DIY Dolly Parton Bag!

Dolly Parton bag DIY!You, guys! Today is about to get really, really fun. 

We're working with Canon USA to make a Dolly Parton bag!!!! Well, actually, you can make any kind of bag you want. It can have a pet, an old family photo, your #MCM, etc… etc… The possibilities are endless, which makes this a KILLER gift idea. You can surprise your bestie or your mom with something completely custom that perfectly fits their vibe. 

OK, it's DIY time. You ready? 

Printing iron-ons for a Dolly Parton bag!First things first, you'll need to print your image of choice on a sheet of iron-on transfer paper. If you need a little help resizing your image before printing, I got you covered here. We printed ours on the PIXMA MG7520 photo printer, as iron-on paper can really absorb the ink and make for a faded image. You can really see below how the MG7520 is perfect here to push the values on your prints.  

Rememberβ€”when you iron on an image, it will be reversed. So if your image has a word on it or needs to NOT be flipped, you need to flip it in Photoshop before you print. :) 

(If you want to print this exact same image, you can download it here.) 

1Step 1: Print your image on iron-on transfer paper. Depending on what you are making, you might need a few prints (I needed 3 for my bag). 

2Step 2: Cut out each image individually being careful to get a nice clean outline. 

3Pretty soon you'll have a cute little army! 

4Step 3: Practice your placement. I decided on a polka dot type patten. You can make yours more dense if you like. 

55Step 4: Flip each piece over and iron it on. 

7Step 5: Allow to cool completely. Then, peel the paper off each paper backing, revealing the design! 

Dolly Parton bag DIY! Ta-da! This project is super simple and FUN. I could do it all day. The most challenging part is finding the perfect image and the perfect bag to iron on to! You don't have to use a bag. I actually wanted to do a dress, but I couldn't find the perfect one, so I improvised. I recommend something that is cotton for best results. Happy DIY-ing! 

xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Elsie Larson and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

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