3 Fancy Butter Recipes

Fancy butterHere's an easy and delicious idea to make, what I like to call, fancy butters! Fancy butters, or compound butters (as they are more commonly called) are butters that have been infused with other flavors. My great aunt always used to make honey butter for Thanksgiving and it was one of my all time favorite holiday treats! I love how you can package these butters and then gift them to dinner party guests.
How to make compound butters

Fancy butters are super easy to make! All you need is softened (but not melted) butter and your mix-in ingredients. To soften butter either leave it out on the kitchen counter for a few hours or you can soften it in the microwave on low heat for 20 seconds or so. Once the butter is softened add your ingredients and stir-that's it! You can package these in small jars or in wax paper in a square container in the refrigerator overnight.

Honey butterHoney Nut Butter: Mix together two sticks of butter, 2-3 tablespoons of chopped nuts (I used pecans) and 3-4 tablespoons honey. This butter is great on an English muffin for breakfast or Thanksgiving dinner rolls!
Citrus butter

Citrus Butter: Mix together two sticks of butter and the zest of 1 lemon and 1 lime. This butter is great on fish or sauteed veggies (like Brussels sprouts-my favorite!).

Raspberry butter

Raspberry Butter: Mix together two sticks of butter and 4-5 tablespoons of raspberry jam. This butter is excellent on an afternoon toast with tea!

Enjoy! XO. Emma + Elsie

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  • I am so in love with all the treats on here!!! the hiney butter will be made!!!

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  • These look absolutely delicious! And I feel like a bit of a muppet for never thinking of it 🙂 SUper excited about trying the jam one- yumm.

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  • I am going to try this! What a great yet simple idea.


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  • <3 I made Honey Macadamia Butter in jars for my yoga buddies <3 It was so simple, thanx for a great recipe

  • I’ve seen flavoured butters for years and love a bit of herb butter when I’m at a restaurant, but I’ve somehow never bothered. Your microwave tip is a good one. I’ve also never seen or thought of the honey nut or raspberry butter idea- the honey nut sounds delicious. Thanks for the ideas, as ever.

  • oh i love this! i’m going to try the raspberry butter with toast during my tea break!

  • holy moly that’s such a great idea and it would make such a nice homemade gift! thanks for sharing 🙂 i really want to try the honey nut one

    xoxo Stephi


  • This looks really good. I will definitely be trying these, my husband likes all things different. 🙂

  • How delish! Definitely on the list of things to try~*


  • These look lovely. What a great idea to wrap them in baking paper! Does anyone know how long these would hold in the fridge? I assume mixing butter with anything will shorted its expiration date.

  • I make a honey butter toping for biscuits, but it’s more liquid. This is a much less messy idea.

  • so so fabulous!!! your photos are gorgeous hun!
    This blog just keeps getting better and better!!



  • How great is this? I never thought I could actually do that. The jam recipe just blew me away!!!

  • Wow! What a great idea… I have to try this 🙂

  • Those sure do sound delicious right about now! I think I’m going to have to try the Honey Nut one soon. 🙂

  • That is such an adorable gift idea. I will have to remember this! My mother-in-law left some garlic butter at our house a while back, which was just some garlic mixed into one of those tubs of soft butter. It was nice to have for garlic bread or over veggies. (Your way is so much cuter!)

  • I have honestly never ever heard of flavoring butter but now I am interested in trying this out.

  • I never thought someone could make a interesting recipe like this, thanks for sharing!! 😀

  • Are you on Pinterest? If not, I can invite you! I think you’d really like the site. My profile name is “CortneyLoves” if you’d like to follow each other 🙂 They have a lot of pretty photos with lots of colors 🙂

  • This is so brilliant! I remember seeing Jamie Oliver use fancy butters for his Christmas dinner DVD and I always thought it was such a good idea. Plus you can always cut them into sections and freeze them and just use a section to give vegetables an awesome flavour infusion! Thanks for the creative flavour ideas!

  • we do this with garlic butter, but i never thought to add honey nuts, berries, or citrus zests. i’m wowed again. 🙂

  • Great idea for valentines I cut my butter into a heart shape and so the raspberry one would be great for this! Thanks for sharing!

  • got to be one of my favorite posts from here…and I will definitely be doing this. “Sweet” butters are my favorite!


  • Mmm, these sound delightful. My husband likes to make a tasty herb butter when he makes steaks. I’ll have to pass on this information to him!
    – Jillian

  • Oh wow, I never thought you could do something like this. Very cool! I’m going to try the Honey Nut one.

  • even prettier to pipe them out of a piping bag into little rosettes while still soft. Freeze the rosettes on a cookie sheet until just hardened and keep them frozen in a ziploc for use whenever!

  • I’ve been experimenting with homemade vegan butter on my blog. These will really pump up my adventures – especially the jam one!

  • Yum! Will be attempting honey nut butter for sure.

    Xo, Vicky

  • This is amazing! You always have things I’ve never even thought possible to make– this is so creative, and it looks so pretty (!), too!

    Oh man there are so many things from your blog that I need to do now.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  • oh gosh..i love honey butter! raspberry butter with jalapeno corn bread is one of my favorite things!


  • I didn’t even know that fancy butter existed. Thanks for the recipes, I think I’ll try my hand at citrusbutter 🙂

  • I’m curious about trying some sweet butters. I usually make them with herbs, like chives: they taste amazing!

  • I love making an herb butter with chives, dill, or whatever’s growing in the garden 🙂 I’m definitely trying the raspberry one!

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