3 Natural Products I Am Loving Vol. 5

3 Natural Products I am LovingHi there! I have some really good products to share with you this week. Actually, most of these are game-changers for me!

First up, dental care. Did you know a lot of common toothpaste brands have really high toxic ratings? I didn’t. But I took a class locally a few months back and was really convinced I needed to change them out. I tried a homemade toothpaste (I didn’t make it; I bought it from a local farmer’s stand), and if I’m being totally honest – it was gross. And I didn’t feel like I could travel with it. I didn’t want to completely give up, so I found the best store-bought things I could. And I am really happy with what I found.

3 Natural Products I am Loving Dr.Bronner’s Toothpaste + Jason Sea Salt Mouthwash 

This toothpaste looks and tastes pretty normal. It’s better than a lot of the more natural brands and has a lower rating (remember, lower=better). I am very happy with this toothpaste, and I like that it’s pretty easy to find. I get mine at Whole Foods.

This mouthwash is half the toxic rating of what we used to use. It does taste like sea salt, which was weird to me at first, but then I really got into it. I am still looking for an even cleaner product, but in the meantime, I like using this and it’s much better than what we were using previously! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

3 Natural Products I am Loving Suntegrity Sunscreen

I am new to this brand, but I love it A LOT. First of all, it smells like citrus, and it does not burn my eyes (I have really sensitive eyes and always seem to accidentally rub sunscreen into them). It’s the best I’ve ever used. It is kind of expensive, but it does last a long time for the face. If you want a less expensive alternative for all-over sunscreen, try Burt’s Bees or The Honest Company.

If you search “sunscreen” on the Think Dirty app, you can see that there are lots of VERY toxic products in this category, even ones that are sold at health food stores and ones made for children, which is a bummer. We’re all wearing sunscreen in an effort to be healthy, so it doesn’t make sense to choose products that have a 10 out of 10 toxicity rating. I feel like this product is especially important since we use so much of it all over our skin. Here’s a helpful link.

3 Natural Products I am Loving Antonym Blush in Rose

This is another product line I found locally at Poppy & Monroe (it’s on Amazon too!). This blush is very close to the Nars Orgasm blush I used to use (which was also rated a 10 for being toxic – when does it end??), but I loved the color and was happy to find an alternative. I also really love their peach color for a more neutral look. I’m going to try their eyeshadows next.

I hope this has been helpful!! All of these products stack up in quality against the toxic ones I used to use. Some of them I had to try 3-5 things before I found a good one. So please know that I am very passionate about this subject and excited to share it. But at the same time I never want to come off as preachy or depressing because when I first started getting into this, I found it very overwhelming, expensive and frustrating for a while. I get that! So I’m here to help if you need me! :)) xx -Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. 

  • The Honest Company sunscreen doesn’t work and is super greasy. I would get burned less than 30 mins after applying.

  • Yea, glycerin is the big issue (beyond the gross ingredients like fluoride that you really need to avoid if you want strong healthy teeth) as it blocks your teeth’s ability to remineralize naturally which they are designed to do with a healthy diet and whatnot. Basically you don’t want your toothpaste to create a barrier, or coating, on your teeth as healthy saliva remineralizes your teeth naturally. Glycerin creates such a barrier. That’s why we use living libations oils in lieu of pastes as I haven’t found a good tasting one with a good texture that doesn’t have the glycerin although if the mud weren’t so messy we would use earth paste.

  • Absolutely LOVE these posts, you’re an angel, keep em comin!
    For tooth care I thought I would share where we are as I am also quite passionate about health and beauty being clean and natural. We have been using living libations range of tooth oils and her dental regimen inspired my easier regimen: We love the ‘happy gum drops’ oil for brushing on the Radius replaceable heads toothbrush (amazon) with the ultra soft brush heads, floss and then we make our own sea salt rinse with Himalayan pink salt rocks, water and the happy gum drops oil to flavor it. Been keeping the teeth fresh and sparkly and tastes great to us.
    HTH someone!

  • Thank you so much for this new series. I’ve been replacing my old favorites as well, but sometimes it is hard to make the jump for these more expensive products. So I am so happy to get feedback on products you have tried and enjoyed!

  • You might want to check out Red Seal for the toothpaste (and other products). It’s a NZ owned and operated brand, but it ships internationally and all their products are amazing. I personally love their toothpaste and multi-vitamins, and their fruit teas are fantastic 🙂


  • I have been LOVING these natural products posts, including Laura’s on natural foundation. I have been dying to find a less toxic brow pomade so I think that has been my favorite so far. Thank you for giving attention to something I think is so important. You guys are the best!

  • I used to make my own toothpaste and deodorant, but now I love Miessence’s products. The mint toothpaste is very ‘normal’ and refreshing, but food grade certified organic. Earthpaste is another great option, but might not be a texture you enjoy if you didn’t like the locally made one 😉 Glycerin is an ingredient to watch out for in toothpastes though – it’s nontoxic and in many ‘safe’ brands, but coats your teeth in a way that isn’t good for them.
    If someone is worried about the costs of natural make up but the DIY type, there are SO many recipes out there. Also, for makeup I love Everyday Minerals, which is purely minerals (unlike Bare Minerals) but close to drugstore prices. It works really well. Also Honeybee Gardens for super sparkly eyeshadow, Real Purity or Miessence mascara, and Root Beauty liquid eyeliner.

  • I’m always on the lookout for a good natural sunscreen. Do you feel that the Suntegrity does a good job of soaking into your skin? A lot of natural facial sunscreens are pretty greasy, too white or seem to sit on top of your skin. How do you like it under make up? Thank you so much for sharing this post!


  • Hey guys!

    The ThinkDirty app (and the EWG website) is primarily about the safety for humans (i.e. how hazardous it is for your body). It lists each ingredient and using available information from lab testing, reports, etc. each ingredient receives a rating (1-10).

    It also shows WHY an ingredient is hazardous: whether an ingredient may cause cancer/is linked to tumors, disrupts your hormones/reproductive health, or may cause problems with allergies/asthma.

    **For example, my “Suave Professionals” aka CVS shampoo contains “DMDM hydantoin” which is a carcinogen (causes cancer.) !!!!!!

    So yes, some products may cause cancer. Its a lot better though to know which ones do, so you can simply switch to something that definitely won’t.

    HOW are they still allowed to put things that cause cancer in personal care products? I have no idea. Its pretty uncool.

    I wouldn’t suggest running out and buying ALL new stuff (unless you can afford it-then go you!) but its worth taking a look. Also a lot of products labeled “natural” can still contain hazardous synthetic chemicals, so checking the rating on the app or website is a good thing to try before you go “all-natural”. Hope that helped!!


  • Thanks for the clarification Kim. You are right and I still have so much to learn regarding what terms to use and what ingredients are harmful and why.

    That said, you don’t actually think I’m trying to mislead people, do you? And you understand that I’m just trying to eliminate harmful ingredients where I can, right?

    I’m trying very hard to be accurate in everything I share. So if you see something specific that you feel is inaccurate, maybe it would be more helpful to point that out rather than kind of just putting down my whole attempt?

    Thanks! Elsie

  • You can DIY a mouthwash pretty easy with peppermint or spearmint essential oils and water too! ? And I really like doterra’s on guard toothpaste.

    Also badger makes a great all natural sunscreen if you are looking for other options!

  • Just for general edification, *everything* is a chemical.

    Water, air, honey, mica, coconut oil, *everything.* There is, nothing without chemistry, quite literally. Simply labeling something a chemical is extremely misleading for most people. The difference is whether the chemical compound someone is concerned about it synthetic (not inherently bad, mind you) or natural (not inherently good, either, after all arsenic and hemlock are all natural and both will kill you quite easily.)

  • I use Dr Bronners cinnamon toothpaste and love it! It’s SLS-free which is a must for me. So, I’m with you there.

    For mouthwash I actually use The Natural Dentist. I think I’ve found it at both CVS & Walgreens, maybe Target too. The flavor is pleasant, not overwhelmingly minty. I don’t remember the ingredient list offhand but I know it includes aloe juice. So far it’s the only mouthwash I’ve ever liked.

  • Hi Hannah,

    I totally get the student on a budget thing. Been there, done that. If you walk into a sephora you’d find similar priced makeup. It’s a cut above drugstore brands and usually more ethically sourced and limited batched, so it’s as affordable as it can be.

    I think what might help is to look at DIY versions and order mineral based pigments you can use for eyes, cheeks, etc, being careful to make sure they are solid ingredients and can be used all over the face (some cannot be used on lips, etc). They can be a bit tricky to apply at first, but there are a lot of colors on the market and straight up pigments cost very little if you’re willing to fuss with loose powder.

  • I’m with you! I’m very into ingredients, especially for things that go on my face since I have Rosacea. I’ve found thus company to be very low rated. It’s not that well known yet and it’s Canadian so I have to look up each ingredient separately. Time consuming but worth it. http://www.shopbattysbath.com/
    Ive also found that the Coola face mineral sunscreen really good. You can blend it in just like you would a thicker foundation. It is the lowest listed sunscreen on egg. http://www.coolasuncare.com/

  • I love that you care, and are posting these products! I had no idea so many commonly used beauty/body products were bad for you or the environment!

  • Hi Karen,
    I hope you don’t mind my own personal feedback.
    Chemicals are everywhere. Plain and simple, haha. In my opinion, they are both bad for the environment and health (especially when consumed/exposed in large amounts and/or over a period of time). The issue is, with having so many chemicals in a lot of products, why do companies continue to use them?
    They test the “safeness” of these products, mostly on animals, and base their decision on the study’s conclusion. Its a bit unfair. Its not data reflecting the use on HUMANS over “x” period of time. So its hard to say exactly how bad a certain chemical is for you, or how “safe” it is. There will always be studies that show certain chemicals are terrible, and then a study to counteract that study, saying its “ok” to use them.
    I think its common sense, if they have to question or test the safety of the product, then there is a reason for it and I would rather not risk it.
    If this peaks your interest, start reading about toxicity in common products like make up, toothpaste, deodorant, etc… knowledge is power! 🙂

  • I totally get that! I am trying really hard to include affordable products and things you can find at regular stores like Target as much as possible. :)) xoxo- Elsie

  • I’m so sorry if it comes off as a lecture! Before I started switching products I wasn’t interested myself, so I get that. Feel free to skip over these posts if you are not into it. I, however, am SUPER into it and excited to share. So there will be more to come. Hide your eyes! :))

  • Yes! I am loving the facial cleanser and day and night cream by Acure. You can get them at Target. 🙂 I also love Herbivore! xx- Elsie

  • I haven’t tried their makeup, but I have some of their cleaning products and yes they are definitely better than most things sold at Target. 🙂

    I buy almost everything on Amazon, so no worries there! They have SO much. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • True, but when you have the choice between two equally good products and one has potentially harmful toxins and one does not- why not choose the clean one?
    🙂 Elsie

  • I’m coming from a health perspective, but from what I understand it tends to go hand-in-hand with environmental concerns a lot of the time! So, “Toxic” can mean different things. In the Think Dirty App it breaks it down between “Carcinogenicity”, “Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity” and “Allergies & Immunotoxicities”. If you are interested I HIGHLY recommend the book “Skin Cleanse” it’s really what inspired me to start replacing product in my home and beauty routine! I am still in the learning phase as well!

    xx- Elsie

  • Too much of anything can kill you, including water. Just because it’s possible to have too much does not mean that it’s inherently bad.

  • I wanted to share the sunscreen I’ve been using– Mexitan! My struggle with natural sunscreen is that you pay $30+ for a couple of ounces. Not going to work for me when I am at the beach multiple times in the summer! After much research (and a lot of using the Think Dirty app), I found Mexitan’s sunscreens (https://mexitan.com/). I think I paid $20 for 8 oz on Amazon. It has lasted me through four beach trips already and has 3 rating on Think Dirty. The only thing that might bother people is that it’s topical (zinc, etc) instead of chemical (super absorbent), but it does rub in. Just wanted to post this for anyone who is fed up with natural sunscreens that cost so much money and you only get 2 ounces out of them! 🙂 – Sarah

  • These posts really inspire me to use more natural products and get toxins out of my life. I have to move slowly because I am on a student’s budget, but these posts remind that it’s worth it. Thank you!


  • But how else do you talk about them then? There are literally thousands of chemicals that are allowed into food and cosmetics with almost no testing done on them. Most things that are artificial aren’t good for you. Most chemicals are synthetic and there are a lot of proven toxins in items we use daily. Maybe some people don’t care about chemicals but that doesn’t change the inherent make-up of what it is.

  • flip over regular toothpaste like Colgate. There’s a warning to call poison control if you swallow too much. That would qualify as toxic for me. Also, fluoride. It’s really, really bad for you and yet towns still dump it into water and dentists say you need it. (just a warning though, if you start researching fluoride it’s a long rabbit hole down!)

  • Elsie,

    I second this question! I know I could probably look it up myself but I’m worried I’ll find misinformation or delve into a black hole of scare tactics (it’s the internet after all). Are the products cancer-causing? What does ‘toxic’ really mean?

  • So great that you’re into natural products, but I find using terms like “clean”, “dirty”, “toxic”, etc to be really shaming. Some of your readers don’t mind chemical products and would prefer less of a lecture!

  • I’m loving tom’s of Maine wicked fresh mouthwash in cool mountain mint. My local target carries it!

  • Hi Elsie,

    Have you found any clean face care products? I would love some suggestions to get nasty toxins out of my skincare regiment!

  • Elsie, I love this series. Please keep sharing. Also, would you include household products and not just makeup/skincare in future? It will be much appreciated. Also, have you tried Honest Company makeup products? Are they less toxic?

    And more whole foods/amazon products please, so that its easier to buy. Thanks! Def buying that toothpaste on the next whole foods trip.


  • Hi Elsie,

    I’ve been an AMB reader for a while now and I love that you are getting into natural skincare and beauty! It’s so great to see more people embracing healthier, cleaner products.

    Suntegrity is also one of my favorite natural sunscreens too. I just posted about some other non-toxic sunscreens that I’ve been loving here: http://pleinvanity.com/2016/07/26/healthy-sunscreen/

    Wishing you all the best on your clean living journey! 🙂

  • Always love seeing greener product posts. I’m always trying to slowly switch products for my family or make them when I can, especially for my twins. Some brands you may be interested in checking out…for soap and sunscreen, I love Purple Prairie Botanicals (it’s a small company, but we love their baby products, my husband loves the cedarwood soap for his beard and I love their face moisturizer.) For kids toothpaste, Jack n’ Jill calendula toothpaste is great. I make my own cinnamon and clove mouthwash and keep in the fridge in a jar. Royal and rogue primal pit paste is a great smelling natural deodorant and the only one that works for me. For makeup, I’m a big fan of Pacifica mascara and Everyday Minerals makeup (you can get free samples to color match and it’s reasonably priced.) Keep the natural product love posts coming!

  • The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums mouthwash is the best. We like Peppermint Twist. It’s made mostly from aloe and tastes great. I have never had problem with bleeding gums but it was recommended by my dentist as a more natural mouthwash. Earthpaste for toothpaste is what we use and love it.

    I enjoy this series- keep it comin’

  • Yes, I have seen that happen. As a back up plan you can always check each ingredient to be completely sure. Personally, I use the Think Dirty app more because it has a much larger registry of products! 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • Have you tried any of the Weleda products? They are certified natural and have a really great range at very reasonable prices (at least it is in the UK). I have tried, and loved, everything that I have ever used.

  • for a different mouthwash you should try young livings theives mouthwash its minty and spicy. love it! https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/thieves-fresh-essence-mouthwash

  • Oh my goodness! I am LOVING this series. I read The Honest Life last year and I have been doing much the same as you – replacing nearly everything in our household with less toxic versions (who knew so many product were so bad!?! I didn’t!!). Speaking of skincare… 😉 That’s been the one thing I’ve had trouble finding a good replacement for. I’d love to know what you use! Thanks again for this series. It’s been great!

  • Hi Elsie,

    I’ve been a long time follower of A Beautiful Mess and have been reading your “natural products” series since you started writing them. I am a little confused though about this since I have no background knowledge of this topic. What does “toxic” mean, exactly? Are these toxic products bad for you, or for the environment? How are they bad? I’m asking because I just don’t know, and I’m wondering if it’s worth switching to “cleaner” products.

    Still loving the blog,

  • I see two options for mouthwash. You can make your own at home (limitless possibilities) or try oil pulling, and ayurvedic practice of using coconut oil as mouthwash. I’ve tried both and the oil pulling has really grown on me.

  • LOVE these posts! I’ve been searching for what seems like an eternity for the perfect blush that is clean. I’m fair skinned so I think this one will be perfect 🙂

  • Do you ever run into the problem of products beings rating differently on the think dirty app as opposed to the ratings on the EWG app? I have had this happen a few times with certain products where it gets a great score on the one and a terrible one on the other…which one to trust? Just curious if you or anyone else has come across this. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for shedding light on this topic! Taking control of my health through products has been a huge priority for me this year. Keep sharing.

  • I appreciate this soooo much!! It can be very overwhelming and expensive to start eliminating toxins in the household and lifestyle, but its worth it. Its so helpful to have you share your trials and triumphs with this as well, so thank you!!
    Natural Deodorant has been my biggest feat, and this xmas my husband surprised me with one (strange gift, I know, haha) and I absolutely looooveee it!!! It seriously works like a charm, smells delicious, and all natural. Here is the link if you or anyone is interested in scoping it out. Highly recommend. you can buy it on amazon as well.

  • Awesome! I’ve been looking for a sunless tanner!
    Thanks- Elsie

  • Love the blog. I have been using natural and cruelty free products for about a year and found it really hard at first to find things I liked. LIly Lolo is a fantastic make up brand which I use and I love skincare from a company called Amie. They do a moisturiser with sunscreen in. I think I will look into your sunscreen product suggestion though.

  • Sadly it’s not super inexpensive to find good makeup. I have found more skincare for better prices, but less makeup. For me, it’s worth it. I have a MUCH smaller makeup collection now (just essentials) and it lasts a long time.
    🙂 -Elsie

  • The suntegrity sunless tanner is great too. I was using the Honest mouthwash but it’s been discontinued. I found it again at TJMaxx and stocked up.

  • Great post – thanks so much for sharing! I’m nervous to look at the toxicity rating for the products I use…

  • The Antonym blush looks absolutely beautiful, but your link to Amazon revealed that it costs $36?! I’m not sure I could justify spending that amount of money (especially on a student’s budget!) on a single blush 🙁 Please let us know if you stumble across a dupe!
    H x
    P.s – If you have a spare moment, please check out my blog www.anaveragewednesday.wordpress.com … I’m a brand new blogger and would really appreciate the support!

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