A Beautiful Mess App and iOS 8

Abm appThose of you who have updated your phones to iOS 8 might've noticed the A Beautiful Mess app not showing any photos when you go to import. This is because in iOS 8, Apple decided to do away with the Camera Roll in favor of that "Moments" view that separates and groups your photos by date and a "Recently Added" folder that only shows photos from the past 30 days. The quick view in the Add Photo screen in the ABM app is tied to the Camera Roll—something that doesn't exist on iOS 8. It's affecting any app that defaults to the Camera Roll for its import.

We're working on an update, but there's a workaround in the meantime:
• On the Add Photo screen, slide up the photo selection view
• Tap the white arrow, and that should bring up all your photo folders, where you can select your photos.

It's a couple extra steps in the meantime, but we're actually going to expedite an update that could be up as soon as next week. So for those of you looking for another reason to procrastinate updating to iOS 8, here you go! 


 P.S. If you're having any other issues at all with iOS 8 and ABM, please email us at support AT redvelvetart DOT com. Just let us know which model of phone you're using and be as specific as you can describing your problem.

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