4 Fresh Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrap 1If you're anything like us, you have a pile of gifts building up that need to be wrapped! Today, Emma and I are sharing four super simple gift wrap ideas that we did with supplies we already had laying around. Enjoy…

Gift wrap 2For this first look (pictured above) you'll need some craft wrapping paper, tape, sissors and vintage trims. We have a huge collection of kitschy trims from the 1970s that we've picked up a garage sales. Simply wrap the trims around the package and tape them on the bottom! 

Gift wrap 3Gift wrap 4For this next idea, wrap your gift in atlas paper. We thrifted some big atlas books this year and have been using them for all sorts of fun projects. Add a piece of yarn, a silver pipe cleaner heart and a white feather to top it off! 

Gift wrap 5Gift wrap 6I love japanese washi tape! This next idea couldn't be easier. Just layer the washi tape in a plaid inspired pattern and tape a spotted feather on to finish the look! 

Gift wrap 7Gift wrap 8I love a little sparkle during the Holidays! This last gift wrap idea features a big glittery bow. To make this bow… 1. Fold a pipe cleaner in half. 2. Pull each end in toward the center and twist to secure in a figure 8 type pattern. 3. Repeat 6-8 times. 4. Twist pieces together to form a full and pretty bow! XO. elsie + emma too

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  • Loved these ideas and posted a link on this post



  • These are so cute!

    I have been using trims ever since I was a child (for wrapping, for letters, for adding something extra to an old pair of jeans), but the rest of them were completely new to me 🙂 .

    I love the washi tape one!

  • I just picked my favorite gifts for her…hard to narrow but i think i had some awesome holiday ones. Would love to wrap mine like yours.
    -Art A La Rue.

  • So inventive. I write a blog about gift wrapping and love to use materials I have around the house, too. I love that you boldly went where no gift has gone before! Great work.

  • I really love the atlas paper idea. I still have some maps from my honeymoon – I think I’ll use them on my husband’s new pedal board gift for Christmas. So exciting! Thank you very much for sharing this idea, Emma and Elsie.

  • How creative and cheap too! LOVE it! I don’t know how you keep coming up with these cute ideas, but don’t stop!



  • I love all of these ideas! My favorite one is the washi tape with the feather. Washi tape is everywhere now but I am still absolutely obsessed with it!

  • I love the idea of using a map for wrapping paper! If only my husband would part with ANY map we have. I usually use old newspaper we have lying around and just recycle it afterward.



  • These are totally cute ideas. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I forwarded them on to my mom. She really LOVES doing up packages.

  • Lovely ideas Elsie, I’m always a sucker for beautiful gift wrap ideas!

    Esther xx


  • Oh Elsie, I saw the teaser on instagram and I couldn’t wait to see what was happening! I particularly love the atlas paper. You never fail to inspire, you amazing lady 🙂
    Toni x

  • And here I just bought glittery pipe cleaners and was at loss as to what to do w/ them besides making angel’s halo’s:))) Thanks!!! soo cute!

  • I absolutely love these ideas! Im going to use the last one. 🙂

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  • I love the Japanese washi tape!!! It’s so much fun! Fantastically adorable ideas, I’m again smitten and inspired! Thank you!
    Good luck!


  • I just love these ideas! Especially the one with the old atlas. Great work, girls!

  • oh goodness, i love the feather idea. isn’t everything better with feathers?

    kate 🙂


  • I love the atlas one and the washi tape looks so cute. You always come up with the greatest and cutest ideas! Love this. ♥

    xo Emma

  • Wonderful post! Love all the different options especially the map!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa


  • Very cute ideas! Love the atlas one, and the japanese washi tape is so pretty!!


  • love those! the feather on top is such a great and original idea!


  • I love how you used the map to wrap the gifts!
    I use old news papers that I was gonna throw away and people always love it.
    -andrea lynne rose

  • So cute! As always, I love these ideas. Everything you and Emma come up with I tend to fall in love with. My boyfriend and I are doing long distance so I think I might do the map wrapping paper for his gift, seems kinda fitting I guess. Thanks for all the cute ideas! I look forward to reading your blog every morning :]

  • Such a cute idea! I am going to start tackling my pile of gifts tonight while watching White Christmas! Thanks!

  • Very pretty packages. I particularly love the one wrapped in atlas paper with the white feather!

    Loulou Downtown

  • I love using maps for so many things. Often they’re just available for free at rest stops along interstates. I always grab a few.

  • I never would have thought to put silver pipe cleaners with a map but it works so well! Thanks for the fresh ideas 🙂

  • I never would have thought to put silver pipe cleaners with a map but it works so well! Thanks for the fresh ideas 🙂

  • If i got that first package as a gift i probably wouldnt even think to open it, its so pretty on the outside.


  • I love wrapping presents.
    I got a few cool idea at my blog too, here:


  • Love love love the atlas wrapping! If it was a gift for me, I probably wouldn’t open it. The wrapping is a gift in itself! 🙂 (makes for rather inexpensive pressies, come to think of it.) 🙂

    – Kathrine

  • I love the ones with tape and the one that has a map! I have been wrapping everything in fabric instead of paper!

  • what an amazing idea!

    with love,
    your opinion is VERY important for me!http://chocarome.blogspot.com/

  • love it! the best things are made by our own hands 🙂 gifts like that are much more special:)

  • Amazing and fun/creative gift wrap ideas! I love the map gift wrap idea–so neat.

    Stop over on my blog to see my Holiday fashion video!



  • Love the Washi Tape! So great!! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!


  • elsie, a friend of mine started something called “dressember” where you wear a dress every day of december. i think you should participate a bit late! read about it here! http://blythehill.blogspot.com/p/dressember.html

  • Love these ideas! I’m always looking for new wrapping inspiration — I’m trying out some homemade bows made from book pages this year 🙂

  • Japanese make the best masking tape. So many kinds to choose from! I like the layering look, it looks like plaid. This year I’m wrapping our presents in Sunday paper comics and vintage scarves.

  • Too cute! I’m a sucker for cutely wrapped presents.


  • Elsie, you keep bringing glitter and smiles in every post. Thanks for this one, I really needed this. Been making some coin purses for a friend, to give away as presents, and my only stumble was how to add a good finishing touch by wrapping them in an original way! I love the idea with the trims, but the washi tape takes me to another level!!! I’ll do that, thanks!

  • I love the glittery bow! I usually stick a ready made bow on the presents but it would be nice to make my own. xo


  • So pretty 🙂 My favorite is the pipe cleaner heart with the feather. I need to wrap some presents soon 🙂 My tree is empty underneath, haha.

  • great ideas – im a little toooo in love with gift-wrapping. i’d gift wrap an empty box just to have something pretty under the tree. ^_^

  • This si so wonderful, Elsie! I adore wrapping with old maps or vintage magazines! Hopefully I’ll get some photographs up soon on my fashion blog!


  • the first version is my favorite, though the washi tape one follows closely! very cute ideas, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be using these ideas as inspiration for my packing! 🙂

  • Never thought of thrifting atlases. That could definitely be cute and cost effective.

  • love the pipe cleaner bow!! that is too cute and super sparkly. will definitely have to try to make one this year!

  • Really nice ideas, I love the atlas wrapping paper. I’ll definitely have to try that one!

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