3 Natural Products I Am Loving Vol. 1

3 beauty products I am loving Hi, friends! Today I have a new mini series to share with you. I have been wanting to share my healthy deodorant for, like, six months. But it always felt like kind of a random thing to post about. But sharing products I truly love and use IS RANDOM. So today I am kicking off a small series of posts about the beauty products I use and love. Since I last posted about my routine (a few years ago?), I have changed out almost every product for something with less chemicals. I spent the last six months really cleaning up my beauty, bath and household products. And although it’s not perfect (it never is), I am really proud of the HUGE amount of unnecessary, harmful chemicals that I cut out.

Anyway! Here are three products I am using daily (or regularly) and loving!

3 beauty products I am loving The Healthy Deodorant I love this stuff. I have tried at LEAST a dozen brands in the past that did not work (sometimes it felt like I wasn’t even wearing deodorant it was so bad). This stuff works, it smells good, and Jeremy and I both love it. We’ve been using it for about six months, and I can now say it’s good enough for summer weather and fitness as well. It’s less strong than something you’d buy at the drugstore, but BY FAR the best aluminum free option I’ve ever found. It comes in different scents, but I like “Sport Luxe”.

3 beauty products I am loving Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask A classic green mask that doesn’t dry your skin out. This one is new to me, and I love it!

Here’s what it looks like on your skin–

3 beauty products I am loving Ew gross! (Kidding – I love this kind of stuff!!)

3 beauty products I am loving Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist I love it when I find a brand that I trust and end up loving ALL their products. Herbivore is that brand for me. I initially discovered them through Moorea Seal, and now I have a massive collection and am a certified fan girl.

Anyway – about the face mist! Once you get into the routine of using a face mist (I use it when I wash or rinse my face, morning and night), it’s kind of addicting. It makes me feel more awake in the mornings and ready for bed at night. Routines, man! So good.

3 beauty products I am loving Alright!! I hope you enjoyed my randomness. Please do let me know if you try any of these products and what you think. Also, if you have suggestions of products you love (whether for beauty, bath or home cleaning), I am very interested and would love to hear them! xx- Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I love The Healthy Deodorant! I’ve been using it for a while now and preach it to everyone I know! Iuse the lavender vanilla one. It smells so good and fresh.

  • My old roommate switched to natural products years ago and deodorant was the thing she struggled with finding! I’ll have to try this and see if she has!

    Brittany | thechicette.com

  • I love using a mist on my face, especially during these hot days of summer. The HERBIVORE Rose Hibiscus sounds like a great product! My favourites at the moment are Caudalie Grape Water and Avene Thermal Spring Water.
    Anna From Italy


  • I just ordered some Piper Wai deodorant to try. This one looks awesome too! I usually make deodorant using a recipe I found on Oh Dear Drea and it’s amazing but it gets too melty when I travel so I need a back up.

    Do you have a natural shampoo and conditioner that you use? That’s what I’m having the most trouble finding.

  • I’d love to try the face mask!

  • Within the last month I discovered that Acure mask and I LOVE it! The smell of it is really calming and peaceful to me for some reason, and I usually use it on my face after using a scrub, so the whole process feels like an awesome mini-facial. I tried one flop of a natural deodorant in the past, so thanks for the recommendation on this one, I will be trying it out!

  • Yay! So excited for this series! I just switched to all natural products over the past few months and I’m always looking for honest reviews from people I trust. I actually just shared some of my fave products on my blog too: http://www.sunshineandwhimsy.net/2016/06/my-16-favourite-natural-skincare.html

  • Have you tried a crystal deodorant? I buy it from a health food store. You have to run it under water before using it but I love it.

  • I use the environmental working group’s “skin deep” database to research most my products and they do a great job.

    my current green beauty and body obsessions: dr bronner’s bar soaps (peppermint wakes me up!), acure facial cleansing cream, dry brushing before showering then using a japanese salux wash cloth that is the absolute best for exfoliating then slathering up with coconut oil, bite beauty lipsticks, priti nyc nail polish remover, w3ll people make up (foundation stick and highlighter stick), cerave facial sunscreen (one of the few barrier (not chemical) facial sunscreens that spreads easily, sinks in fast and doesn’t leave a white wash.

    for home, i’m die-hard for Ecover products especially their stain remover (liquid with a bristle top) which works miracles, their dish soap and their laundry detergent. i also make a homemade febreeze stand-in with witch hazel and essential oils.

    good for you for making small changes – they add up big time for your health and the earth over time.

  • Always good to hear an enthusiastic endorsement of a product! I have been debating about carrying the facial mists in my shop. I love Herbivore’s Lapis facial oil and the bath products, but was on the fence about this one, but then again, everything looks better photographed up against a pink fluffy rug! I may have to stock it – thanks for the tip!


  • I LOVE Astara Skin Care 🙂 I use the kit for dry skin 🙂 as a bonus everything smells good enough to eat 🙂

  • Love this series. Instead of overloading 10-15 products in one past once in a while, this is better, to focus on few products frequently. Looking forward to more in this series.

    And gonna try that face mask sometime soon. Love it when i can but it at target.


  • Great product finds i have never herd of the deodorant before thanks for sharing

  • I use the Acure face mask. I think it smells disgusting… but it works great! >_<

  • I’ve been dying to try some Acure products since you posted about it on your snapchat awhile ago. Too bad I checked my local target recently and couldn’t find it anywhere. Guess I’ll have to keep looking or just order online! Thanks for such a fun post!


  • There’s a natural beauty store here in Georgia called Fig & Flower that has been super helpful in aiding me to make my skincare and make up routines organic. www.shopfigandflower.com

  • The deodorant product you have mentioned I desperately want to try! That is probably the most frustrating type of beauty item to find in a truly working yet as natural as possible formula. Thank you for testing them out for us and showcasing the results! Can’t wait to pick it up and try it out in this Kansas City humidity. 🙂


  • I’ve never used face mists for my routine to start a day or go to sleep, I usually just splash water on my face like the Neutrogena commercials haha! Haven’t seen at the stores, but I hope I do so I could buy one and try it out!

  • I am definitely going to need to try that deodorant! I have been looking for a good one.

  • Oooh great picks! These all look lovely – I love the pink fur background 🙂


  • I switched from an anti perspirant to a natural deodorant from Earth Science several years ago. I love all their scents. Be aware (and patient with your body) as you ditch the chemicals that stop your body from doing its job. You will probably pour sweat as your body readjusts. It will stop after your body unclogs and you will be healthier.
    I also started making my own laundry soap and toothpaste. They are so much more effective, healthier and inexpensive to make…..and kind of fun.

  • The face mist sounds so interesting, I have to try it. I bet it’s wonderful for hot days!

  • Thanks for the info Erin! I’ve only tried a couple of their products! Will have to try more.
    xx- Elsie

  • Thanks so much!! You should try it. It’s so nice…. spa vibes!
    xx- Elsie

  • Nice!!! I tried that one but it had too much scent for me. I think I am really sensitive to scents, though! Glad to hear you loved it!
    xx- Elsie

  • That mask sounds lovely, I want to try it!

  • I definitely need to try that face mist! I love rose water-y types of sprays, and I totally know what you mean about getting addicted to them. They’re super refreshing. thanks for sharing!

  • Bubble and Bee make awesome chemical-free beauty products. I especially like their pit putty cream, facial wash, facial cream, and body butters.



  • Those all sound nice. I might just have to look into that deodorant. Have been wanting to try something a little more natural after hearing about many chemicals that are in deodorants. I love Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. If you have never heard of it, it can basically clean anything and is incredibly natural. No harsh additives or preservatives. I use it to wash my face but it can be used for almost everything around the house from beauty to household!

  • I don`t use a face mist yet, but I really like to try that one out! I love your randomness 😉
    xx Caroline


  • Love hearing about healthy skincare and makeup products! Thanks for the recs, I have been using the 100% Pure product line for almost 3 years and love them but they discontinued their deodorant awhile back and I have been totally disappointed by the other brands, glad to have a new option. Did you have any idea that a pit-stick post would make a girl so happy? 100% Pure is really good, HUGE gluten-free product line and everything is vegetarian and certified humane. Never thought I would need gluten-free makeup until I figured out that my itchy eyes were caused by my mascara. For face toner I just spritz with Rose Hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs, light and refreshing. Now I gotta work on what goes IN my body. Thanks, Doll!

  • I’ve never heard of The Healthy Deodorant but it sounds so good! Lovely post.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  • Omg!! all these products are awesome..I love that deodrant can’t wait to share mine!!!


  • I LOVE Herbivore! I tried their Orchid facial oil and saw a difference in one week and I was HOOKED!

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