6 Must-Have Bath Products By Latina-Owned Brands

One of my favorite ways to ground myself is to take a long intentional bath or shower—especially after a busy day. So, today I wanted to share my six favorite bath products made by Latina-owned brands that help me reset.

1. Guided Flame Co. Candles: When I want to elevate my bath or shower experience, I always light a candle. This season, I picked one up from Guided Flame Co. called Marigold Nights. This line was created by esthetician and skincare expert, Adina Diaz. She’s introduced me to so many amazing brands like Lotus Moon and Plain Jane Beauty, so when I learned that she was launching her very own candle line, I knew it would be good! Her candles are hand-poured, Reiki-attuned, and sound therapy-healed. Each coconut wax-based candle also comes with a mantra card and anointing oil (it smells so good, I actually use it as a perfume oil). Before you light the candle, you can set an intention and let go of anything that no longer serves you. 

2. Casa Luna Bath Shots: If I’ve had a particularly long day or my feet are really achy, I like to soak them in an Epsom salt bath. My go-to is the Casa Luna Bath Soaks. They come in eight different varieties like “Release,” “Dream,” “Chill,” or  “Focus,” each with ingredients to help the body detox and relax. I have a few Bath Shots in my bathroom, and they are a perfect one-time use salt soak infused with a variety of herbs and flowers that truly help me decompress. 

3. Maude Bubble Bath: There is something so fun and nostalgic about bubble baths. I don’t care how old I get, I will always love them. As a little kid, I used my mom’s shampoo to make bubbles, but now I use Maude Wash No 0. Created by Éva Goicochea, Maude is a modern-day sexual wellness company that makes everything from vibrators to bath soaks. Wash No. 0 is a body wash and bubble bath all in one. It’s unscented and PH-balanced, making it a great option for those with even the most sensitive skin. 

4. Nopalera Cactus Soap: Full disclosure: I learned about Nopalera earlier this year because I was hired to create the images for their website. Truth be told, though, I fell in love with the brand as soon as I set my eyes on it. I mean how cute is this cactus paddle soap? Created by artist and entrepreneur Sandra Velasquez, Nopalera harnesses the sustainable power of the cactus plant and infuses the nourishing ingredient into each product. The Flor de Mayo soap is my favorite. I love the intoxicating jasmine scent. It’s subtle yet lingers in the air after a shower, creating a spa-like feeling. This is a must-have for all my cactus lovers!     

5. House of Intuition Bath Bombs: If you’re a fan of bath bombs, check out House of Intuition. This metaphysical shop, founded by Marlene Vargas and Alex Naranjo, carries an assortment of crystals, candles, and books—as well as a collection of bath products. Their bath bombs come in seven 100% organic varieties that can be used in a tub or placed on a shower floor. They can help with everything from decompressing to calling more abundance into your life.                                               

6. Becalia Botanicals Bath Soak: Founded by Jazmin Guerrero, this Mexican-inspired line carries dreamy bath and beauty products for all your self-care needs. For a truly luxe bath time experience, I like to use Becalia Botanicals Coco Leche Milk Bath Soak. This soak is made with hydrating coconut milk powder and colloidal oats to help soothe dry and itchy skin. It’s also scented with vanilla, chamomile, and lavender. It smells absolutely divine—like fresh baked cookies! If you don’t have a tub, no worries. You can also use this to soak your feet or hands.

Any of these products would make a lovely gift for that special someone in your life (including yourself!). Please consider supporting one of these Latina-owned brands or any other small businesses in your community when you start your holiday shopping this year. Like my friend Raggedy Tiff says: “Shop small, support big dreams.” I’d love to hear what small businesses are on your list. Feel free to show your favorites some love in the comments section. Happy holidays, friends! -Amanda

Credits // Author and Photography: Amanda Lopez. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Gah, all these products look like such a treat. Thanks for sharing, and I appreciate Latina-owned businesses being highlighted!

  • Thank you so much for the feature!
    CASA LUNA is truly a dream come true.

  • These products all look amazing, thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to shop Latina made products – hope you keep lifting up POC brands because I always love your beauty recs and gift lists

  • Thanks for this amazing selection of products, love the cactus soap and the bath treats.

  • Love this post! That cactus soap looks amazing and so does the Marigold candle.

  • Great post! Thanks so much for sharing. I have been making a conscious effort to support businesses owned by people of color and these products all sound amazing! As a Latina myself I’m stoked to see this!

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