5 (Simple!) Ways To Display Family Photos

Hi there! Today I am excited to share a video of five super simple ways to display more family photos in your home. In the past, before we had Nova, I struggled to put many photos of us around our home. We did have a few, but not a bunch. I can already tell I will never have that struggle again—haha. I want to wallpaper my house in her cute little face!

This post is sponsored by our longtime partner, Canon USA. I used the PIXMA IP8720 to print my photos and I highly recommend this printer (along with the luster paper!). I use it all the time! If you ever want to print large, it goes up to 13×19 inches.

My bookshelves in our living room are full of special memories, both objects and photos. My mom made this painting of my grandmother and I decided to put Nova’s ballerina image next to it because my grandmother is obsessed with that photo. Living far away from our family isn’t easy a lot of days, so filling up our space with memories means so much to me!

As much as I love art prints (and I love them A LOT), I do think that personal photos are essential to a cozy space. These remind me how much we’ve been through together, and that is so special! I think it’s worth it to throw a couple weird photos (i.e. not just professional portraits) into your mix—it’s always a conversation starter when we have guests!

I hope you enjoy this quick video and I’d love to hear what YOUR goals and plans are for adding more family photos to your space!

xx – Elsie

For another family photo idea, check out my Collage Shadow Box Project!

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson.
  • I recognized your mom’s work as I scrolled down, because she painted portraits of my daughters a few years ago. She does amazing work! I LOVE the picture of your grandmother, and the fact that you keep it close to Nova’s photo. Memories and loved ones. My favorite things!!

  • Great ideas! I stage a lot of properties and it is nice to see some more creative ways to display pictures and objects. Very nice!

  • I love these ideas! I got that printer for Christmas and I am still trying to learn all of its amazing uses. What program do you use to make the square grid of photos? I feel like I could probably do it with Canva, but would love to know what size you print off and how you do it! Thanks for the fun ideas always:)

    • I use photoshop to resize all my images and then I put them on a new file that is 13×19 (the size of the big paper) and 300dpi. xx

  • love the video. great ideas. i just got some adorable copper clips… will definitely be using them to display photos now!

  • Love these ideas! Little Nova is so cute! xx

    Zoë | https://zoe-ware.blogspot.ca

  • The ideas are so beautiful and simple, thanks for sharing them!

  • Love all of these ideas! That clip one is genius. I have so many of those around my house!

  • These are all such lovely ideas, and really make me want to print off some more of my photos and actually display them more!

    – Natalie

  • For each kid around three months old I lay them on my gteat grandmother’s quilt and snap a pic of them then print them 8 by 11, I hang them in white matted pictures frames. They mean the world to me. The first was taken with a crappy phone, the second a better phone 🙂 and the last two professional camera. I have four boys and love looking at their pics around our house. Nothing crazy fancy but they look great and personal in modern frames.

  • My current printer prints 13×19 but I can only feed on page at a time, does this printer work the same way or could I print a stack fo 13×19 pages at once?

    • You can have more than one piece of paper ready to go in the tray…. is that what you mean? It’s super easy to use!


  • I love these ideas, Elsie! I like the look of photographs in bookshelves – unfortunately, my books already fill mine to the brim (need to declutter pronto!) 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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