Colorblocked Clay Coasters

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)      Lately coasters have been one of my favorite things to make. I think it's because it's nice to have a small craft you can do that won't take a ton of money (or all your time), and they are usually fast enough that you can make a few in one sitting so you have a matching set of them. They are also probably one of the two things I change out the most in our living room—pillows and coasters! I saw a really cool colorblocked coaster that was part of a set, but since they were sold out (and I really only liked one of the several options it came with), I decided to just make my own version with clay instead!

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)  Supplies:
oven bake clay
-clay knives or X-Acto knives
-nonstick mat and rolling pin
clay glaze
-cork roll and glue gun (optional)

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)    First you want to roll out all your colors of clay into strips that are about 1-1 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick. I like to use flat surfaces like acrylic rulers on each side of the clay to keep the thickness consistent. You could also use two equal stacks of playing cards.

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)Use your clay or X-Acto knives to cut your strips into various lengths and widths, and place them snugly side by side. Try to make the overall size a little smaller than you want your finished coaster to be. Use your fingers to gently blend the seams of your colors where the strips meet. I like to gently push one color into the next, then push back in the opposite direction, then smooth down the seam to join the surface. 

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)    Use your roller to gently roll your coaster in all directions, stretching it a bit. This will blend the strips together more. Place your coaster on parchment paper and bake in the oven according to the clay instructions.

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)   Once your coaster is baked and has completely cooled, use a glaze to seal your clay and allow that to fully dry. To make your coaster a little more official (and to add a little more thickness), you can cut out and hot glue a square of cork to the bottom to finish it off.

Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)     Colorblocked Clay Coasters (click through for tutorial)     These kind of remind me of something you might find in a pop art museum gift shop or a whimsical stationary store. They are cute, quirky, and best of all, easy to make! And as the shape is more "organic" than strict and precise, they are a lot more forgiving since you don't have to make a perfect square or circle. A set of these tied with a ribbon would make a really unique gift for a housewarming present as well. Is it time you switched out your coasters? Maybe you should give these a try! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

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