2015 Goals & Plans for A Beautiful Mess

2015Friends! It's hard to believe that in 2015 we will celebrate eight years writing this blog. Each year we like to take time to celebrate progress and evaluate how we can improve for the new year. Nothing like a good set of goals, we say! So today I am here to share our goals, plans, and intentions for A Beautiful Mess in 2015. Then we want to open it up to you to hear your ideas and requests! 
2014 was a great year for Emma and me. It was full of milestones (like releasing our second bookour second appthe first ABM product line, and our e-course, Blog Life). It was also full of challenges. In our recent survey post, I mentioned we were experiencing burnout. This was scary as it was our first time to feel major individual burnout, and it happened around the same time for each of us, in different ways. We had a lot to work through, and I'm happy to report that we are starting the new year with what we believe is a great plan to rejuvenate, focus, and create a more inspired working environment on a daily basis. It was healthy for us to realize that we're human and that we have to take positive actions to stay inspired and balanced. 
A couple weeks ago we did a reader survey. Over six thousand of you weighed in with your thoughts and opinions. Thank you!!! It was incredibly helpful for us to hear from you on what you're loving, what you'd want to see more of, and really just to get to know you better in general. There are so many assumptions that bloggers can project onto their audiences. It's good for us to see concrete percentages as to how many of you are home owners, renters, have children, are interested in x product, etc! We had already made our new year's plans before conducting the survey, but we had decided to leave some wiggle room to change things up if you had a strong response that we didn't anticipate. This year we were really aligned because your responses confirmed our plans and made us feel even more excited to get to work on our new year goals!
Here's what we're tweaking for the new year: 
-We've decided to switch things up to a slightly lighter posting schedule. We've realized recently that many of our readers aren't able to keep up with or digest all the content. What a bummer, right? We're optimistic that a slightly lighter, more diverse schedule will help both our readers and our writers enjoy what we do even more. You might not even notice a difference! This week we'll be posting twice a day instead of three times a day.
-We've recently learned that a crazy large part of our audience, who read ABM daily, has never made a project or a recipe. Never. What? We were surprised to hear this since projects and recipes are the most popular content we create. It was alarming at first. And then it became sort of inspiring! What can we do to make more useful content for the "non crafty" side of our readership? Since last summer we've been working to come up with content that still inspires, but isn't a step-by-step DIY or recipe. This became a very fun challenge for us! In the new year we plan to mix up our schedule just a bit! We want to add in more personal posts (and we must reinvent them in a new way that is fun for us to write and you to read), share more fashion and home ideas, and explore more useful tips for everyday life! We're excited. For those of you who love DIY and recipes, don't worry, we'll still share our favorite ideas with you. We just want to mix in some new elements to spice things up! 
– The blog world is changing. Emma and I are changing as people too. As I said at the beginning of this post, we'll celebrate eight years of blogging later this year. That's close to a decade! I think that with anything in life that you do for that long, there comes lots of points where you need to reevaluate your vision, your goals, and sort of start fresh. We're excited to do that this year! It's a process and it won't happen overnight, but thanks for reading and supporting our growth every step of the way! 
– One of our big goals is to make ABM more interactive. Early this year we'll introduce a new feature to our site that will give us all a chance to just "casually hang out" all around the world… through video! We're super pumped! Stay tuned. 
Now, we want to hear from you! What brings you back to ABM? Do you have any post requests? What do you feel is missing from blog content in general (dream big y'all… we're listening)! 
We really really appreciate you! Cheers to an amazing new year! Love, Elsie + Emma 
  • I know I’m late to the comment game on this post but I would love to read more goal-setting posts! I find talking about setting goals and achieving them so inspirational…they’re always my favorite posts when you write them!
    I’m also glad you’re going down to posting twice a day instead of three times. I read ABM every week and at times it was getting overwhelming and I wasn’t able to keep up with all the posts that were showing up in my feed. It will hopefully be nice to slow down a tad for everyone on your team too!

  • Since you said to “dream big” – I would love a tutorial on making videos. Just simple sweet little videos like the one you guys made in Costa Rica. I get that it probably wasn’t simple or little AT ALL, but it would be fun to make videos of trips – just little snippets all strung together. But I don’t know where to start so I thought maybe a tutorial for beginners. Not so much apps (but maybe some of those, too) but mainly what to include and just how to do it. The concept and story of a video, if that makes sense.


  • I have loved your style throughout the years (and still do!) and would love to see a photo montage of your individual evolved style throughout the years. Fun trip down memory lane, no?

  • I apologize Elsie, Emma, and the amazing ABM team. I’m one of those reades that are behind in posts. I like to still go through each one so I’ve just read this one and wanted to reply. I LOVE this blog. I am not a DIY person (have tried and never comes out good for me. You know the girl in class that can’t glue Popsicle sticks together properly for a frame? Yah, that’s me). I’m ok with this but I love and am always inspired by your DIY projects. They make me smile, give me good ideas for our home, and my husband is great with his hands so if anything we want to do on the house I would ask him. We’ve just had a hard medical year so our focus has been different. But I smile each day with your posts. I love the sister blog posts. My sister and I are also very close and yet live so far away (I’m in Australia and she’s in St Louis). And the recipes…ok love love love. I can’t cook…yet, just not a skill I have but am working on but I love to bake and am getting better and better at it. I love the bright colors, the positive vibe, the happy mail (I am a card person. Not much makes me happier than when I send a card to someone to make them smile, encourage them, or celebrate knowing they will walk to their mail box and get a cute, fun, funny, or beautiful card), that you are giving back through a HFH house….wow…love it, and finally I love Springfirld as lived there while going through university and even a summer. Such a great larger small town. I just wanted you all to know how much I love your blog and think you do a fantastic job. Also, as you allow us to get to know you all we find ourselves caring like friends. So…I’m glad to hear that you’re cutting down the number of posts each day so you don’t burn out. You are part of what makes each of us brighter, happier, more giving people. Many blessings!! Christina

  • LOVE LOVE ABM! So inspiring. The whole gang is adorable and dreamy 🙂
    The reason I come back to ABM is the DIY posts and the amazing photography and what I want in 2015 are more posts on how to style yourself and lifestyle posts!
    and just btw, Im a very regular follower of ABM (for years) all the way from Pakistan! (You guys probably wont even know where Pakistan is on the map!) See, ABM has followers from all over the globe!

  • I’d love for you to bring back the make-over feature from people in your daily life!

  • Hi, team ABM. Happy New Year! I live in NZ and love your blog and have probably been following for around two years. The first year I read religiously every morning while eating breakfast. Since then your team’s presence expanded, my life got extremely busy and stressful and I really did find it hard to keep up. So I think the lighter schedule is great. I would love to see more personal and original content on your instagram feed. It is cool seeing images from other readers but you no longer have a personal stamp on there. You could do more of your Casual Friday style images on there to see what everyone is up to day to day? I loved the cocktail video you made. I know you might not have enjoyed the process so much but I love seeing you on video and your accents are adorable. Personally I find the recipes lovely to look at because as other readers have mentioned the photography is amazing, but a lot of the unusual American ingredients are not available here. What the frick is half and half? This is really turning into an essay! I will wrap up… I would love to see entertaining posts, more fashion, more decor but not necessarily DIY, videos, and as the previous comment mentions babies. Thanks so much!

  • I think its so great that you guys are actually taking the time to set goals for your blog based on the feedback from your readers!

    Let me first say that I love ABM! I have been a fan of ABM since the time when it was only Elsie’s blog. That being said, one thing that does slightly disappoint me is the reduction of posts by Elsie this past year. I think the ABM team posts a lot of great material but I feel that it is now mostly dominated by Emma and Laura. It would be nice to see a more balanced distribution of authors.

    Also, I for one think that there is TOO much material to post. That could be the reason why readers may not follow through with doing some of the DIYs and recipes. It’s too overwhelming and since so much is popping up it’s easy to forgot about a project that you were excited about.

    I hope you don’t think that I’m trying to be negative here. I am just giving my honest opinion. Like I said, I have been a long time reader of ABM and plan to continue. I look forward to see what the ABM team has planned. Happy new year!

  • I love this blog and have been following ABM since as long as I can remember. Very inspiring and you all have such a great team. I’ve noticed that you post twice a day instead of three times a day which I understand it eases up a bit of the workload but now I’m finding myself wanting MORE. I’m used to popping on here every once in a while throughout the day and usually finding a new post every time. ”The more you get, the more you want… right?”. But now I keep finding the same post every time… (insert sad face). Again, I understand why. But, if there was a way to add more content of some sort it would be fantastic. I hope this blog still lives on for a very long time.

    Thanks for letting us share our opinions. You guys are amazing.

  • I’ve also never had chance to make anything! That will probably change when I have a home of my own…

    But I love reading all the same, you guys are all so inspiring and your creativity and passion is just so uplifting. I just love seeing what you’re all up to!

    Best wishes for 2015.

    Amy xxx

  • Happy 2015!! Have a wonderful year. thank you for all that you do and all that you share with us!

  • I’d love to be able to see only feedback from people who have made/done/cooked whatever is being described for tips on their experience. It’s great to see people excited about projects, but not terribly useful to me if I’m trying to make it.

  • totally understand you need to grow, change, and still feel inspired about what you do—but i do miss some of the ‘old school’ type posts.

    -elsie’s cute vintage styles and outfits
    -cozy crafts you can do on a rainy day (loved the crochet tutorial post from 2014).
    -jeremy guest posts. enjoyed his musings on music, his studio space, latest projects.
    -the general ‘more personal’ style the blog had a few years ago
    -general lifestyle photos that weren’t necessarily ‘perfect’, but showed your point of view

    just a couple of thoughts 🙂

  • To expand on what an earlier commenter said about the quality of your DIY projects. It’s easy when it’s your job to DIY to make something that will only last for a short time. But as a person that works outside my home, when I make something, I want it to last for a long time. I think you could do less DIY projects, but focus on making higher quality projects.

    Another thought might be to do DIY fails/disasters. Showing projects that didn’t go the way you thought and how you would/did change them to work.

  • I’m happy to say I’ve made a DIY or two from ABM (even with two kiddos under the age of two at the time!). I would love love to see more things for kids/toddlers/babies/mamas because, even though I might drool over almost everything posted here, I’m most likely to actually make something if my littles will enjoy it, too. 🙂 Oh and anything on how to live in/organize/decorate my tiny apartment would be much appreciated! 😀

  • I love the aesthetic shared on ABM. I love the way things look and the stories you tell. I just love y’all. A total ABM cheerleader over here.

  • I love ABM and come back to it because it’s such a happy, inspiring corner of the internet. I would love to see more home decoration posts, but not just like painting walls kind, like, how to create a homely, personal space and make it look cool. something like “how to make a cool centre piece for a coffee table” stuff like that 🙂

    Hope you all have a great 2015. I am entering the blogging world myself and super excited about it.

  • Belated happy new yeah to all of you 🙂

    I am very excited about the new plans and really looking forward to each inspiring idea and heart-warming post of the ABM Family.

    I do loving your diy projects but it is often difficult to organize the material here in Germany. We have alternatives, of course, but sometimes I prefer your used items (especially table legs) and then I have to worry about long delivery times and expensive shipping costs. I know that you cannot take everytime any country of your readers into consideration, but perhaps sometimes.. Or maybe your crew find another innovative way to become more internationally at that. For example by opening an own “table leg and knick-knacks” (online) (pop-up) store in each reader-country 🙂

    In any case, thank you very much for your fabulous work and keep it up with fun!

    Lots of love from Hamburg, Germany, Krissi

  • Elsie and Emma Happy New Year! I hope your wishes and hopes and dreams will also come true this year, to you and to all of the team of ABM! Well, why do I keep coming back to ABM? Because it’s my most favourite blog! I so much like what you do. I have to tell you, your posts fill my heart with joy. I don’t know the reason. I suppose it has to do that you do things in a way that touch my heart. I love all of your posts even the ones I can’t really do (I mean, i don’t have a good camera but my dream is that someday I will and then I’ll use your posts on photography). Personally, I don’t mind reading many posts of yours in a day. But if this is too stressful for you and tiring then please, do things slower (but pleaaaase be there 🙂
    Your life, your ideas is such an inspiration. You encourage so many people to believe that they can do it too and I want to thank you for that; you and the ABM team.It’s so nice to see so many people contribute and give different perspective on things.
    So, what kind of posts would I like? What you already post (DIY, recipes, photography). I’d also like posts on sewing clothes (if that’s possible) and on personal development (for example, I’ll never forget Emma’s post on how things began for her in LA and how they ended up). I’d like to hear your experience on how to keep everything running (eg. do you have to clean your house and do the laundy and the ironing and all these boring chores or someone else does it for you? Are you always in the mood on wearing nice clothes and put on make up? How do you manage to chill out? Things like that).
    Thanks for reading my comment! All the best to the ABM team and looking forward to an exciting 2015! xoxo

  • I love your blog and will keep coming back! What I’m missing is the more personal side, though I certainly respect if that’s intentional =) I miss Elsie and Emma!

  • I love your blog and I can’t believe it’s been going for 8 years, that’s insane! I can’t remember what year I joined, but all i know is that I’ve never not wanted to stop reading your blog, it has been so good, so interesting, and so fun to read. I have to admit that I am part of the group that does not do the projects or crafts, however I’ve always wanted to, but I fall under the recently graduated college student living on a budget (but always dreaming haha). I remember finding your blog through Promise Tangeman’s blog, and it’s funny reading this post and thinking back because I just saw Promise at a wedding. I also love when you take your trips to LA/Palm Springs/California. I’m from SoCal and it’s so refreshing to see you venture to my part of town.
    Please continue blogging, writing books, making apps, and making unique crafts! Most of all I love your recipes, I love learning a new recipe and trying new foods,especially during the thanksgiving and holiday season, it’s fun!
    Anyways, change is a good thing and I am ready to embrace it!

    <3 Alex

  • yay for new year resolutions and plans! mine is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EphemeraByAnnie

  • Wow everything sounds so exciting! Congrats on 8 years! I’m just starting out at blogging and you guys are such an inspiration!

  • I love your blog just for inspiration. I always come back…but I get kind of frustrated with all the home diy stuff…a lot of it requires tools and materials I just don’t have a wouldn’t fit with my home decor. I suspect a whole lot of people whilst loving the idea would probably feel the same. I am struggling to imagine the amount of readers who will construct a copper pipe clothes rail. I’d be happy with you posting once a day but coming up with more variety and more real lifestyle..about you guys. Photography tips and tricks…food photography maybe… I know this all sounds critical, but it’s meant to be constructive 🙂

  • I know the main reason I don’t make many of Emma’s lovely recipes is converting into English measurements I’ll admit it’s really lazy but most days it’s a miracle I’ll get to cook something proper from scratch so I want it to be as easy as possible! Keep up the good work girls I love your blog and you really are an inspiration for me I’m a stay at home mum and being able to read a snippet of somebody else’s life style for a couple of snatched moments is wonderful, xx

  • Happy new year! I agree that at some point there were so many posts from ABM in by Bloglovin feed, that I didn’t even open them, as I was having really busy period in my life. Even if you post twice a day, it’s still pretty much for people to follow. That’s what I think. At Christmas time I looked through every post I was missing at first. THANK YOU for being on the Internet. I come back for you, because you both seem so nice and you are sisters! A also have sisters and I know what kind of synergy it can bring! ABM is the coolest place for getting ideas for DIY projects. I like that you share bigger and more difficult projects as well (woodwork). I have tried many recipes as well.
    Thank you and hope that all your dreams come true and that you will be continuing this amazing thing that makes your and our eyes shine!

  • I love all of your DIY projects and home decoration tips and the yummy recipes!

  • YES!! very glad to read about slowing down on the posts. i’ve been a dedicated reader for years but it seems over the past year and a half or two years things really started to take off for ya’ll which is great, but it seemed it also lead to tons and tons of posts that weren’t necessarily quality.

    i look forward to continuing to follow your growth and wish you much success in the new year!


  • I absolutely love the idea behind your Habitat house! I think it would be really neat to for you to make a space with a very low budget, using spruced up thrift store goods, found objects, that sort of thing. I think small budget is a challenge lots of people face when decorating and it would be fun to see how you could pull a whole space together!

  • Ladies, you and your team are a huge inspiration, I’ve just started a blog with a friend and truly you motivate us to do as well as you!
    I agree with the posting less philosophy, twice a day is already amazing in my opinion.
    Dreaming big : see you guys travel the world and meet your readers, with workshops etc. That would be mad organization but also MAD in a good way.
    Cheers !

  • I’ve always loved your motivation and seriousness about your business! It truly is inspiring. That said, why do you still have typepad.com in your url? I suggest this in the nicest way possible, but I really think it would look a bit better if that was removed. I’m sure it would be possible, but haven’t used typepad to know. Anyways, that is my 2 cents. It’s obviously not a deal breaker for me but I just always find it odd. Happy New Year ladies!

  • I actually enjoy your DIY posts and recipes a lot. I have made a bunch of dishes and appetizers that Emma created. In fact, the butternut squash pasta has become a regular guest in my kitchen. So more innovative, yet budget friendly recipes please!

    One thing is: I love a lot of the DIYs you guys post. The word bracelet that Laura created was so awesome and I instantly wanted it, but it would take so much energy and time to order the individual pieces and drive to craft stores. If you sold kits for individual projects, that would be so awesome! That way people could order it and make it- so easy! Anyway, that’s just something I would love if you guys offered.

    I am excited to read this blog in 2015. You guys are really inspiring and I love all the creative projects you are always coming up with!

    Xx, Marketa

  • Hello ABM-team!
    Happy New Year to you all and to a wonderful 2015

    I love to read about your everchanging and growing ideas for the ABM world. You keep me inspired – even though I am one of those readers who hasnt done one of your DIYs yet :O. I love these post and would love to build and cook a lot of it, but usually I dont have the right tools or things in the house to get the stuff going. Im a poor student ( sigh, haha) and i cant usually afford to buy everything and maybe just use it once or twice because the budget is tight. It would be lovely to see more DIYs you can make with the most basic and simple things you always have at home 🙂

    Other than that, dont change a thing about youselves and your blog. I dont mind a few posts less during the week as it gives you more time to breathe and have a bit of a private life and avoid feeling burned out. It doesnt make this blog worth any less because the quality of your blog is that you actually live and do the things your share with us, you guys are honest and real and that is why i love to read ABM!
    Thank you for inspiring!

    Love from Germany,

  • Thank you for keeping our thoughts in mind. You ladies are awesome! Wow 8 years 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 has to offer for ABM!

  • First of all, happy new year! I did fill out the survey a couple of weeks ago, but since then I have created at least 2 of your recipes. It was just about finding the time to do so. The holiday break proved to be perfect. Oh, and might I just add that the recipes are excellently written out and easy to follow? Also: so GOOD! Those pumpkin muffins with sour cream and Oreo chocolate balls were to die for (my guests l-o-v-e-d them).

    I am really happy to read that you will be cutting back to two blog posts a day (which, in my opinion, is still a lot). I work full time and it’s hard to catch up on all the blogs I follow. There are so many out there which I want to keep track of and things like this make it a little easier to do so.

    I’m looking forward to what 2015 has in store for you and continue to visit you each and every day (I don’t do this with a lot of blogs, so that’s already proof that you guys are good at what you do).

  • Thanks for your honesty, especially about the burn out thing… Really, I have been wondering how you do it all and stay so motivated. For I see many bloggers or creative people having time outs or stop blogging altogether. I am constantly rethinking my work as well… asking myself if it is all worth it… What I really would love to hear is how you got out of the burnout – if you feel like sharing… I would looove to read it.
    Thanks, girls – you are really inspiring to me!

  • Happy New Year!
    Just want to thank you for all your work the past year and hope you are all ready for a happy and healthy 2015!
    My 2 cents on your 2015 plans:
    – yay to less posts! I always feel behind reading your blog 🙁
    – personal posts: to be honest I haven’t been much into those up to now but I am curious to see what you come up with 🙂
    – love the idea of other commenters for more small apartment posts
    – would love to see you keep in mind health and environment issues more (For example, give us an alternative way to steaming bell peppers instead of a plastic bag (heated plastic! needs to be thrown away!)). Specific posts about eco-friendly DIYswould be fun too!
    I agree with others that I come for your happy spirit! Be well in 2015, looking forward to read you!

  • I would love more baby/kid posts! I’ve been following the blog for years, we got married around the same time and was hoping we’d all have babies at the same time! I love seeing IQ and Penny posts and maybe Rachel could do more? I have an 8 month old and would love to see some easy baby clothes DIY, some baby fashion and decor, kids party inspiration. I love Katie’s occasional kid projects. I think less posts is actually a good idea, I can’t keep up these days and now that you’ve grown the team so much I find myself just skimming through for a post by Elsie or Emm

  • this sounds awesome!! I’m part of the audience that isn’t really able to keep up with all of the posts, so I’m glad it will be slowing down a tiny bit 😉 I’m so excited to to what the upcoming posts are about <3

  • Thank you Sarah (and everyone else!)
    This feedback is really nice to hear. :))

  • AWESOME!!! Thanks for letting us know! That makes my day. 😀
    xx- Elsie

  • Thanks so much Linda! We would love to do more travel posts in the future! :))

  • Ok, so this is maybe going to sound crazy, but I think for me the thing that keeps me from doing some of the craft and cooking projects you guys post is that I never have the TIME to do them. I find myself thinking how awesome it would be if crafting was my job, the way it kind of is for you guys. But really, if I’m being honest, I do have the time, it’s just that when the weekend comes around I kind of forget about the cute thing you made on Tuesday that I PROMISED myself I would make… and instead I just watch 4 hours of Buffy on the couch. 😉

    SO what if you guys did a monthly ABM craft night, with a scheduled blog post discussion day, similar to how you do your monthly book club? People could either pick any one of your crafts or recipes to make and discuss/ show pictures, or you guys could have one craft/ recipe per month that everyone makes together. And if you wanted to take the idea even further, you could encourage people to HOST ABM craft nights, where we get together with friends and everyone makes an ABM craft (or we all cook an ABM meal together!), and then we all join the discussion later in the month. Personally, I’d really appreciate that kind of social accountability to light a fire under my rear to actually make and do some of the amazing things you all make and do!

    Just a thought! In general, though, I think you all are killing it over there and I’m excited for you to just keep doing what you’re doing! Happy 2015!

  • Admitting, I’ve never made anything. I’d love to, but my life is busy and I just never seem to get around to all your awesome content that I pin for later.
    Your photography tutorials are amazing, your pics inspire, and I love that aspect most!

    I mostly come because I’m inspired to live my life more creatively. You make me want to beautify, create, and build. That’s an amazing thing to find on the Internet that is so full of negativity. I love that every post I read I feel inspired, even if it’s something that’s really not for me.

  • I’m like those surveyed who have never actually made a project or recipe – but I still keep coming back with the hope that one day I will! 😛

  • Genius on the lighter posting schedule! I keep coming back to ABM partly as inspiration to evaluate/align personal goals with tactics for renewing or initiating connections with family (an ever-growing network of in-laws, cousins, out-of-town friends.) I began reading when first transitioning out of a creative career into the mom version of myself, which was 5 yrs ago. Oh lawd. Even though the nature of my work had done a 180, my brain still thrives in creative problem solving & embraces the work/play rhythms of our home. We ain’t rich, but I feel proud of small success staying in the city we truly love among those we count as family. Reading others articulate about the interplay among projects & people, details & big picture, moments & lifetimes…that’s rare & reassuring.

  • I agree! I love the pictures in every post. Even if it’s DIY or a recipe, the photography on this blog is great. I would like to see some more photography tutorials, of anything really!

  • I agree with practically everyone else who has said more personal info, but I’m sure that’s much easier for me to say as a non-blogger. Also, selfishly, one of the reasons this is my favorite blog is because of the three posts a day. I read blogs to relax and for entertainment, so the fewer posts are kind of a bummer for me. I’m sure it’s hard to keep up with that schedule though.

  • Happy New Year!

    I like this post and all your plans for the new year, and I, in my turn, realized that although I did cook some recipes of yours (and my family loved them!) I never came to tell you about it. So bad!
    You are VERY inspiring and I like your blog very much. It helps me in some ways to make my blog also interesting for my readers. I’ve got your book (the 1st one) as Christmas present and I love it! You make great job, guys!

    Greetings from Switzerland,


  • I love how happy your blog is. I make a stop (or two) here everyday, because I come away feeling happy and seeing some lovely projects to make. I hope that you will not get burnt out this year, I think ABM followers would be fine with you even having one blog post a day, if that would prevent burn-out! I think that you ladies do a fantastic job and have such a wide variety of topics that you touch on- love it all! Don’t be concerned about people not making the projects, I am definitely a DIYer, I think we tend to file away projects for the future, because we have our own project to work on at the moment. Keep the awesome, inspiring ABM projects and post coming! 🙂

  • I’ve been following ABM for a while now so I will say I’m quite loyal, even when I fall behind, I’ll make sure to find the time to catch up, it’s always worth it for me. I’ve left quite a few comments this year about adding captions to the videos that you guys post. Mainly because I’m Deaf and I’m sure you have quite a few Deaf followers as well. Not adding captions can make us feel… limited. I hope this is something you can consider adding or working with Youtube. 🙂

  • YES please!!! Also tips on how to pose for your pictures. You girls are so innovative when you take photos especially elsie!!!

  • I love ABM! I come back to get inspired. I love crafts so I really enjoy seeing Home Décor posts:)
    I think something that would be really innovative is a place where you could give us décor tips and advice. I would love to be able to post a picture of my current living room and you give me basic quick tips on how to improve it. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I don’t think anyone out there is doing that.

  • I just wanted to say (because I forgot to write it in the survey) that what I love most about ABM is that 99,9% of the content is original. You don’t put moodboards or „inspirational posts” made out of the same photos I have seen 10 times on Pinterest. I hope you’ll keep it that way. It really makes you stand out.
    All the best in 2015 to the ABM team!

  • I keep coming back to ABM because of the overall feel of your blog. It’s so upbeat and inspiring. Your blog inspired me to make a blog of my own. I love the colors and the moods you capture in all of your photography. Everything looks so light and bright.

    Your blog makes you all seem like fun people to be around. After you posted your photographer position announcement, I had several dreams that I got the job. I remember how happy I was when I woke up because it was a wonderful environment to work in that radiated such positivity and light which is quite different from the job I have now. You guys inspire me to dream big because you realized your own dreams. Good for you!

    I also subscribe to the Happy Mail, and I can’t wait to get it in the mail every month. I would like to see more decorations in the Happy Mail that I can put up to inspire me at work, specifically travel related or on following dreams. I currently have the swans post card hanging on my bulletin board to remind me that I need to shine with the love and light you that you bring to your blog every day.

  • I would love to see more home decor posts. Not necessarily DIY’s for home decor, but I so enjoyed and was inspired by the tours through all of your homes and office. I am sure more of these posts will be coming with the HFH home, and I look forward to that. I also enjoy “daily life” type stuff. Sister Style and Casual Fridays are fun. I enjoy many of the recipes and cocktails (though I’m not into all the unique flavors and combos…but I get inspired in my own way to make new cocktails even if I am not into the specific one you guys post). I second what someone said above about gardening, if you guys are into that. Also enjoy the travel posts. Mainly, just do whatever makes you guys happy and excited about the business. The excitement or lack thereof comes through in the posts. Best of luck in 2015!!

  • I’ve been a long time reader (ever since Elsie had pink hair!) and there are so many reasons I keep coming back! I love the gorgeous photography and the great team you’ve built up. Watching ABM grow has been so fun. I love the positive voice that often accompanies each post and your innovative DIY/Recipe ideas. Each and every time I feel like I’m a little awed at what you’ve come up with and feel motivated and inspired to try projects/ideas of my own. My favorites are room makeovers or transformations! I also love the more personal posts that always seem to hit the right chord – one of my favorite’s what Emma’s post about changing directions and coming up with a new dream to follow.

    Wishing you a happy, awesome 2015!


  • I see I’m a minority here, so I know I won’t win out, but it’s my honest opinion anyways: I’m very slightly, the teensiest bit (but I still love you guys so much!) bummed with the plan for less step by step diys. It’s what has made me a multiple times a day very loyal reader for years. I feel a bit like that’s how this all started and what brought us all together as a little community and now it’s massively exploded into a group of people who’ve stumbled on your site because they like your hair. And that’s totally OK, you all have to do what works for the majority. I care about your lives and I very certainly like your hair?, and I have totally found sites for those kinds of reasons too, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m just saying I do love the diys, personally. I have made almost every diy on here and continue to. But I love y’all very much and genuinely appreciate what you do. Since becoming a reader I have a cuter house and wardrobe, have learned new skills, and even got into running (thanks Emma?), asking other things. I’ll definitely stick around as things change, as they already have a bit. Just throwing in two cents from someone who does love the diys and make them, surprised that I’m a minority.

  • You could perhaps make DIY with materials that are used every day? I am one of the readers who have never made DIY or recipes from the blog, while I craft and cook a lot by my side ! I enjoy read the posts, but I’m from France and I don’t know necessarily all materials asked or stores where you go.
    Anyway you’re doing an awazing job and I love your enthusiasm and zest for life ! You give me ideas for crafting, with a colorful view of things that I love ! Yours advices are very useful, I think I’ll start scrapbooking now !
    Happy New Year to all of you, I can’t wait seeing all your new projects and ideas for 2015!!

    PS : Sorry for my english, french problem 😉

  • I think two posts a days is plenty. You don’t want the reader to get overwhelmed with content and you guys don’t need the pressure of putting out three posts a day. That’s so much!

    Otherwise what you guys are doing is great. Here’s to a great 2015!

  • Would love to see more daily Work & Personal life stuff – how you balance it, a typical week, creative processes & thoughts. Staff bio’s & how they are growing, what they’re up to. Behind the scenes – shooting, videos, collaborations, weekends & fun stuff/other interests besides the blog stuff.

    I come back of course b/c of the photography, the blog’s clean/bright feel, and mostly to continue seeing the individual growth of each person on the team. It’s amazing to see how far Elsie’s come from her work in the beginning & struggles to now. Also love how different the personalities are there, would love to see more.

    Wendy 🙂

  • I LOVE your DIY posts– but so many of them require specialized materials that arent available at my local craft store, and I hate that I dont have time (or money) to be able to hunt the items down to do a project! I would love more posts involving DIYs with typical craft room leftovers– cloth scraps, ribbon, buttons, beads….

  • Things that I think would be a big hit are projects based around things you have laying around the house. This might make people feel more apt to trying it out! I love your projects and DIYS, but most of them require the average person to go out and buy a lot of materials. It would be nice to see creative ways you use basic crafting materials or household items that lots of people will already have!

    I love reading you guys every day, I hope you find the inspiration you need this new year!

  • I love ABM and appreciate how open you guys are with sharing your dreams/goals/vision! I would love to see a post on “how to buy a house” with some tips or experiences that you guys have personally had as I know that you all have bought a few houses (personal, office, Habitat) Also, I love all of the photo projects you do but feel as though I cannot do them because I do not have a fancy Canon Pixma printer, any suggestions for the normal person? Also, I would love to see more posts on how you guys stay healthy,i.e. workout routines, spirituality, diet anything!! Love yall! Betsy

  • I agree with some other commenters, I originally loved ABM because it was so full of personality. (I started reading after your brick & mortar shop makeover!) I loved getting style & lifestyle inspiration from Elsie, who showed herself as an interesting, cool person who was into many things. Now all we see is Elsie (and team!) as blog-writers. It’s more one-dimensional than it used to be, and it seems to be more Pinterest-fodder than a personal blog. I’d love to see more personal writing, day-to-day life, etc. 🙂

  • I’m actually a reader from the Red Velvet Girl days: ) I participated in the Style School course which was so much fun! I actually stopped reading the blog for a bit. I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated by all the girls here. You were living an amazing a creative life and in your early 20s! While I was just sitting on the sidelines in normal land. But I grew and discovered more about myself and when I came back to (now) ABM I wasn’t intimidated anymore! I was inspired and I was so happy and proud for you girls! You grew so much.

    I love how you offer so many different projects, like constructing that nursery bookshelf, how awesome and grown up haha! While I may not make something like that, I love that I feel that if you girls can, then anyone can.

    I guess that’s the whole point of ABM, showing people that they CAN do whatever they want in life.

    Thank you!

  • I would just like to say that Mandi’s contributing posts are always so awesome. Her photography posts are like mini lessons that come in so handy and I refer to them again and again. She’s such a thorough writer when it comes to explaining things. Keep her around!

  • Sadly I didn’t get to respond to the survey.

    So maybe I can add some input here:
    – I love the site and all the hard work you’re doing
    – I have tried MANY of your projects and recipes and I love them. So I hope you still include these!
    – The only projects I’ve never tried are the wood working and building ones….I’ve never used a hammer.
    – My FAVOURITE posts lately have been the Scrapbooking ones! I love them! And I really hope to see more coming. Especially using your products!
    – I have both your apps and I use them all the time. I love them. After the first app I thought there’s no way you could make a better app and then you came out with party party which is INCREDIBLE and so much fun. I hope in the future you continue to use your creative brains and develop fun apps. Love it. I know it’s a lot of work though…so no pressure.
    – I’m excited about the lighter schedule…2 posts a day seems more manageable.

    One request: It would be super helpful to me if there was some kind of schedule weekly. I know things come up and that has to change but it would be so nice if I knew what day things were going to be posted on. For example:

    Monday = Recipe + Photography,
    Tuesday = DIY + Sister style,
    Wednesday = Home improvement + Drink Recipe,
    Thursday = Scrapbooking +Business/Blogging,
    Friday = Behind the Scenes + style

  • I love this blog so much! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing with it during 2015, and I am already curious about the interactive hang-out 😉

  • I love everything about you guys! Not only are you a fun blog to read but you represent a majority of women and families throughout the world. I have read loads of blogs over the years and ABM is one I’ve always stuck with because everything you feature seems attainable and affordable. You are also such friendly, lovely girls, which are characteristics I find that start to waver with any sort of sponsorship or media coverage in other bloggers. You stay true to YOU and to your readers and the representation of how important family and friendships are speaks volumes. One thing I know is that if anyone were to ask me who I admire and who inspires me…it’s you guys! Thank you for staying genuine giving people.

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!
    Lots of love,

  • I just popped by to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope it´ll be a good one. I´m excited to find what it will bring.

  • Happy 2015!!! my first comment here (I read the blog for 2 years now)…but this time I had to say something: please no babies on the blog, that would spoil it!!! business women don’t need babies to be loved and appreciated!!!and no one has to care if there are babies or not! =P
    best wishes from italy =)

  • I read ABM daily and never make anything – don’t underestimate how enjoyable it is for people to do that!!! Your blog is inspiring for setting and meeting goals in life in a way that has nothing to do with crafts. For me, watching you guys develop your BUSINESS is the main reason I come back. Love it xx

  • Hi ABM team! Happy New Year!
    I really liked reading this honest post – honesty is one of the main things I come back for, I think. And the positivity in your writing. Posting twice a day is probably a good decision. I personally can definitely not keep up with three posts. I barely keep up with two! Also, what one of the other commenters said before me, don’t be afraid to take more holidays. 2014 was a busy year for you and it’s okay to take the time and relax!

    As for the content here at ABM, I’ve found there’d been a lot of diy posts this year which I don’t really engage with. I’m not a home owner and even though renters can diy too, I’ve not got the tools. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me too much because I’m probably not the target audience for those posts anyway. What I love though, are creativity posts. Photography, creative advice and mainly – scrapbooking!! It is my new hobby and I loved the scrapbooking sundays you’ve started and I do hope you continue with them in 2015. Lately that’s been the thing I’ve been coming back for.
    I also love blog advice posts.

    Anyways, you all are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you bring in the next coming year(s).

  • I started following ABM when I was writing a blog of my own. I was inspired by your genuine advice for other bloggers on how to get more followers, design blogs, photo tips, etc. I haven’t blogged in years but I still stop by just to check in. It makes me happy to see how your blog has evolved and how you’ve grown as entrepreneurs. I believe your viewers come to get tips on how to have a blog like yours. I know that sounds silly, but I think it’s true. More advice on owning a business, starting one, working with family, whatevs, I think is so ABM. Now that I don’t write a blog I personally would like to see posts on things that relate to my “homemaker/full time employee” life style. Possibly 10 minute healthy dinners. How to photograph a baby. Fun things to do on the weekends. Organizing kitchen tips etc… Hope that helps!!! Happy 2015! I love your blog but more than that I like you guys! Best – Inna

  • I love the blog & I’m excited to see where the new direction takes you guys in 2015. It has been really inspiring to follow your journey over the last few years & see the blog and the brand expand with all of your new projects. I understand creative burn out all to well, so I think it’s a great approach to acknowledge it & find a way to work past it that works for you all.

    And I love the DIY & recipe posts but have to admit that I have only made a couple myself over the years. Not because I don’t enjoy them but for a couple of reasons – not all of the DIY’s are practical for someone renting & typically when we rent here we can’t paint,stick stuff on walls etc so as much as I would love to make some of the projects, it isn’t practical. I live in Australia so quite often the materials used in the DIY’s are hard to find here or are expensive if you do find them. Our seasons are also opposite so sometimes items needed for the recipes aren’t available & trying to convert them to equivalent products I can get has led to a few kitchen disasters. But I’ve also made a few and they turned out great!

    Anyway, I love reading about your creative journey, how you turned your passion into a business & all the fun lifestyle stuff. Can’t wait to keep reading in 2015!

  • I love your blog. I missed the survey, but wanted to add my input here 🙂
    Whenever I want to show someone a beautiful blog, I take them to ABM. I love the DIYs and have done several of them. My goal is to do more over the next year.
    I love the photography, the ABM team, and the posts. The posts with glimpses into your lives is fun. The DIYs are my favorite. Thank you for posting and sharing your life with us. It inspires me to blog more and make my home beautiful.

    happy new year!

  • I’m so excited to hear that there will be more personal posts and fashion blogs. Looking forward to all the new content this coming year!

  • LOVE the new ideas, keep pluggin’ away.
    I think the “interactive” idea is wonderful! The thought of having a “digital” craft workshop or cooking lesson sounds absolutely splendid. Just, ah, food for thought. Although I’m sure you guys are cookin’ up a plenty!
    Alright, I’m done with the cooking puns, I swear.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • I come back for the more personal posts, for inspiration on how I can grow myself, my blog, and my business. I was first really introduced to you ladies at TXSC13 and have loved following along ever since. I definitely think you’re heading down the right track with more interaction happening because so many visitors are coming through the site it would be cool to see which other bloggers hang out there too.

  • I happen to feel the same in that I can sense the exhaustion. Or maybe it’s just me that’s been exhausted from reading so many posts. I don’t have time to digest each one or any for that matter. It’s difficult to keep up.

    I thoroughly enjoy the DIY posts, as they are my favorite. They’re fun and they make me feel inspired.

  • Happy 2015, ABM team! I’m so glad y’all decided to go a little lighter on the posting schedule; I’m one of those who desperately wants to devour every post, but I just can’t keep up with it all!
    I’d also love to see a little more of you guys; I LOVE the DIY and Recipe aspect of ABM, it’s such a great online lifestyle type blog, but I miss back when it was more about you, your style, your travels, your friendships, etc. Those are every bit as great as the DIY/home/recipe posts, in my opinion.

    I can’t wait to follow along this year! And as soon as I have a home, I will be doing some of those DIY’s. 😉 (That’s the only reason I haven’t done any; we’re currently house-sitting. Nowhere to put things.)

  • Some exciting stuff coming up! I do think cutting down the posts to 2 a day (hell.. even 10 posts a week) because I sometimes miss posts and theres too many to properly catch up!!!

    Best of luck and can’t wait to see 🙂

  • more videos, please! i love the tutorials, recipes, etc., especially ones that are “hosted” or narrated in favor of the kind that just have background music.

    also, in the vein of the happy mail videos, i really would like seeing more videos of your products: projects to do with them, or even just videos going over the product in detail would be great. there’s a lot of new products i’m considering, so it’s hard to decide, and i think videos would better help me make up my mind (like even just being able to see a video of the ink pads being swatched, stuff like that). i hope when the messy box comes out, you guys do unboxing videos for that as well; it’s so helpful when it comes to shopping.

    i also really liked the videos about collaboration projects (like the kelly moore bag, it gave me a much better look at the details). it would’ve been cool to see a video for other collab products, like when you guys designed the mod cloth collection. in general, i just like videos of the products because it helps me to see the details better, see how they can be used or styled, and it makes me a little more shop happy.

    behind the scenes videos would be awesome, too (product development, talking about the design process, stuff like that). i like the behind the scenes photos of in-progress projects, so videos about the design process of projects or behind the scenes product development, like on collaboration products or for ABM products, would be cool to see.

    but yeah, videos in general are something i really enjoy and find myself going back and watching again cuz i find it easier to complete the recipes or projects that way when i can see more details. or sometimes it just makes the project/recipe seem less intimidating when i can be guided through it. i’ve been reading ABM since almost the beginning, so to me, the videos add an extra dimension to the blog, not only the personable side of the ABM staff and getting to know them better as the authors we read every day, but also as a way to become more motivated to do the projects and recipes.

  • I would love to hear tips on collaboration. You all do a lot of that and I wonder sometimes how you handle it when it comes to you and your friends because it seems like that mixes well with you all. I also love your personal stories and life tips. Maybe things about building friendships or mom stories from katie, rachel and sarah. How they balance being creative and being a mom or doing business from home and being a mom. It would also be cool if you all opened up some opportunities for handmade small businesses to contribute some how creatively to what your doing. I also really miss the home tours. Otherwise happy new year elsie and emma! You all have been inspiring and making my life happy since 2011 and I think sometimes I refer to you all and people don’t understand… insert weird moment. lol! Happy 2015

  • Love love love all of your ideas for 2015!! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for you two!

  • I’m an addicted ABC reader, I think you may be my most visited site haha! I would love to see a cocktail book, every recipe of yours I’ve tried is amazing! Cheers to 2015!!! Xo

  • Just wanted to stop by to say Happy New Year ABM Team! Love & think the world of you guys.

    Ps. I just wrote on the blog about bring your Jalapeño Popper Dip to a New Year’s Eve Onesie Party last night… It was the BIGGEST hit of the night. Seriously, so good. Thanks for the amazing recipes you guys share 🙂

  • I absolutely loved the date ideas series. I would love to see more fun date ideas around here for parents, siblings, children, family, SOs, pets etc! And I miss the business and home tours!

  • I only come here for the DIYs. Your team creates really innovative projects for both beginner and advanced levels. Even if I never attempt to replicate one of your tutorials, they always provide inspiration for something else. I also love the home posts and before and after updates on your home projects. That’s really what A Beautiful Mess is about– creating things for the home (whether it’s a shelf or a wall or a tall glass of fun). Diversity, along those lines, is good. As a DIY design junkie, I would love to see a variety of materials to be used in tutorials. You’ve done a great job with the woodworking, sewing, hot gluing…I would like to see what I can do with other materials as well.

  • More scrapbooking or picture decorating/personalization please! You guys are just amazing at it when you do it and its so inspiring! My fave post so far since I’ve been reading is Elsie’s Days of December book last year!
    Thanks for all you guys do!

  • Yay! I was so excited to see that other readers in this community you guys have created felt the same way as me. Bring on the personal posts! I know it can be crazy to find a great balance, but I honestly really miss everyday elsie and everyday emma (the old personal blogs). I would love to see more posts like that on here. I would love to see those posts from anyone who contributes to a beautiful mess.
    I think its really nice that you guys are diversifying the site as well. I’ve loved seeing posts from men as well as women and also it is nice to see that the blog is starting to showcase racial diversity.
    I wanted to stress that I LOVE when A Beautiful Mess does posts about goals, finding a job, and work life balance. Posts like that are so inspiring and engaging to read. I love those sort of personal posts.
    Something to note: I absolutely love the diys. Even if people don’t always do the exact project I think that many readers do use your processes. Just yesterday I had a stone fall out of a ring and I used Mandi’s marble drawer nob technique to make a new stone for it. So thanks!
    Thank you for doing what you all do! I know you work hard and thank you for thinking of your readers.

  • Even though I didnt experiment your diy projects, I added a bunch to my faves to try one day. I think Laura has great ideas for DIYs and hope she will share more =)
    I loved the idea of around the world posts. Im a long term traveler and write a travel blog, if you need my collaboration somehow drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!

  • Hi Girls,

    My interest in you blog is the variety of content you add from others of bloggers. I don’t read the extended posts, look at the photography items, and am rarely interested in the fashion or sister information. I am a fine artist…currently involved in pencil drawings. I do enjoy some of you recipes but an not really interested in your craft posts.

    That being said…I try not to spend too much time one the computer and do not engage in social media short of a brief view of my Facebook page. Your blog is one of a very few that I continue to be interested in and look forward to your continued presence in my inbox. Happy New Year! And blessings with your continued creative efforts! deona

  • My husband and I recently bought our first home and I keep coming back for how-to ideas to make our new house a home!

  • Glad to hear you’ll be lightening the amount of content a bit. I’m definitely one of those readers who unfortunately doesn’t have the time to give every post a proper read which it deserves. I always think I’ll read some and then just scroll through the pictures on others and read them later when I have time but never end up getting round to it. It always makes me feel bad too because your posts are amazing! The 2 main things that keep me coming back to your blog are your innovative and original diy/craft ideas and your brilliant photography! I also love getting interiors inspiration as I’m currently decorating my first home!


  • Sister style and fashion! Even outfit posts of the other a beautiful mess staff too! I’ve always been obsessed with the sister style posts and they’re more like a rare treat these days 🙂 I loved the old post where you took a number of pieces of clothing and created several outfits from it. I love this blog and excited to see y’all grow and where you to next!! It’s been a beautiful ride!

  • I think its a lovely idea to try and make your blog more interactive! Can’t wait to see how this will turn out 🙂

  • Hello and greetingsfrom Sweden, just love ABM for all your DIY and home stylig tips. Have done several things you have made whit plants.

    Keep up what you’re doing because it’s awesome!!!

  • To be honest I wasn’t a daily reader until YHL stopped blogging. However I have found that similar to YHL, your posts are honest, positive, creative and open and I appreciate that very much. I love that there is a lot of gratitude that comes through, from each of you, in getting to live your dreams (through very hard work, I realize). Best wishes in 2015!

  • For years I’ve been reading this blog and it quickly became my favorite. You guys keep everything light and so so funny. You guys have the best voice and seriously the greatest variety of posts. I get so excited seeing new things on your blog. There are some sister style posts that inspire me to go out and do something like that. (Especially the one with the smoke bombs)
    When it comes to new posts I would suggest a theme week. For example one week or even a month is focused around photography or food or whatever. There should be posts of cool projects and techniques to try. What I want most are the instagram challenges. Like creative selfie week. Or black and white photo week. Something like that.
    Also if there’s a way i’d love for you guys to make a spotify playlist of you favorites. I’m always so interested in what you guys listen to. Or even movie recommendations for certain events like girls night or after breakups.
    Thank you guys for putting up such an amazing blog. You all are real inspirations.

  • What she said! ^^ ? hehe. So excited to see what all 2015 has in store for the ABM team. Keep up the hard work. Y’all are awesome!

  • The very first reason why I started to read Elsie’s blog was because I love travel and how people live in parts of the world.
    I have a small list of blogs I read religiously and every blogger is from a different part of the map.
    This inspires me.
    I love to read about what you do, where you go, how you live, what you see…….captured in photos, videos or words.
    I am currently very inspired by Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Hit Record facebook site. I would love to see you reach out to the normal, everyday reader and get them to submit a story on how they live in their own part of the world…….a little like how you got people to submit their home decorating.
    Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year ABM staff! This sounds like an awesome plan…personally the lighter posting schedule will work way better – sometimes I miss checking my blogs for a few days and I end up skimming a lot of the posts that I would really like to pay better attention to! Can’t wait to see the new 2015 content. Yay ABM!

  • Happy New Year to all of you!

    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-
    Happy new Year to all of you!

    Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-

  • I miss the “At Home With…” posts. I loved seeing the home decor tours for inspiration in my own design adventures. I would also love to purchase messy pens in a variety of colors!

    Thank you for keeping us inspired!

  • Happy new year! Looking foreward to what you give to the world through ABM this year 🙂 your question about why people don’t make recipes or DIYs on your site got me thinking—I’ve followed the blog daily yes daily for almost three years. I’m a creative, a maker, a designer. But I have only made a few recipe or DIYs from the blog. But it’s not because I don’t love then, I do! It’s just they I may not need a pendant lamp or need that thing in my life or feel I have time to devote to making it on top of what I already make in my life, ori might love the post but it’s not quite my style. So part of my enjoyment of the recipes or DIYs are to look, learn and be inspired by the ideas and projects but I feel I enjoy them by looking and reading,I dont need to make the DIY to get something out of it. And so, it’s very possible your recipes and DIYs inspire many readers even if they don’t make them. It shows us time and time again we can do it ourselves and that message may have long term impact on readers. Maybe we all feel like DIYers even though we don’t make everything we see in a blog. You are still inspiring us and I love seeing what you teach us to make. As for why I come back it’s inspiring and really fun seeing the blog and team grow, seeing the studio house happen etc. As a designer I really love seeing how other creative businesses do it. And out of all the blogs I follow the ABM Team really breaks down the slick impersonal facade that many big blogs and companies can have, ABM stays personal and real for readers, down to earth yet still pumping out really high quality content and images, and the whole time makes readers feel like friends and peek behind the scenes of the blog facade, and I like seeing how you build the lives you want. The ultimate DIY= life ! It’s really really encouraging and inspiring to see, watch and learn from your company and shows us it IS possible to build a creative life and business. And I love that you haven’t rented an office with a ton of staff somewhere but make it all out if your studio house, still DIY and genuine. So I keep coming back for that. And also your photography. So great! Thanks for all you are doing!

  • I have gotten a lot out of the first-person narrative posts you’ve started adding more of in the past year. My favorite posts, hands-down, are those “tips” ones–for business, happiness, life. I have even returned and read the same ones multiple times. I would be very happy to see more of those! Perhaps that’s a tall order for a team that’s feeling burned out and overextended, but I just love ’em.

  • hi guys. i’m glad you will be posting less! i didnt even see you had a reader survey, bummer! can i leave a suggestion anyway? it would be good if you had the ‘read more’ option instead of the whole blogpost. this way readers can browse through your content faster and find what they want faster. anyway, just a thought! i’m a travel blogger and this really worked for my blog! xx

  • YES!!! I already commented, but when I read Linda’s comment, I couldn’t resist seconding it! More travel! (I looked at your Costa Rica photos at least three or four times.) More vintage style! (I love seeing ideas for how to freshen up my favorite old-fashioned fashions.) I’d be thrilled to see more posts like that!

  • Happy 2015!!!

    I don’t know if others are itching the same way I am, but I miss the home tours SO much. I love everything you guys to your homes and it’s great that you show a diversity in types of rooms, etc, but I also loved that this blog could introduce me to other blogs, other photography, other furniture, different design tactics or style, etc. I realize this is your site and you guys should fill it with your ideas and personalization, but I also looked at these home posts as inspiring YOU and I love seeing what inspires others.

    Good luck with everything!!!

  • What I miss most is the home tours of other people! I liked being connected to other blogs that way and to view homes of others. It was very inspiring!

  • I’ve never made any of the crafts (I’m the worst at crafts, my goodness), but I have made lots of the recipes! Like most people here what keeps me coming back to the website is the cheerful spirit and gorgeous photography.

    I’m a big fan of the sister style posts, personally, and would love to see some more posts on style/beauty. I’m also a huge fan of the more personal articles – the ones that really stick out for me were Emma’s posts about changing dreams and her fitness story. I just really connected to them.

    Whatever the case, you are all doing a great job! I am sure that 2015 will be a great year for this blog =)

  • I’ve been following you all for a few years, and love seeing the recipes and photos the most. I love reading about your business and lives, as others have commented. And Elsie, I’d love to read more posts from you.

    Wishing you a happy new year full of peace, health, and goodness!

  • Firstly, you all are so wonderful! Happy New Year to the ABM team! I really enjoy the fashion posts that you all have done in the past including the makeover serie and specifically the fashion mixology series (8 outfits from 8 peices). I also really enjoy the personal advice posts you’ve done like Emma’s post titled “On Changing Dreams” and Elsie’s posts on owning a creative business, how to plan/set goals and how to foster inspiration. Also, Trey’s recent post on job hunting was great! I’m so excited for ABM in 2015. Simple sewing projects are also great! You guys are truly an inspiration to young, aspiring creative business owners and the art community at-large.

  • I keep coming back to A Beautiful Mess because it’s like a breath of creative fresh air! I can always expect something different, something I’ve never seen before, something I would never think of in a million years (and I’M a creative person!). I love getting boosts of inspiration from your exciting posts and gorgeous photography.

  • I’m glad to hear you’re planning to do less posts. I’ve stopped checking in many days because it can be so overwhelming. Quality over quantity is always the best way to go. I do like that there is a larger variety of projects now, but I also miss the earlier days of ABM when it was more a lifestyle blog than just a project blog. I know you’ve moved away from that and this is what works for you now, but I’m sure most readers care about the people behind ABM and would like to see more of you if you’re comfortable sharing. The only time we really see pictures of people these days are in sister style posts.

  • Hi! I just wanted to say that posting twice a day sounds good. Maybe you could have some (more) short posts. I also think that I would try more of your diy and recipes if you once in a while had some super easy ones. For instance you could share tips that makes your everyday easier, or saves you money. Like how to check if an egg is old.

  • I love the book club that started in 2014. I’m always looking for a new book to read and sometimes I have a hard time figuring it all out with so many books in the world. So I really appreciate Emma picking out the books and I really love the discussions on them all well. That is my new favorite aspect to your blog.

    I also am signed up for Happy Mail and I have to tell you I am obsessed! My favorite subscription service ever. I cannot wait until Messy Box makes it’s debut!

    As for wanting to see more of or new things, I really love the crafty DIYs. Like the crotchet patterns, canvas art, how to make rugs, etc. I would love to see kinda more simple home decor DIYs. AS much as I love to read and dream about making all the amazing side tables and headboards etc. I think maybe not as many people have access to all the tools and supplies you need to make those.

    I do love your blog, it is my favorite out there. Whenever I sit at a computer I always check to see what new posts are up (which is several times a day). I love what you do and appreciate all you put in and share with us.

  • Happy New Year to you all!! I read ABM every day and will admit, I have only made ONE recipe. The 5 bean chili.. you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS EASY!! I am a mom, and reading this blog is an inspiring outlet for me.. but in my real life I need easy, quick & practical. I don’t host fancy parties, I can’t sew or build furniture.. I sure do wish I could though! 😉 I DO have a love for home decor, so I gravitate towards posts that “let us in” to y’alls home, I LOVE seeing how other people live, and was completely bummed when you ended the “At home with” series. But I digress..
    The fact that you post daily, is amazing – and keeps me coming back for more. I love your “go get em” attitude, and you do truly inspire me! I keep reading, because I truly like YOU all, as people! So thanks for being YOU!

  • I’m one of those readers who hasn’t made a project or recipe. I keep coming back for the same reasons that I read Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart — the content and the photographs. I enjoy being inspired, even if I don’t necessarily have time to complete those projects myself.

    My favorite posts continue to be those which are in regards to the business of blogging. For all the criticism that this blog (and really, ALL popular blogs) receive, I don’t think that anyone can argue that the two of you have hammered out the business of blogging. As a quiet blogger myself, I am really interested in the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of it.

    Looking forward to following along in 2015! Cheers!

  • It totally made me laugh to read that so many people haven’t made a DIY project! I answered ‘never’ to that and felt SO ashamed! HAHAHAHA! Here I thought there were droves of DIY mavens out there busting out every. single project. It’s not that I don’t WANT to make them, I just don’t have the time. 50+ hrs work week and taking care of my pets (no kids, but an energetic pooch!) means I’m psyched to sit and read blogs and watch tv.

    Actually, I’d love to read more about your pets! Pet owners are a special breed and we all do crazy things for them – I have a series of shelves set up for my cats to play on – it would be fun to see what you guys do at home for them. I LOOOOOOVED Emma’s HILARIOUS holiday cards! I take pet picts with Santa each year and can empathize with the difficulty level!

    Anyway, even though I don’t do the projects or recipes (um…take out.), I have been reading for all 8 years. Love your blog, watching your style/business evolve, etc. Thanks for everything!

  • I started reading ABM back in the day for fashion and beauty posts, and although I love the DIY stuff, I would love to see more stuff on personal style/putting outfits together etc – now I am a mummy to 2 small people I feel like I need a change up!

  • I love the consistency of ABM. There’s always a new post, the recipes are always great, and projects are actually doable and look good. Keep it up!!

  • A while back, you had a date idea feature, and it seemed to disappear. I definitely don’t expect there to be intimate relationship details shared on the blog, but I think some tips on date ideas or relationship observations might be nice. My boyfriend and I are moving in together this month, and I know our budget will be tight, but I don’t want us to lose date night or connection.

  • I 100% agree, I absolutely adore all the beautiful images posted here! The photography tutorials are definitely my favourite.

  • I really enjoy this blog, and I think it’s the longest blog I’ve followed. In the last two years in particular I started reading it very regularly, but I do find it difficult to keep up with 3 posts per day. The posts I enjoy are the recipes and DIYs/crafts, and I really love all the photography in the posts. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to do any of the DIYs or crafts because I currently live in a country where most of these supplies are very difficult to come by or very expensive, but I have a very long list of ABM projects to tackle for when I move back to Canada! 🙂

    Another reason I really enjoy ABM is the way that the team writes the posts. It always feels like such a happy and inviting place. I’m really looking forward to all the new content in 2015 and to finally make some crafts!

  • Seriously, don’t take away the DIY’s. How many people look at Pinterest but don’t make what they see? We still come back and love to see how creative you are. We might not make it right away, but we can make it down the line. I love the fashion posts, but don’t dress like you. It’s all about seeing different ideas. I already love the diversity of your blog now. I also think what makes me come back every day is the colorful, bright, clean, happiness your blog exudes. Love you guys, great blog!

  • I forgot to mention that..i did actually try a project or two, but i got stuck with the tutorial on weaving. Maybe you could start a youtube series on step by step how to, like DanaMadeIt? I was also struggling with her tutorials till she started her videos and things became clearer..

  • OMG.
    When i read the part on how a large number of us dont actually try out the diy’s or recipes – my heart sank – just thinking that you may stop that and spare yourselves the trouble.
    Its not cos i dont want to. I do. I love it, i wanna try them all, esp the straight forward simple stuff that i am capable of doing – lol. Im just either too tired or too busy. But i keep coming back for all that creativity..hoping that one day ill also ‘switch on’ and get creative.
    Maybe thats another thing id like you guys to talk about..where do you get all that creativity from? Where do you start? How does it come?
    I religously read your blog and Elise Blaha, hoping that one day with her inspirational pushing and thought-organizing will help me push myself forward and try it all. Cos deep down my creativity-appreciating-self is dying to try it all.
    Please dont give up on us ❤️

  • Take a break if you need to, I can totally relate after working on the internet now for 12 years. I’m toasted. We’re local (and loco) have followed ABM since the beginning and witnessed the growth. It’s been an inspiring and fascinating study.

  • I agree with Sarah about learning more about you guys 🙂 sometimes when I think of a blog I think of (kind of) an online journal, but not exactly. I think there is one side where someone shares way too much, both for them personally and for the reader as well, but I also think there is another extreme where the blogger doesn’t share anything about themselves at all. I think you guys fall comfortably in the middle, but there are still things I would like to learn about you guys. I would be lying if I said that one of the biggest reasons I come back everyday wasn’t to get to know you guys more and more 🙂 because I love you guys, you inspire me, and I consider you role models in my life. I know this isn’t a personal blog, but it used to be, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a creeper and wanting to know specifics like where you were at 8:00 last Monday night, but little anecdotes sprinkled throughout the blog here and there would be nice. I loved it when Elsie would toss in a post about a sweet morning her and her husband shared over coffee or something like that. We’re all friends here right? I feel like friendship is about relationships with people and sharing about yourselves versus a teacher/student atmosphere.

    But anyway, that was just my two cents. I look up to you guys and appreciate everything you do. If I didn’t love your blog I would not have written this. Happy 2015 to everyone at ABM!

  • Happy New Year! I love your site, it is incredibly inspiring!

    The one thing I feel is “lacking” would be that I miss the personal side of your lives. Your older posts included more of that, but in recent years it seems you’ve gone away from all of that. People are intrigued by you all!

    Love you guys!

  • Congratulations on eight years! And a happy new year to you.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I always love the posts where you look around someone’s home. I’ve been thinking that it would be super-fun to look at people’s collections of favourite things, too. Like, my house does not match up to being on show, but I do have some really pretty vintage glasses, cups, and things like that. Perhaps you could run some posts featuring readers’ curated collections.

    Perhaps a live cook-along podcast and then we share photos of our finished dishes?

    I’m so much looking forward to the next year!

  • Thank you for decreasing your number of posts! I used to check your blog daily in college, but now that I’m working full time and life has gotten a lot more busy for me, I usually only check your blog once or twice a week. Then it’s overwhelming how much you’ve posted since the last time I checked it!

    I’m regards to people not doing your DIY projects and recipes… I love your DIY projects. They (and sister style) are probably my favorite of your content. But when I took your survey I realized that I had hardly made any of the projects you’ve done! However, I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from your projects. They get me thinking about new ideas and I’m made some things that were inspired from one of your posts.

    I think the changes coming to ABM are positive ones! Happy New Year!

  • ABM has been a routine part of my life for the last 3 years, and I keep coming back for so many reasons. I’m a growing photographer and love your photos so much! I’d love to see more posts about how you do the behind the scenes running of the company, bts of taking photos, I really love seeing the process and understanding the hard work that goes into what you ladies produce so well! Over the years your diy projects have become more challenging and ambitious, and every time I see you guys working on something that I would have previously been like “I could never figure that out” you guys make it so approachable I am more confident in things I create just by seeing you creating them! I have tried a few of your recipes as well and hope to try more in the future.
    Keep up the great work in the New Year, all of you ladies are fabulous!

  • It’s hard to point out one thing why I come back here.. It’s the happy photos and inspiration I derive from what you all post everyday. It is actually difficult to pick a DIY and do it, you don’t have supplies all the time and it somehow turns out not to be a great idea buying expensive supplies to just make one little thing. But I have to tell you that seeing a lot of your DIYs I have gone back and did something tangential that started from something I saw here, so that’s a win!

    I would love some more video features and lifestyle posts.

  • I love it all even if it doesn’t apply to me. It’s a fresh, positive place and everything looks wonderful. I saw this video this morning that reminded me of you Elsie <3


    Be well and only good things in 15.

  • These changes all sound really great! I’m glad for the lighter posting schedule, we don’t want you to burn out, and it’s hard for us to keep up. I also love the easier DIYs. The complicated ones are really awesome, but in reality, I’ll never have time or resources to do that. I still love the blog and you guys do a wonderful job! Best wishes for you and the blog in 2015!

  • So excited to see what’s in store for us readers throughout this new year! I love all of the content here on the blog, but I would really love to see some more video tutuorials and healthier recipes as I am not a drinker and am taking baby steps toward living the paleo lifestyle. Even if I don’t see these new recommendations, you guys have done an awesome job over the years and I so look forward to the future!!

  • I’ve been reading ABM since 2007 and I keep coming back because I feel like I *know* you guys! I tell people that the blogs I read are my “imaginary friends”. Weird much? But seriously. I check in to see what you guys are up to & I love to watch how your business grows even from month to month. We share a lot of the same passions & it is cool to see someone living out their dreams.

    I hope that you all are able to find that balance (please share if you do!) and are able to keep doing what you’re doing. I personally love it all. <3

    xo. M

  • The lighter schedule seems like a great idea, sometimes I just skip over posts when they show up in my bloglovin’ feed just because there are so many. And that’s a shame since they are all beautiful posts and you spend so much time making them.
    I come back to ABM because it’s bright and inspiring and the photos are just beautiful. I really love your home decor posts, I’m buying a new home so they are extra inspiring to me!

  • I comeback to ABM because of the great DIYs, the yummy recipes, and the inspiring photography. It really is a positive environment and it really lifts my spirits when I have a less than good day to be able to come here and know that we all have the power to make our lives special. Progress not perfection. Keep evolving ladies its the only way to survive. Happy New Years!

  • All time favorite blog like SUPER all time, the only challenge this year is that I am unable to get Party! Party! to work!! 🙂 Good news is I’ll be trying to Party! Party! into the new year. Adore your blog and mean that… Happy 2015! Xo!

  • You guys are awesome and inspiring. Love ya. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep evolving, and keep sharing the process with us. 🙂

  • Hey! Im one of those readers that’s never made anything (but I have Big plans for that felt garden). Even though I don’t make things, I read every post. Especially your introductions,because that’s where your stories are. I’m not even vegan, nor do I have a pixie haircut but I don’t want to miss the story, the conversation, at the beginning of each post.Thanks for all you guys do!

  • Love the fact you guys post so often, sad to hear it will be less but no doubt will be just as great. All those great DIY’s are the reason I always read ABM and would hate to see less of them! can’t even count the amount of things I’ve been inspired to make because of you guys. keep it up! 🙂

  • Lighter content, yes! There are WAY TOO MANY things I want to make! But because there is so much new content every day, I just can’t choose which one I want to DIY first so I just start pinning it all. Working full time makes it hard to keep up 🙂 Like the bookclub, maybe making a cookclub or craftclub?

    My goal for 2015 = to DIY 1 thing a week, for 52 weeks. And yes, I’ll be making some of your DIYs!!!! <3 <3 check my Instagram (“52diys”) for it! ^^

    Happy New Year and keep up the good work! Waking up in 2015 with Happy Handmade Home on my lap and some tea in my hand ^^

  • I mostly come back to ABM for some inspiration, but i have to admit that, recently, i felt like it was too many DIY projects. I tried quite a few of your recipes and Emma’s pumpkin bread is a favorite around here now, but when i look at all the home decor DIY, I just feel overwhelmed…it is a little too much.
    I really love the more personal posts as I draw more inspiration for my every day life from them (e.g. a sister style in a coffee place reminds me that i should integrate a quick coffee date in my busy schedule from time to time and i will feel just happy afterwards that i had a beautiful and creative break)
    Also, one feature i really loved was the date series you did (e.g. farmers market and brunch or so).
    There were great ideas to integrate a date into your everyday routine.

    Anyhow, it’s been about 4 years I am reading your blog and I am really impressed to see what you built up over the years!
    A happy New Year to you all!


  • Happy New Year to all of ABM staff! I hope you will have a more relaxed year – a relaxed mind is a creative mind (surely that must be true). 🙂 I don’t know much about blog business, but as a reader I can say that one update a day is plenty – after all it’s about quality, not quantity. So cutting down a little shouldn’t worry you at all! xx

  • Thank you for listening and appreciating flexibility. As one of the survey takers, it means a lot! I’ll definitely be reading throughout 2015!

  • The twice a day posting system really excite me, since I couldn’t read ALL your posts each day and I was bummed, because this is my favourite blog to read! So, thank you. I’m also thrilled by your upcoming personal posts, I’m not a very crafty person (do not having my own place and studying most of the time doesn’t help me), I’m more on memory keeping right now.

    Wish you all a happy 2015! Thanks for being so amazing. x

    P.s. Your Blog Life ecourse really changed my life (in a positive way)! <3

  • really fun to read about this! it’s made me want to write my own plan for 2015! i’m looking forward to the new features 🙂

  • Great resolutions and plans guys; mine is to read a wider variety of blogs so I’m making sure to get back into ABM – looking forward to 2015’s content!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • I love your blog, and have been following for years. Actually this is one of only two American blogs I follow (I’m Danish, Hi)
    I love how it can feel homey, but still international. I come back to this space, because it does feel like home. I see all your effort, but I do not feel it.
    There is no complaining and no apologizing about being a kick-ass business, or just nerdy crafters. (weird comment maybe) But I like this space. An important thing for me is the photos. They are great, and they are not minimalist, they are full of color and happiness and UMPF.
    I would love to follow your classes, and think maybe this year will be a perfect time for me.
    I once bought the art journaling in 52 weeks course and I miss it. I wish you would re-publish those old courses for a one time fee. (I know there is a danger of that ending up online somewhere)

    Just keep on going. You have created something wonderful in the depressing and wonderful space called the internet. This is a messy post, but I hope it makes sense. I will keep on coming back. But I agree that twice (even once) a day is enough for me.
    Love to you all.

    PS: I would love, though, to see you guys include a writer who was on the path to a more sustainable/green/eco/organic lifestyle. I think this is a big trend (and a path I myself is immensely interested in) and it could be so interesting to see how someone would do that with an ABM perspective.

  • I would like to hear more about photography and phototipps 🙂

    happy new year from Germany ♥

  • I’d enjoy seeing the results of surveys as I genuinely find it interesting! As a renter myself, alot of the DIY products I just can’t do, our German apartment is small without a toolshed or balcony. I love that you consider your readers. Happy new year to the team at ABM 🙂

  • Elsie, I’ve been reading your blog since the very beginning in 2007. I love the creative DIY art projects and the evolution of your original graphic design elements throughout the life of the blog. Over the years I have used several of your project ideas in my middle school classroom. One of my favorite segments ever was the art journal. It was a great way for even non-artsy people to get in touch with their creative side.

    I do miss one thing from the early blog: your paintings! 🙂 However, I have been constantly impressed with the wide variety of creative endeavors you have succeeded in. You have also done an amazing job of reaching out personally to readers and customers. I still remember when my husband and I moved to Taiwan back in 2008 and not too long afterward I found out I was pregnant and wanted one of the prints from your Peter Pan series of paintings for the baby’s room. I was surprised that such a small business (at the time) was willing to send items internationally. Now we are back in the states and the print still hangs in my son’s room (he is five now!).

    You and everyone else who is now on the ABM team has worked so long and hard to get where you are today. You all are doing a wonderful job. As a teacher, I can relate to the danger of burnout and it is good you realized what was happening and took a step back to regroup. Take care of yourselves and remember your readers will still be here to support you even when you take time for rest and rejuvenation. Cheers!

  • I started following the blog for the scrapbooking a long time ago. And keep coming back many times a day waiting for next post. ( every break I have at work or from the kids) haha. How ever I understand that 3 post/day is A LOT of work.
    Love the DIYs, the fashion, the “at home with”. And the random pics from life around you. Oh and the party planing/decorating. I never cook though..
    As someone wrote I would also love if you could do totes, pillow cases or T-shirts. Or maby just print as pdf so we can buy and DIY?
    That would make a fun # at insta. 🙂
    Mabye a “come thrifting with us” video once in a while? 🙂

  • I come back to ABM because this place is always colorful, stylish and happy. I do feel some of your DIY posts are so elaborate that I cant even think to try. I love your style posts, travel posts and posts related to scrap booking.
    Cheers to the great work that you and your team have been doing all the year around and good luck for the new year.
    Happy New Year to you and the entire ABM Team.


  • I agree with many of the other comments above, that I love getting sneak peeks into your personal stories and such too:) I guess we’re all super creepers or just super curious because we love ya’ll so much! I also love that you are cutting back posts, I want to read them all, but I just can’t! Thank you for noticing that and making adjustments. Your plans sound inspiring, and I’ll still be tuning in each day to see what you all are up to. I seriously would not have even started my own little corner of the internet without you! Cheers to a wonderful 2015!

  • 8 years is impressive. Little wonder there is some burnout after so many epic achievements. No harm in easing the load a bit when there’s still so much inspiration flowing. Well done.

  • Sarah is spot on! From another dedicated reader of years (longest I’ve read any blog), those are some great suggestions for ways I would love to see you diversify!

  • Honestly, it’s you guys that keep me coming back. I’ve been following Elsie since her Flickr days, and moved on over to reading this blog maybe a few years into its start. I love following up on the personal stories, and the small business articles you guys write are some of my all time favourites. It’s nice to see what other creative business owners are thinking, especially ones as successful as you guys. You’re inspiring and very encouraging to say the least ;).

    I’m one of those people who hasn’t done a single craft, but who still reads the blog every day. It’s because I’m not much of a craft maker, but I still absolutely adore seeing those kinds of posts even still. You guys make such cute things, it’s hard not to like the eye candy.

    What I’d like to see more of? Interior design I think. Especially small posts, like how you’ve arranged house plants in the corner, or how to spice up a bookshelf. That being said, you guys already do a pretty damn good job of taking lovely pictures of your home already, and I know you have a few posts like that under your belt anyway.

    I’d also maybe like to see more collaborations between you guys and other bloggers. I think about 10% of the blogs I now follow I probably was introduced to originally from your site. That number is probably a little off, but it’s safe to say I love what you love; so maybe a few reading lists/blogger features would be nice if you don’t want to do collabs, as I’m sure collabs can be complicated or time consuming most times.

    I like reading your blog for the beautiful, happy imagery on top of following along with your lives, and I know that’s going to continue no matter what you post about, so I’m here for the long haul!

  • What continues to bring me back to your blog is the lifestyle that you, Elsie and Emma, represent. This wonderful world of creativity in which you reside, surrounded by your amazingly talented, dedicated friends/co-workers. There is so much more, but I believe that explains the essence of my dedicated readership. You two got me through grad school with the idea that one could subsist off of creative passion and determination, and that perfection is not necessarily the be all end all. Thank you. If you every want to ‘casually hang out’ in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, let me know! I’ll be here.

    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

  • I’m one of those who come back to ABM constantly even though I haven’t done a DIY or used a recipe!
    So excited to what you have installed for 2015 😉
    Can’t wait to read the fashion and home related posts!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses

  • Totally can’t wait for what you guys are up to this year! Very excited to stay tuned to your blog this 2015. Have a wonderful year! <3

    Xoxoxo http://thoughtsintiffanyblue.blogspot.com/

  • Happy new year!

    -I love the DIY posts, but sometimes I feel that they are geared toward results that are a little lower in quality. I would love to see some crafts and DIYs that involve a lot of true craftsmanship. Even if it takes longer and more money or effort, I would be over the moon to work on projects that I felt could one day become heirlooms. Sometimes the crafts seem more geared toward taking “shortcuts” …i.e. something that already exists and making minor modifications to call it a homemade craft. Like, take this plain kitchen rug and paint it. Or take this mug and paint it. I would love to see more instructions and tutorials on the beginning stages of things.

    -Travel posts are awesome! And I have LOVED the Springfield posts. I live close to Springfield and when I’m in town, I always go to the places that you guys have written about throughout the years. I also recommend your blog to people who mention they are going to Springfield soon, and they thank me afterward because they end up having the best time. 🙂

    -If you guys were into this sort of thing, I’d love to see features about gardening, eating what you grow, and getting outside. I’m a big nature-lover and spend most of my time outside with my camera and I think it could be fun to see more of that on the blog. But, I’m also not sure if that’s what you guys like to do! In which case, scratch that, because authenticity is what matters.

    -I love the personal posts. You guys are such fun, interesting people. I know this is a business, so you need to maintain a certain level of distance, but I don’t necessarily mean personal posts about what you had for dinner the night before and what you and your husbands talk about on the couch while watching Netflix. Although if you want to, that would be fun, too. 😉 I just love the posts where I see you guys in your own environment–i.e. going to your grandmother’s cabin, hanging out with your friends, and going places like the greenhouse or your farmer’s market.

    -You guys do an awesome job not feeling overly sponsored or just bombarding us with posts that scream “THIS IS A BUSINESS–NOT PERSONAL” and I thank you for that.

    -Scrapbook posts have been amazing and I think you guys are just rocking the paper craft side of things so much. I can’t wait to see more!

    -Thanks for blogging and for sharing your business with us. Can’t wait to keep following along in 2015 and see what you guys come up with. I also wanted to say that I have the full set of your Photoshop actions and love, love, love them. They have made it extra fun to get down to business and get my pictures ready for printing and photo albums. I use them on everything from travel photos to NYC (moody, matte filters are the best!) to pictures from hiking and kayaking trips and pretty green leaves. I can’t thank you enough for offering them–they’ve totally turned my photo routine around and given me the tools to achieve the looks I have wanted but been unsure how to do in Photoshop on my own.

  • Happy New Year to ABM. It’s been a year reading this blog and you guys have been such an inspiring to me. I love all youe diy’s, your recipes and many more. I love as a person also! Great job on the milestones that you achieve!

    Marsya J xx


  • I keep coming back to ABM because the site bursts with creativity and inspiration! I love the emotions projected in the photos, the colors, the ideas, tips you all share, everything! I’m a frustrated creative and it’s just amazing how your blog makes me feel that I can make something, then find beauty and joy in it because they exist! There is beauty in mess, there is joy in art.
    I wish I’d get to know you all more personally. Sorry if that kinda sounds like too much! It’s not easy sharing personal lives out here in the world wide web. But I’d like to think that this blog is more than just a business. It’s a home filled with laughs, colors and awesome people.

    Happy new year to the whole team! I wish you more success and more love in 2015!

  • Happy New Year to the ABM team! It’s amazing that you’ve been blogging for 8 year… wow!
    I am so excited that you will be getting a more diverse range of topics next year. I am one of those people who has never actually done a DIY from this blog (shameful, I know, I just never have time to get the materials!) so I am very excited to see more posts about life and fashion. Lessening up on your daily posting schedule is nice as well; it’s hard being able to read every post when I also want to read posts from other blogs! One thing I would love to see more is travel posts. Even if it’s just a walk through your local park, I love seeing different parts of the world!
    Hope next year is full of many more successes!! xx

    Emily x| http://extraneousmelodies.blogspot.com

  • Cannot wait to see what’s in store for us readers throughout this upcoming year! I love all of the content on this blog, but I would really love to see more video tutorials and healthier recipes (I’m not a drinker and I’m taking baby steps toward the paleo lifestyle.) Regardless, you guys have done such an amazing job over the years with this blog and I look forward to the future!

  • So glad to hear you’re going down to 2 posts a day….no wonder you guys were suffering from burnout (even with other people helping)…..love how transparent you guys are….it’s not everyone that’d be brave enough to share what you’ve just shared in this post….I guess that’s what we all love about you….so relatable….Happy New Year you guys….here’s hoping 2015 is your best one yet!

  • Oh yay! I love that you’ll be bringing back some more personal posts, I always enjoyed those 🙂 I’d love to see more photography/life tips, those are always so inspiring!

  • I’ve personally made at least 30 (probably more) of your DIYs and recipes over the last few years. I really love ask the content, although I think my favorite at the moment is your Scrapbook Sunday’s! However, I honestly watch YouTube videos on scrapbooking, DIYs, easy recipes, and fun vlogs more than read actual blogs these days…..so I’d love more of that from you for sure ; )

  • Since you’re asking for content suggestions:
    It might be a bit of a challenge, since all of you are home owners with large spaces, but how about more renter-friendly solutions/projects? Also keeping in mind that renters, especially in NYC, often do not have the space to do full-scale projects like Josh’s great creations – so maybe adapting existing pieces, being creative with supplies from the HW store, etc.

    And not just creating pieces, but making a very small space work when your “living room” also has to be your creative space, your kitchen storage area, your office, possibly your bedroom, etc…

    I know Apartment Therapy has done small spaces over and over, but it’s always the same ideas (mostly for a kitchen, and they assume you have a slightly larger or open kitchen to work with) and nothing that’s really going to change your space. I guess I’m really looking for better ideas in a main living space and maybe better use of limited furniture pieces.

    I know it’s not that specific but if I knew exactly what to ask for, I wouldn’t need the inspiration, would I? 🙂

    As for existing content – I like the DIYs the best! Recipes are also nice and I use mostly as inspiration (rarely as-is as I have too many food allergies). I don’t use the cocktail recipes at all as I don’t consume alcohol. I also like the posts Trey has written and the couple of “life” posts Emma wrote this year.

  • I agree with Sarah! Don’t want to sound creepy, either, but, you all seem so happy and it makes me happy to see what ya’ll are up to. I’m alot older than y’all so I kinda feel like I’m checking in on my kids 🙂
    Also, I really enjoy the fashion and home decor posts, even though there’s the age gap and different lifestyles. Best wishes for a fabulous 2015 for everyone at ABM!

  • I think posting slightly less often will do a lot of good! Love your blog, thanks for all the DIY ideas- I love them! x

  • I keep coming back to ABM because I really like you guys! Elsie and Emma, you were my first encounter with the world of blogs, and now I am just gearing up for my second year of running a blog, and my own business. I was inspired by you back then, with your Dream Job e-course, and I am inspired by you now. I am so happy that you will be writing more personal pieces, because this is what I really love to read. Although I have done a couple of your DIY projects and I love those too.I would love to have more business posts, how to grow, what your daily to do look like,type articles, lol can you tell I’m extremely type-A? But I think you guys are AWESOME, and a beautiful example of what is possible with a little elbow grease and inspiration. I would adore more articles focused on getting to know the other members of the team a little better.

    I love you guys! Thanks for all your help over the years.

  • I just love your blog. Started reading it because of Elsie’s scrap booking way back in the day and never stopped. I enjoyed the photography shoots you used to do. Hope you still do the scrapbooking. Would love more of the videos. I wod love to see more of the home decor. Regardless of the content I will always read this blog. Love you guys.

  • I’ve only made a couple recipes from ABM and I’ve never made any of the projects. I’m not actually big on crafts or cooking. The reason why I come back to the site, however, is because of you — the people behind the blog. I’ve been reading since the beginning and even though the content of ABM has changed, your positive spirits shine through. It’s such a gorgeous blog to look at and it’s so inspiring that even people like me (who couldn’t do a DIY if I tried) just come to see it.

  • I know you ladies like to travel. I do too. I’ve really enjoyed your travel posts… maybe you could do more of that. Show us around a city or little town in your way. Whats delicious? Whats fun? Who is there? What kind of shopping or crafts of unique things can be found?

    Also, bring back the vintage! Maybe do a few “up-dates” or show us how to rock a vintage dress and bring the outfit back to life? I long for that!

    You are all doing a GREAT job. I am so excited for the new work to come in 2015. Keep it up!

  • I keep coming back to ABM because it’s happy and beautiful and full of life. You are all amazing and you’re doing a wonderful job! *fist bump*
    The only thing that I would love to see is travel posts!! Stuff about how you see the world! I loved Emma’s pictures from her Switzerland trip and even the staff trip to Costa Rica was a fantastic read. Bring more of that to ABM! Please!!
    Love YA all!! Happy New Year!! I’m so excited to read ABM in 2015.

  • I come back to ABM because of the photography, always look so fresh and happy haha, I love the bussines and photo tips.

  • Would love to see DIYs with links to your store to buy all the supplies needed in one place! It can be hard to get started if you have to run all over the place to get everything together…

  • Yay! It’s so exciting to hear how y’all continue to grow and evolve this ever-changing space! And I love how transparent y’all are about the struggles and exciting stuff.

    Soooo…as someone who owns (and loves!) a couple of your dresses, I was wondering if you had plans to do any more fashion design? Even just t-shirts or tote bags would be amazing! I just love Elsie’s illustration and lettering, I think it would be super cute ^_^

    PS: I’m still pining for the Pen Pal Dress <3

  • Hey, Elsie + Emma! I’d love to see some little surveys on the side of the blog once in awhile- you know, the ones that say “Vote and See Results”. It could be a great way for you guys to quickly collect stats from your readers- even the ones who don’t fill out big forms- but it could also be a fun way to see which ice cream flavor people like better! 😉
    Cheers! Happy New Year!

  • I love the sound of the ever changing ABM! I cannot wait for2015, it’s only a few hours away where I am and looks like it’s going to be a great year for me, and for this wonderful blog. The video features sound amazingly exciting too! 😀

  • Happy new year ABM!!! I come back to you cause i think every ideas you have is pure gold! Every path you take us on is joyful…yeah i am a huge fan and you are a part of my daily routine. I know you are enjoying what you are doing but sometimes i am concerned of your well-being (im a nurse cant help it). I am glad you decide to do 2 posts a day instead of 3…also i think you should take more holidays!! Dont worry your readers wont be gone when you come back… 2015 should be a more “chill out” year for you! Those last few months, each time i was reading a post i was scarred it was an anouncement of you stopping the blog! I think it is because even though you dont say anything, we can feel you’re exhausted… so please take it easy, go back to basics, dont start new projects but keep doing very well the one you already have! Sorry for the loooong answer and really hope i didnt offend you by writting this(oh i just missed the new year writting this here in france haha)

  • Love love ABM. Always have. Keep up the good work ladies. However, I miss more of your lifestyle photos. I would love to just see snapshots of your daily life and some home decor inspiration. I love the blog but do feel like it’s so many DIYs. Love your ideas for the new year and I am excited to continue to follow along.

  • Y’all are my heroes, and there isn’t a group of bloggers in the world that I would want to have a cocktail with more than you! Seriously.

    I think it takes a lot to turn a reader into a DIY-er, much like it takes a lot of time+energy to create a repeat customer (I’m in marketing… can you tell?). Needless to say though, what I think makes you special is the fact that you are surrounded by a group of like-minded people and that is so unique in a work sense. I keep coming back to ABM because I’m interested in the story that is Elsie, Emma, Laura — the whole gang. I find y’all so inspiring. I don’t have to make every dinner or project. Y’all inspire me just by doing your thing. It inspires me to do mine.

    That being said… I would love to learn more about y’all. I think it would be so cool if everyone on your team did a Draw My Life video. I realize it must be tricky putting your personal life out on such a large forum, but still, I think there might be a desire for it. I can’t be the only one who wishes I knew what high school was like for you and Emma, or how Katie and her husband met. I have been following y’all for years and I can’t help the curiosity! (Side note: sorry if I’m being super creepy, ha.)

    I also wish y’all had a reality show. Martha Stewart for the 2015 era. Even if it was a web series y’all shot yourself, I know it’d be good and people would watch.

    That’s my two cents – some of it repeated from the survey – I so look forward to seeing how the blog (and y’all!) continue to grow in 2015.

    ABM 4EVER,

    Sarah Alves

  • I think a lighter posting schedule is a wonderful idea. Often times there’s too many posts for me to look through. That will give your readers more time to enjoy the posts, which obviously require a great deal of time & effort to create. As with anything in life burnout does happen & I am glad that you were able to share that with us. Here’s to a happy 2015, staying motivated & finding things in life that keep us happy & inspired. // www.itscarmen.com :]

  • First off, 2015 to all at ABM! I come back to ABM because of the gorgeous photography. I love photography, but recently I’ve hit a road block because I’m not inspired and not capturing the right images. I would love to see more in-depth photography tips, like how to edit with the ABM actions (which are so fun and endless; I love editing now!) and conquering my dreaded enemy: natural light sources! All the best to you all.

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