were twice the needed length (so 200 inches) and then I hung the strands over the rod at the middle point and tied a knot to create a four strand group.

Since doing this process with big ropes is a much bigger scale than the yarn, you’ll have to find something to hang your rod from so you let your rope hang beneath it (we used a bike rack to hang ours).

Make Your Own Macrame Curtain You can see that it’s really the same principle of making the basic knots in the steps with the yarn, but just on a much bigger scale. I just made the basic knot near the top of all the 14 groups and then made another row of knots beneath and between those knots (like in the yarn instructions). Then I moved down another row and made knots underneath the original knots and just kept alternating the rows of knots until I had done as many rows as needed. Make sure to keep stepping back as you make your knots to ensure that you are tying your knots into even rows. I kept a ruler handy so I could measure the distance between each knot in a row and the wooden curtain rod to make sure they would turn out even. Once I did five rows of even knots, I let the rest of the strands hang down to complete the curtain.

Trim the endsOnce you finish braiding the ropes hang your new curtain in your desired spot. To finish, wrap masking tape (or other white tape, I used “dorm tape”) around the ends right where the rope hits the floor (my curtain is 6 1/2 feet tall). Cut through the tape, leaving 2/3 to half of the tape intact on the rope. This will help the ends to keep from fraying overtime.

Diy macrame curtain I also hung an off white long piece of fabric behind on the macrame curtain (on the existing clothing rack). I love how the curtain turned out! It feels different but still functional and not overly loud. We have a very loud rug in the room (you’ll see more later this week) so we didn’t need something with tons of color or that took up a lot of attention.

How to macrame ropeThis was somewhat inspired by the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs (see a photo of it here). Now that my curtain is done, I just need to pop in a few baskets to organize the inside (ohhh, this one has pom poms)! Happy macrame days! xo. Emma


Credits // Author: Emma Chapman & Laura Gummerman, Photography by: Janae Hardy, Laura Gummerman and Emma Chapman

  • Odd question! Where did you get your floors? Or were they in the house when you bought them? I’m in the process of buying flooring for my basement and love the character and color of yours!

  • I have a hallway closet that is open for all to see (and the contents aren’t pretty), this is a great tutorial. Thank you.

  • For the right kind of wedding, this would be so lovely for a stylized photo backdrop! Love that there’s no limit on colour choices, too 🙂

  • Yes, the bedrooms all had carpet when we moved in so we had wood laminate (it’s not “real” wood) added in the last couple of years. They were bought through Lowe’s and installed by a contractor I use and love.


  • Yes, we haven’t been able to get a style post together for a few weeks due to weather and either one of us traveling. 🙁 I got my hair cut for my birthday last month, just felt the need for a little change.


  • This looks pretty cool. I would have never thought to do something like that. It’s nice that it creates some sort of division but remains light and airy like you wanted! Can you do this with fabric?

  • Thank you for this Emma! I have been looking for a perfect bohemian curtain design to add some privacy and style to our living room. Going to give this a try! It looks beautiful.

  • The technique reminds me of friendship bracelets and I used to be so bad at making them!
    I love how you made the tutorial using different colors because it’s so much easier to tell when to put each strand.
    I can’t wait for the full tour!


  • Good idea! Love it!
    I really enjoy the ideas you guys have posted about making storage space, or laundry space, or just functional space really cute and decorative! 🙂
    Thanks for all the good ideas!

  • Do you by chance know the name of the color? I had my eye on “Tavern Oak” at Lowe’s this past weekend. Laminate is actually better since it is for the basement!

  • I love this cool DIY! I live in an apartment and we have a huge balcony window, however, we’re not allowed to change the blinds. I’ve been looking for some fun curtains or something to cover them up on our part, but I’m struggling. I don’t think these would be perfect for our solution, but I really do love it! I might just have to think up my on curtain DIY! Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Using the colorful yarn to illustrate how to do it was really helpful!

    I love your brown boxes that you’re using for storage. Where did you get them?

  • LOVE this! You can also burn the ends with a lighter to melt them to avoid the fraying (sorry if this has already been mentioned!) Test the rope first to see if it becomes discolored…and if it does, whether you like the look or not!

  • yall should get on youtube this would have been a much better DIY if it was shown on a video step by step

  • Wow, great idea! It looks so good, has some beach house flair 😀
    I like that ! And it looks pretty simple, thank you for the instructions 🙂

  • Great texture! Wondering if it was possible to knit on that scale! It would create some great curtains or wall decoration… But that’s definitely a much easier way of pulling out a similar result to knitting…

  • I love this idea! Was it pretty pricey to make? I calculated it would be like 250 for the rope.

  • Random, but where did you get your sweater vest?! I’m pretty sure my soon to be macrame closet needs that in it.

  • This is quite possibly my favorite tutorial from your blog! I would love to do this and hang them in my bedroom as “curtains”. Such an easy tutorial too! I can’t wait.

    xo Denise

  • Do you have a good source for rope? I’ve been wanting to make a Sally England scale one for my headboard, but it seems no one wants to carry what I’m looking for. I’m probably too picky, though. I’ve been looking for 1/2 inch, solid braid, 100% cotton, and a ton of it.

  • I love this idea for our home office. My husband actually makes macrame jewelry… the micro, micro kind. I need to get him some rope so he can make artwork for our home as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This looks fabulous but my claculations come to 5,600 inches of rope used. Please correct me if I’m wrong but that seems a hell of an expense. Can you please tell me what your curtain measures across. Cheers Julie

  • I love this! We have a mighty need for one of these, as we have a weird doorway in our bedroom that is just begging for a curtain sort of thing! So unique.

  • This is great! I have been thinking of doing a beaded curtain for a doorway but now I think I’m going to try this. How wide is that? I don’t think I need that many groups of strands. Trying to get an idea of how much rope I would need. 🙂

  • Kylie, ” Laminate is actually better since it is for the basement!” This is far, from the truth. I’d NEVER get laminate again. I had 2 toilets flood the house…new home, plumber tightened the water supply lines to toilets too tightly, so they fell off. Even a glass of spilled liquid can wreck havoc, with laminate. I am guessing your hot water heater is in the basement. I put a good grade linoleum, in the laundry/basement/den. It has saved me lots of $$$.

  • I LOVE this idea. If I’m doing the math correctly, you need nearly 475′ of rope to create this. What type of rope did you use and where did you buy it in bulk? I was thinking a marine supply store?

  • I just fell in love with totally trying the on my closet!!! where did you guys get the rope for it?

  • Where did you get your rope?
    How wide is it? I’m looking online and can’t find it 🙁

    Thanks so much for this amazing Tutorial!!!

  • What kind of rope did you use for the macrame curtain and how big was the rope?

    Thank you

    • What kind of rope did you use for the macrame curtain and how big was the rope?

      Thank you

  • Hi! I made one of these in 1976! It hung for 10 years in a kitchen doorway. Since i used jute there was no real way to clean it.
    So this rope is exactly what i was thinking. Would like the dimensions of the doorway as well as the size and material of the rope. (So i can figure out how much i need) I will only be doing a single doorway.
    Thanks….looks great!

  • Hi, That’s a beautiful work. Could you name the exact measurements… means how many inches of rope did you buy and where did you buy the rope. Of what kind of material are the ropes made? And are they 6mm diameter? Thanks in advance!

  • Did you put a sheer curtain directly behind the macrame curtain for extra coverage?

  • Also wondering about type of rope and amount needed . Please share material supplier or website . What was the total cost if this project ? Thank you

  • Hey! I really enjoyed this post! It served as one of the inspirations for a macrame wall hanging I’m making for my sister! Although my project isn’t as large scale, I really like the design of the top. Also, I am new to the blogging community and wanted to post about my project and certainly want to highlight this post as one of the inspirations for my final project! Would you be alright with me sharing it in my post? Thanks so much!

  • What type of rope did you use and how much did you need? Really want to make this for my wedding! Thanks!

  • Hi
    I know this has been asked before but I am looking to recreate this in my own way and am having the hardest time sourcing the material. Could you please share the measurements, size, amounts, et al that you used to make this? Would be incredibly helpful.
    Thank you so much

  • Hi, I have just found this page on Pintrest. I was looking for a something to use in my nieces bedroom for her cupboard instead of having a door there, she only has a small bedroom. When I seen this I thought this would ideal for her. I just have one question really, how do you work out how much rope/string you need for the whole project and also how do you know what length to make each one? Is there a special formula to use?

  • I did two similar to this, but for the ends of one I dip the ends in clear finger nail polish and the other in Elmers Glue, they both held together the ends from unraveling.

  • Beautiful job. I want to make something like this for my kitchen. I had a question, and I apologize if I missed the answer somewhere. Is there a formula for figuring out how long the cords have to be from the beginning. In the same vein, is there a way to tie in more if you made them too short? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • I want to make a curtain like yours but its for my door which it measure 24″x 38″. How many cords do i need and how long to cut them. THank you

  • This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it for my bedroom windows. How much rope did you use to make it? And what is the length of your curtain? Thanks!

  • LOVE this! I’ve been looking at buying one online but thought “I could totally make this..” and it brought me here! How much rope did you use? What length and thickness? I’m trying to figure out how much I’ll need for my one closet door! Thanks!!

    • Hi Devon! I would just pick whatever you prefer as far as the thickness— Emma used plain rope for hers from a hardware store. Since spaces vary, I would measure your closet door area to see what would work best. 🙂

  • After doing the calculations you needed 10 of these balls of 50 FT rope which puts you at around $300 dollars just for rope? am I looking at this wrong or is that correct?

  • I’ve been looking for this for a month now, I saw this in a restaurant! I want to do this above my sofa using black rope, and the knots/shapes will continue all the way down… it’s about 8 ft by 4th…. how do I calculate the length of the rope I need?

  • What was the thicknes of the rope you used and how many feet long was it?

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