Peeps Jello Shots!

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) OK, this is obviously not something for the kiddie Easter basket, but what adult doesn’t have fond memories of eating Peeps marshmallow bunnies (or chicks)? And don’t forget that we all knew that weird person that would save them until they got stale because they are supposedly “better that way”. It’s certainly not unusual for my brain to want to turn everything into a jello shot (see our jello archives here), but when I saw they made an official Peeps silicon pan, well, it seemed a shame not to make a jello shot version!

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe)Peeps Jello Shots

1 cup marshmallow or vanilla vodka
1 cup cream
2 packets of unflavored gelatin
food coloring
Peeps silicon mold

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) Heat the vodka in a small pan until warm (don’t let it boil). Slowly pour in the gelatin as you stir and keep stirring until the gelatin has dissolved.

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) Pour the liquid into a bowl and add the cream. Stir to combine. Add in a few drops of food coloring until your desired color is achieved (separate the mixture first if you want to do more than one color).

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) Lightly oil your silicon pan and place it on a pan or tray (this helps you move the pan easily when filled). Fill the cavities with the liquid and allow to set in fridge for several hours.

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) When set, gently remove the bunnies from their molds and you are ready to serve!

Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) Peeps Jello Shots! (click through for recipe) How cute are they!?! You could definitely sub in some more flavorful component (like juice) for some of the milk or vodka, but the only flavor that real Peeps have is sugar. So I tried to recreate that in the jello shot. You could also give these a dusting with the same color sugar for a look that’s even more true to the original, but you’d want to do that right before serving because sugar can melt pretty fast on the jello. Either way I’m sure you’ll get a few “oooooohs” and “ahhhhhhhs” when you bring these out for Easter, and I don’t think you’ll hear one complaint — not even a peep! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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