Our Office Coffee Cart

How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com OK, OK, I know that there is a wide variety of categories when it comes to people and their coffee. Some people are casual, every-so-often coffee drinkers. Others are pretty intense about their coffee. Like, really intense. Like don’t-talk-to-me-actually-on-second-thought-don’t-even-look-at-me-until-I’ve-had-my-coffee intense. Some people are coffee aficionados and can actually pick out the subtle notes of vanilla, or blueberry, or bacon, or whatever other crazy thing is supposed to be in their primo cup of joe. Others, however, feel their irish cream hazelnut chocolate explosion java just isn’t flavored enough (guilty on that one). The team members here at the ABM studio fall throughout all these categories, so when I started out to set up our studio coffee cart, I wanted to have a little bit of something for everyone’s taste. Here’s a rundown of how we built our office coffee cart:

How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com Buying the coffee: Since we are catering to some pretty different coffee tastes, it’s a good idea to keep several different kinds on hand. We love many of the PT’s Coffee options, but we also throw in a few flavored coffees (like caramel macchiato or hazelnut flavored) as well. Of course, it’s helpful to have a small coffee bean grinder for coffee that isn’t already ground. Depending on the type of coffee maker we are using, we decide if we need it ground finer than usual (like for pour-over coffee or espresso), so make sure to keep that in mind when buying a grinder. However, when we are buying our bag of coffee from a coffee shop, they’ll grind it however we need. (Thanks, Coffee Ethic!)

How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com Making the coffee: It’s fun to have a few different ways on hand that coffee can be made. Our new photographer Sarah actually used to be a barista for a couple coffee shops in Nashville a while back, so we like to make her brew the coffee whenever we can. We have a standard coffee pot so we can make several quick cups at once for everyone, but we also have a Chemex for pour-over coffee and a french press as well. My favorite way to have coffee comes from the espresso machine where we can make lattes (we girls at the studio are pretty big on lattes). I’m hoping Sarah will drive our latte quality through the roof in the next few months. I also added some glass containers to keep the different coffee filters contained and organized.

How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com Drinking the coffee: Of course coffee mugs are a pretty essential part of drinking coffee (duh!), so we had to have a few on the cart for easy access. We have a mixture of pretty white mugs and personal novelty mugs floating around the office (everyone knows that the cat-themed mug is mine). Since most on the team don’t like their coffee black, we stock our cart with plenty of fun additions for the coffee. We have sugar shakers filled with both sugar and stevia to sweeten the drinks, but we also have a few coffee syrups as well. While you can buy lots of different flavors of syrups, they are also really easy to make! I made vanilla, almond, stevia, and hazelnut flavors for our cart. We of course have a creamer option on hand that week in the fridge nearby (we have an adorable Smeg next to our coffee cart to keep our creamer cold).  And we can’t forget the coffee stirrers!

How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com How To Stock Your Own Coffee Cart abeautifulmess.com We also keep some tea on the cart for tea drinkers. I know I don’t always feel like coffee every day, so it’s nice to have the tea option as well. As you might already know, Elsie is a huge tea fan. From time to time we also add a few snacks that go well with coffee like biscotti or shortbread cookies—yum! So far everyone has really been enjoying the different features of our studio cart. What kind of coffee supplies do you keep on hand? xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Sarah Rhodes, Photos edited using Imogen from the Folk Collection.

  • As an ex-barista, my mouth is watering just looking at this. I have a few cups of coffee every morning, but nothing to write home about (though I’d never badmouth Dunkin’ Donuts Old Fashioned Donut flavored coffee, haha).

    Anywho, that’s a really nice setup you’ve got! Maybe I oughtta put more thought into mine!


  • Oh this is amazing, having such a great workplace that even the coffee break seems like a vacation!
    I’ll have to do it with my Senseo. (= I have vanilla and chocolate powder for when I feel I’ll be needing something more special than usual 🙂
    Love you girls.


  • Our coffee area has many of the same elements, especially several ways to brew! We have a percolator as well and my husband’s current fav – the Tody Cold Brew system. I like your coffee flavor choices the best! We keep those around occasionally, but they are usually kept in the freezer since we don’t make them that often.

  • Please do tell where the cart is from! I’ve been planning a tea cart for my new apartment, and I love the simplicity and size of this one!

  • wow, at work we are all tea lovers (I write for a yoga mag, after all). You inspired me to set up something like this with infusions, teas etc

  • This is too cute for words! Ire ally love all th varieties that y’all have going on. it makes me want to try them all! The white mugs are lovely too. Thanks for sharing!

  • i’m having major coffee cart envy. i love how many different options you have and of course it’s style beautiful 🙂
    xo jac

  • Oh my.. I would drink way too much coffee if I had a coffee cart like that at work 😉 It looks so great! I’ve been considering making one of those coffee syrups for some time now, maybe I should just go ahead and do it 🙂 Vanilla flavor sounds great, yum!


  • I am not a coffee drinker AT ALL, but I can really enjoy the cuteness of this cart. love it!

  • Did you know you can use uncooked Fettuccine pasta pieces as coffee stirrers for a more eco-friendly option? I saw it done in a coffee shop in Canada once and have been copying it ever since. They’re super cheap too 🙂

  • I love how you have coffee and many options for everyone! From flavours, to makers – it keeps everyone happy! I’m definitely just a plain coffee and almond milk fan, but flavours are nice on occasion. The flowers are a nice touch 🙂


  • It’s so tidy! Our coffee and tea shelf is way overcrowded and there is no order to it at all, I wish I had the space for a cart! One day… In our house we love our coffee from our little machine, usually double shot, and a mix of espresso or long coffee, basically we spend our lives trying to recreate the coffee we enjoy in France on our annual holiday, yum!

  • I’m sure you get tired of all the “where is it from?!” questions, but I would love to know where you found the glass-and-wood canisters – I’ve only been able to find round ones, but square ones are so much more efficient in our cabinets. Thank you!

  • I absolutely love everything about this coffee cart! My husband is a huge coffee drinker and we have so many devices/ways of making coffee it isn’t even funny! It’s gorgeous what you have put together here!

  • So this is on a different tangent, but how do you purchase a fridge through the smeg website? Having both a smeg and a Big Chill, which do you prefer and why? I’m buying a house and want a new (old) fridge!!

  • I’m a water-processed-decaf only person but still LOVE coffee. I’m also snobby when it comes to the creamer – it has to be half and half, because I won’t drink creamers and plain milk isn’t creamy enough. My husband likes straight black espresso! He just bought a Kmix (ours is white) from someone at work and is super excited about it. I’m excited about the lattes 🙂

  • Love it! I really like the industrial look, especially with the flowers and the colors as a counterbalance. And you’re spot on about the categories of coffee drinkers 😉

  • Oh this is amazing, having such a great workplace that even the coffee break seems like a vacation!
    I’ll have to do it with my Senseo. (= I have vanilla and chocolate powder for when I feel I’ll be needing something more special than usual 🙂
    Love you girls.

  • I am so jealous right now! We’re trying to create a coffee station at home with our Tassimo machine, no real espresso for us, but at work we just have to make do with Nescafe instant. If we want real coffee we have to walk into town and shell out £3 (about $5). I’m definitely with you on the flavour overload. My favourite is a Starbucks’ white chocolate mocha!
    Rachel x

  • We actually bought the Smeg on Amazon and it’s a lot smaller that our Big Chill-it’s better for a smaller office fridge than a main fridge 🙂


  • I love this! Coffee is definitely an essential part of our daily life, and this would be great to have on hand! I’ve found a few recipes on pinterest for making flavored coffee syrups yourself, but I would love to hear about your recipes. They would be great little hostess gifts..

  • I am a coffee addict so I absolutely love this idea! thanks for sharing.
    Dana Kay

  • I am in love with this coffee cart! I’ve always wanted on at our own home because my dad and I are hard core coffee drinkers. And this just goes to my top ideas for our new home! 😀 That and a wine cart. Now must invest on a really good espresso machine!

    You guys are really inspiring!! 😀

  • love it! when we move to a bigger place i definitely need to add a coffee cart. right now i have a tiny corner of my shelf dedicated to my coffee fixins. not enough!

  • This is incredible! What a dream, I want one for my house! I’m a little coffee/tea enthusiast after working in coffee shops before my 9-5 and it’s hard to give up. This idea perfectly rounds my variety of different beans, grounds, flavours and leaves with classic, simple and maybe a little retro shabby chic style. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing , another thing on my wish list.

  • I love PTs coffee! We use it at our Coffee Shop in Newton, KS and it is the freaking best!! We just had a representative down for a coffee cupping which was such a fun experience!
    Love the coffee cart!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • I adore it! Love how the white pops off of those dark walls. I’m a hazelnut girl all the way and even though we have an espresso machine [and my husband was a barista], we dont’ make them enough! I think I’m going to have to get on his case. And make those syrups!

  • Love this! Very personalized and very cute. I’m definitely going to use these ideas in the restaurant that I am currently running!

  • this is by far one of my favorite posts! I love coffee and having a coffee cart handy is such a great idea for guests and for an afternoon pick-me-up!!! love love love!!!

  • I absolutely love this idea! I have a huge tea collection and I think this would be perfect to have around!


  • Wow you all must have the cutest office ever. If this is what your coffee cart looks like, I can only imagine seeing the entire space.

    I love how you have an espresso machine as well!! If only it came with a barista too 🙂

  • Love this post! I’m huge french press fan but I’ve been wanting to experiment with a Chemex. A little sugar and soy creamer is what I add to make my coffee perfect 🙂

  • This is random, but are those roses real? I’m looking for some really nice looking fake arrangements for my grandmother who has dementia. She LOVES to have cut flowers around, but gets very upset when they start to wilt!

  • please tell me where the calendar (shown in the the picture nr 5) is from… i am deeply in love..

  • Wow! I honestly think I need this at home. For myself and my friends and family. How fun! Maybe a smaller version? You got me thinking ladies…

  • This past year my husband and I have become HUGE coffee drinkers! We have a coffee corner in our kitchen that holds the beans and syrups. We mostly drink lattes, but are trying to learn new recipes so we won’t get the urge to go out for coffee.

  • I want to road trip & tour your place when its done!! so much attention to detail! love it all. as for coffee I am busy (or boring) so I keep it simple, cold brewed on the counter overnight then stored in the fridge to pour over ice, add milk & local honey to, that usually lasts a 2-3 days or I use an old school perk pot (we have 2 for camping) on my stove for days when I just need hot coffee (or have forgotten to set up the cold brew over night) & that I drink black.

  • It is a high end coffee cart. I love this style and your office.
    The life in your office must be very wonderful.

  • From one coffee fan to another…bravo. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would consider myself a 9, but I don’t get angry if I haven’t had my coffee I just REALLY enjoy it. And I would really enjoy a great set-up like this one day – thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, so many varieties of coffee! In our office there is only one varity of coffee and that’s it.

    I would love to work in your office 🙂

  • Great set up and it looks adorable on that cart! It must be so nice to have everything you could possibly need for a good cup of coffee no matter what your taste! We are lucky if we can even find a filter where I work!


  • Break room coffee saddens me 🙁 The detail, thoughtfulness and flower power is what coffee/tea deserve. Yup…i’m their unofficial spokesperson!

  • Fancy coffee cart! Everyone would love that in their office, I guess. At least I would.
    But I´m actually ok with a little sugar and a sip of milk in my coffee.

  • I’ve wanted a coffee/tea cart for soo long but I simply can’t find the space in my kitchen. But as soon as I move to a place with a larger kitchen, I’ll use this as an inspiration 🙂

  • I love everything about this! We have a coffee station in our house as well. It’s nice to have everything in one place. I also am completely obsessed with the dark wall color in these posts. So great!

  • It’s a really cute, practical and diverse cart you’ve got there! I work in a normal office (cubicle world for the win) and we have a little kitchenette with a fridge, toaster, kettle, toaster oven, microwave (2) AND a kurig. We used to have the oldest stuff around but we got all new material (except for the fridge and microwaves) during the last fiscal year budget renewal (we needed to spend our money to keep the amount in the next year budget). I would have preferred a Nespresso but……..this is a simple office, not a nice design oriented, crafty office. So I will keep the image of your coffee cart in my mind when I go to our office coffee corner.

  • Awesome job! I’m a big fan of coffee and I’d definitely appreciate it if my employer kept such a decked-out coffee bar. Oh wait… I work at home. Hmph.

    aka Bailey

  • I LOVE this coffee cart, especially since I’m not a big alcohol drinker so the drink carts are so pretty but not really useful for me. I don’t think you shared the stevia version of your syrup on the post a whole black. How do you make it?

  • That is perfect! I have an old industrial all metal Bunn from our (retired) maintenance shop on the counter next to the sink (it leaks a bit, but makes excellent coffee in 3 minutes!) and the whole cabinet above it is coffee stuff. One shelf is just mugs, the others have the different coffees we use, various thermoses, and an old cookie tin for the big filters it uses. I had to move the teas to a magnetic shelf on the side of the fridge when my DH found more coffees he likes. I finally chipped my favorite Laura Birch Cat Cousins mug, so it now sits next to my computer and holds my favorite pens and office tools.

  • I’ve been trying to get my startup going and I think that maybe the thought of having this little coffee cart all to myself in my house might get me extra motivated. 🙂

  • Have y’all tried the Aeropress? (http://buy.stumptowncoffee.com/aeropress-kit.html)

    I love espresso drinks but could never figure out how to make them at home. I bought this weird-looking plastic contraption for my sweetheart. I’m shocked at how quick & easy it is to use and clean, and I get great-tasting, never-bitter (or burnt) espresso from it every time. You kind of can’t mess it up. And it’s only $25.

    I’m not affiliated with the company, I’m just amazed at how I can make excellent Americanos at home now. 🙂 Try it!!