9 Things to Do in Brooklyn This Autumn

9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!)Have you guys visited Brooklyn in the fall? No? You’re missing out! During spring in Brooklyn, it seems as if my eyes open a tad more. During summer, I feel this nagging urge to discover and re-discover every nook and cranny of this place I call home. And fall, fall is full of calm and ease. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll feel it when walking the weirdly abandoned streets, and frequenting the busy cafes. Fall in Brooklyn should not be missed, but somehow, it seems as if it always is.

Against my better judgement, I’m going to give you all a few reasons why you need to make your way here…like yesterday, and a few places to visit during your stay as well.

9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) Picnic in Prospect Park 

First thing you should note about Brooklyn in the fall, there’s no time to waste. Run out and enjoy every waking moment. New Yorker’s usually feel the winter slowly leak into their bones on the first day of October, so the eagerness runs deep. Prospect Park is a great place to pack a picnic and enjoy the fresh air.
Bike over the Brooklyn Bridge
I find that many do this in the heat of summer, but it’s ten times more enjoyable in the fall. If you didn’t pack your bike, don’t you fret. There are Citi Bikes ready for you to rent for a few hours. They have easy drop off locations all over New York City.

9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) Eat at Bakeri (Greenpoint)

Bakeri is one of the most photographed places on Instagram, and I don’t blame anyone for snapping away. It’s cozy, with open doors most of the time, cute bistro tables, and some of the best bread I’ve had in like…forever!
Walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 
I’m happy I prefaced this post with thoughts on going out all the time because most of my suggestions are outdoors. Everything is so beautiful, and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is a sight for sore eyes. FYI, it’s free on Tuesdays.
Shop for fresh produce at Fort Greene Green Market 
When I think of fall, I think of cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen. Food packed with flavor and slow cooking is customary- even for visitors. Skip the restaurants, and spend a Saturday at Fort Greene Farmers Market, only to make a meal in a cozy weekend rental.

9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) Enjoy dessert at Four & Twenty Blackbirds

My husband and I have an ongoing debate about this pie place. He is steadfast on Pie-n-Thighs. You can come and choose for yourself, but I also suggest ordering the grits at Pies-n-Thighs, too. Yum!
9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) Take in city views at The Farm On Kent
This little farm, which used to be a vacant lot up until recently, is outfitted with a skate park and sustainably-grown produce and boasts gorgeous city views. It’s still pretty under the radar, making it the perfect afternoon retreat this fall.
Purchase a dusty favorite at Unnameable Bookstore 
This bookstore is full of dusty books that smell divine. You can find practically anything your heart desires in the stacks- if you’re willing to search for it.

9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) Image: Chris Stain and Billy Mode from Bushwick Collective

Take an art walk in Bushwhick
Fall is the perfect time to head into Bushwhick and admire all the art that covers the buildings. It’s all so inspiring and intriguing and feels a bit like a movie set.
9 Things To Do In Brooklyn This Autumn (click through for more!) I feel like a real salesperson. But really, I’m hoping you’ve decided to come visit before it cools down too much around here. Bring layers, a few pairs of comfortable shoes, and room for all the delicious coffee you can handle. Every coffee shop screams: “Come on in!” these days. Most of all, bring a fresh new set of eyes and a relaxed heart because the natural beauty this borough is boasting right about now is heartwarming, calming and so welcomed. Enjoy Brooklyn, friends! xo. LaTonya
Credits// Author and Photography: LaTonya Staubs unless otherwise noted. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions
  • I have visit NY once, but never Brooklyn. It will be at my list for the Next time. Thanks for the good tips 🙂
    Best regards
    Bettina from Denmark

  • Wow i really loved this post! I am definitely going to check out most, if not all, of the places mentioned it. You can really feel the heart behind the recommendations.

  • Looking amazing :)… Definately one day have to go there .. Slightly harder in my case from Europe but still not impossible 🙂

  • I WISH I was back in Brooklyn. I visited almost exactly 2 years ago and absolutely LOVED it. It’s been on my list ever since to go back and I will!

  • I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this. Always hoping this blog will add more perspective and color!

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  • I definitely need to visit that fresh produce spot. You should visit the Bronx, it’s nice here too. Wine tasting at the riverdale, walks in the park, and amazing Italian food, New York is quiet beautiful.

  • I know I should’ve been paying more attention to Brooklyn tips than on LaTonya, but she is so cute ♥‿♥ . Please some style posts! Merci, love love – IVA

  • I recently visited New York and brooklyn was definitely my favourite part of the city! It is so creative and unique and you can find something beautiful around every corner! Loved this post, it brought back all the good memories

  • I love LaTonya’s posts. And I love this post too, even though I’m not from Brooklyn.

  • Yay, more LaTonya!! I’ve lived in BK for years – you hit all my favorite spots, and I learned about a few more. Love this post.

  • NY in the fall is one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever gotten to experience! It’s amazing!


  • Amazing tips and beautiful photos! I really want to visit that cute farm!

  • Wonderful plans for a wonderful city…I´m looking forward my next visit to New York and I´ll keep your advices.

  • I wish Latonya had more posts and that there was more diversity in the contributors here. It’s the same perspective and basically the same style across the board with the exception of Latonya. Some of us, even if we’re also white, like some variation in posts.

  • I live in Europe and one of my dreams is to visit New York… maybe… some day! …. lovely places!

  • I am so moved by this article…ummm i am just a college student in China.But i really like travling,dreaming i could travel all over the world oneday,maybe with my lover,my own family or my parents.When they are old,i hope they can have a happy life to expirence different culture,communicate with different people and so much.
    Just like this kind of way to traveling,so like native way to live to feel the sights and every nook and cranny of a place.

  • I always love to see what locals do in the different seasons, so thanks for this review of Brooklyn! My next visit will be in January, but I’ll bet the pie and Bakeri will be just as good then. 😉

  • Aaaahhh I love Brooklyn! This post makes me want to go back so bad!

    xo Heather

  • OMG Latonya!
    This post was SO HELPFUL right now. I’m going to NY in a couple weeks and I was looking forward a few tips of places to go and things to do in Brooklyn. Because I don’t want to keep my travel focused only in Manhattan!
    This was very helpful. I also checked the Brooklyn Travel Guide a few days ago to search for some tips.
    Thanks for sharing dear 🙂
    Xo, Deborah

  • I love going to any type of botanical gardens.
    Abbie E.

  • Latonya I always love reading your posts. I will put this one away for future reference and it’s nice that all of these things are family friendly too 🙂

  • Biking over the Brooklyn Bridge is on my (long)list of things to do one day. ♡♡

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • I have been only once in NY, and what i miss more is that i did not visit Brookling,.. i only passed Brookling bridge, it was one of my favourites moments !!

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