3 Easy Ways to Personalize Any Gift

Easy homemade giftwrapping3 Ways to Personalize Gifts (via abeautifulmess.com) The holidays are almost upon us! Are you excited? Are you stressed? Are you over listening to Christmas music nonstop yet (NO!)? Probably many of you are like me and leave wrapping presents as one of your final to-dos. If so, you’re in luck because today I’m sharing three easy ways to personalize any gift. These are simple, mostly quick things you can do to dress up a plainly wrapped present.

For this fun little tutorial, we are working with Fossil and their Gift Brilliantly campaign. You’ll see a few super cute Fossil items I wrapped in this post, and you should totally go check out our curated boutique here. So get your scissors, paper, and other craft supplies ready because it’s time to wrap those last minute presents!

Cute giftwrap ideasLike I said, each of these options is super simple. One of my goals was to make sure these were all things anyone could do—you don’t have to be super “crafty” to make it happen. (But bonus points to you if you are!) I’ll explain each, but you can also check out this quick little video we put together that showcases all three.

Let’s get our craft on, you guys!

Mason jar mini wreaths DIYFirst option is to make your own mason jar lid mini wreaths. This is a classic craft project that I LOVE because you can use these to dress up the outside of a box AND the recipient can keep them and use as an ornament in the years to come. So it’s like they get a double gift!

All you need to do is wrap a mason jar lid in yarn. Then add pom poms, ribbon, and/or bows with a hot glue gun. You can see me make one from start to finish in the video above. It’s easy to change up what color yarn, ribbon, and other embellishments you use to make these feel traditional, colorful, or whatever your gift wrapping style may be.

Personalized ornament DIYSecond, fill a clear (plastic) ornament with a mini present, candy, or other embellishments and add to the outside of your gift. These are so fun because, again, the recipient can reuse part of this for an ornament for years to come if they choose to. But either way it’s an adorable way to dress up your gifts.

You can go the overachiever route and wrap a nice (but small sized) gift in these like a watch, key chain, other jewelry, nail polish, etc. Or you could fill them with fun sized candy bars, confetti, pom poms, or any cute crafting supplies you have or that go with the colors of your wrapping (yarn, fabric, really there are SO many options here). I used the same kind of clear plastic ornaments that we used in our homemade bath bomb tutorial. You can find them at many craft stores or online.

Paint dipped pineconesLast, and probably the easiest option of all, is to dip pinecones in any color paint. That’s all you do, and then either hang or allow to dry on scrap paper, making sure to allow excess to drip off first so they don’t stick to the paper as they dry. This is a cute and SUPER simple way to personalize and dress up an otherwise very traditional item (pinecones). Once dry you can attach the pinecones with thread or with a hot glue gun.

You could use any color that goes with your overall gift wrap theme! You’ve probably noticed that I chose to stick with plain paper and dress up my presents with red, pink, and orange accents this year.

3 Ways to Personalize Gifts (via abeautifulmess.com)That’s it—three easy ways to personalize any gift. I had way too much fun with these, so thanks for letting me share. Happy holidays, guys! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Video: Harp Creative. Music: Jeremy Larson. 

  • LOVE these ideas! Totally using one of the ideas for this year’s Christmas…is it bad I’m already thinking about Christmas at the start of the new year?!

  • Thanks for this cool ideas! I have learned some new things. Really enjoyed your blog, keep it up dear!

  • I love when people pair nature with xmas gifts, it seems less wasteful than ribbons. I have never thought of using pinecones before–my default are pine needles and lavender–so I will have to try out pinecones next year! Thanks for the idea 😉

  • That’s SO adorable! Plus, fun to reuse items (like magazines). Love your idea!


  • Totally! I had a green (faux, pre-lit) tree before I bought this white one two years ago and although I grew up with real (green) trees every year I have not regretted going white. It really makes the ornaments pop out, and I feel like it makes them go together better too. Trey received an ornament every year growing up and they are all beautiful but don’t “match” really, but they look like they do on the white tree. So, I love it.

    I also tend to buy food ornaments. I have like 4 donuts on the tree right now. 🙂


  • I simply love how beautifully you share your ideas with us. 🙂 Keep going girl!


  • I wrapped my gifts with magazines pages! I try to find pages related to the gift and then i write a little sentence on it, so everyone can try and guess before opening it. My friend and family just love it.

  • I absolutely LOVE your tree!! I finally bought a white one last year and it makes my funky ornaments really pop. I don’t know why, but I tend to gravitate towards the food shaped ones, so my tree looks more like a shrine to my favorite meals than a Christmas tree 🙂

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

    The Pattern Collective

  • Love this giftwrapping idea! Super simple yet personal <3


  • I really love how everything is colour coordinated – your tree and the presents underneath.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Such a lovely tree! so loving nontraditional Christmas tree nowadays!

    Edwige http://www.hypnozglam.com

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