A Beautiful Mess Guide to Nashville (Vol. 1)

Nashville, Tennessee A Travel Guide via ABeautifulMess.com Nashville—my new city! I am so excited to share a few of my favorite spots with you today. 

I labeled this post volume one because I know I’ll have to do multiple guides as we get to know Nashville and try more places. Our list of places we’ve never even been is still VERY long, and then there are also lots of places that we’ve been and loved but want to go back to and snap a few photos for you! 

For this first guide I am rounding up all the places I’ve recommended in the past on various blog posts as well as sharing some new spots that we tried this past month!

One thing we’ve been amazed by on our recent trips to Nashville is how friendly the city is. It’s seriously the friendliest city in the US, in my humble opinion. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to add a bunch of these spots to your list! 

MarcheMarcheMarcheMarché. We’ve raved about this spot for a long time. It was one of Emma and Trey’s first date spots (can I get a group “awwwwwwe!”), and Jeremy and I recently made it our “special spot” when we had breakfast there the morning of our house closing. 

The menu is constantly changing. Emma loves the croissant french toast and I love the fruit tartine. I’ve also had a lot of really fresh meals there (I call em “breakfast salad”) comprised of mostly veggies. It’s one of our go-tos. As with most brunch spots in Nashville, it’s very busy on the weekends, but during the weekdays (when we usually visit) it’s super chill. 

Loveless Cafe Loveless CafeLoveless Cafe. There’s a reason why Loveless is on every Nashville list ever. It’s SO good. They’re famous for their fluffy biscuits (which I have no photo of—what’s wrong with me??), but we love a lot of other things there as well. It’s like the best little diner ever. I’m always looking for an excuse to go. 

It’s not really IN Nashville, so it’ll probably be a bit of a drive, but don’t worry—it’s more than worth it! 

Barista Parlor Barista Parlor Barista Parlor We love this spot. It’s beautiful and the menu is fun. We sometimes get these sausage biscuits with peach jam—so good. You’ll like it. Everyone likes it.

Barista Parlor My not-so-secret favorite thing about Barista Parlor is their insane chocolate selection. I can geek out on that all day. It’s SO pretty. 

Biscuit LoveBiscuit Love Biscuit Love. OMG, you guys. The biscuit donuts (pictured above) are on another planet. It’s one of those foods you wish you could un-know (yeah, that good).

Plus…it’s the place that has this awesome sign you’re always seeing on Instagram—

Biscuit Love NashvillePhoto via Biscuit Love

Pinewood SocialPinewood SocialPinewood SocialPinewood Social. Around the time they first opened was when we started making frequent trips to Nashville. Pinewood has always been pretty high up on our list. I usually order a kale caesar salad and we usually order fried broccoli. They are basically always open (brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.), and they have a pool now (on our list of things to do SOON!). It’s a really great space, awesome copper bar, and the bowling alley in the back is pretty cute too.  Added it to your list yet? Go ahead. 🙂

The Treehouse. Love love love! I wish I had pics. We didn’t get to sit in the actual “treehouse” this time (website says you can only reserve it if you have 6 or more people), so hopefully we can do that next time because it looks really fun. Anyway! We had epic cocktails, tried red wine and coke for the first time, had awesome fried rice and just loved the whole experience. I definitely want to go back with Jeremy soon! The menu changes daily.

Local Taco Local Taco Local Taco Local Taco Local Taco The Local Taco. There are a whole bunch of locations, but these pics are from the East Nashville one. I actually haven’t even ordered a taco there because this place has my favorite kale salad ever (!!!), so I always get that. Jeremy has ordered a bunch of tacos, though, and his favorite is The Local BBQ. We also love this drink called Rosa Botanica (pictured above) which is made with vodka, St-Germain and grapefruit juice. Plus, it’s decorated really cute and open (I LOVE patios). ps—order the green salsa.

Mas TacosMas Tacos Por Favor. Since we’re already on the subject of tacos…super legit and delicious food. Best tortilla soup I’ve ever had!

Burger UpBurger Up. This spot is always on a lot of lists, and for good reason! I actually haven’t been there very recently, but we’ve been a few times and ordered both burgers and salads (oh and drinks!) that were SUPER good. Plus, just for the record, fried pickle chips are the right way to do it. 🙂 Yes, please.

PharmacyPharmacyPharmacyPharmacyThe Pharmacy is SO CUTE. I know they have great burgers and yummy homemade sodas, but honestly—the reason I love going there is because the outdoor seating is so cute. I am planning my next trip when the fall weather sets in because that sounds just perfect! Order a homemade soda for sure.

The Patterson HousePhoto via Music City

The Patterson House. Honestly one of the best bars I’ve been to in my life. The menu is so fun and creative. It was a total treat and I cannot wait to go back! It was over a year ago now, so I can’t remember anything we ordered, but you can’t go wrong. Oh, and get there early because it is VERY popular.

More fun spots (I’ll try to get photos for the next guide!): Jeni’s (Brown Butter Almond Brittle 4Ever!), Crema (my personal favorite coffee shop!), I Dream Of Weenie (can’t wait to try weenie brunch!), Two Ten Jack (best ramen and cocktails).

And maybe a couple of non-foodie spots?

White's Merchantile White's MerchantileWhite’s Mercantile. Love this shop! It is beautifully curated. I want to move in! I always buy a few gifts every time we visit, a bunch of greeting cards and at least one journal. Love it!

Old Made GoodOld Made Good. We found this place randomly (on Gallatin) because our co-worker, Jacki, wanted to take a photo with their OMG sign. We ended up going in and it was so cute. A quirky, curated vintage/flea market with some handmade items and a glitter floor (I repeat—the floor is made of gold glitter). Good fun!

OK, it’s your turn!! I am still a total rookie to Nashville and I need your guidance! What should we try next? What are your favorite hidden gems in Nashville (and the nearby surrounding areas)? Jeremy and I (and Laura and Todd too) will add your recommendations to our mile-long lists! Oh, and if you’re a Nashville local, I hope we did you proud. xx. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • I’ve lived in Nashville for the last 10 years and just love it. This article really captures so much of what is just so wonderful about this place. My wife and I moved here and are here to stay. It’s a wonderful place to bring up kids and run a business.

    Thanks for some great tips too!


  • Great blog! Thankyou for sharing! I would add one more thing! MASSAGES! People love massages when they are on holidays! We are Nashville’s #1 mobile massage service! That’s right we bring the massage to you at your hotel, Airbnb and vacation get away! You won’t be disappointed! Thank You! ????❤

  • Hi! I absolutely adored and loved this blog! I am currently planning my next weekend adventure and have chosen Nashville as my next spot. I have so many food places to try now! Thank you again for writing this!


  • Nashville is really amazing, the places are all magical and the people are so receptive!

  • It’s blogs like yours that showcase our beautiful city for its uniqueness, charm, and flavor; thank you for creating such a list or locations. We love your designs and images. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this! I’ve been following for years, but recently took a break from my Feedly and I’m playing catch-up!…anyway, I’m reaching out because we’re heading to Nashville next month (a quick, long weekend without kids!) and I don’t even know where to stay! Can you recommend an area with fun bars, restaurants, and ‘things to do’ within walking distance? I want to eat and drink my way around your new city and hit up the local faves!
    PS: I don’t know how I originally found you guys, but I’m a Missouri State girl living in STL, so I loved catching glimpses of Spfd through you!

  • I have lived here for 4 years and have not even heard of half of these places!! I feel like I have found new treasures. Thank you for posting! xoxo

  • I graduated from Belmont in 2007 and haven’t had a chance to go back to Nashville since – and I haven’t heard of any of these places! I can’t believe it! I’ve been wanting to go back recently and I’m looking forward to seeing all the change. Just gotta get my Bongo Java and Las Paletes (and Pancake Pantry) fix before moving on to strange new territory!

  • You MUST try the pizza at Desano Pizza Bakery. My husband and I went on a recent trip to Nashville, and it is fantastic! I once spent 10 days in Italy, and the pizza wasn’t this good. No joke. We got the one with broccoli. Yum. We don’t drink, but we thought it was cool that you can actually bring your own wine. Check it out for sure.

  • I so wish I had seen this list before my trip to Nashville on the 17th! Guess I need to go back so I can try these places out 🙂
    Jackson’s Bar & Bistro has cookie-dough egg rolls that are pretty much to die for … I think there’s a location in Birmingham as well, so although it may not be an “only-in-Nashville” place, it was still good!

  • I also suggest Fido – if you go order the steak and hash, it is one of my favorite meals in town. Goozy over in Green Hills is another great spot for casual dessert and drinks. Their desserts are incredible! They have food too, but I haven’t tried that portion of their menu yet.

  • My BF and I visited recently and had some of the BEST hotdogs at The Dog of Nashville. You have to check that place out! It’s legit. Here’s the photo I took if this doesn’t entice you (left – deep fried hotdog wrapped in bacon called “Diet Starts Tomorrow.”


  • You should check out my friend Shantell Martin’s amazing artwork on the side of the Rolf & Daughters building downtown! Great place for photos 🙂


  • Love this post! My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip to Nashville in October and I now want to go to every one of these places.

  • Monell’s! THE best Southern food you can find anywhere. It is my favorite, and I try to go eat there whenever I’m back in town. It’s family style, which adds a fun twist to the experience. Seriously. Monell’s! There are 4 locations around Nashville but the original is in Germantown.

  • -Sinema in Melrose is great for drinks – their women’s bathroom is insanely cool!
    -I agree with one of the commenters above on 12 South Taproom – right near my house, great place to grab a beer.
    -Taco Mamacita over in Edgehill! Great margaritas, guac and the Mexican street corn is to die for!

  • Both of your outfits at the pharmacy are so cute! I don’t know much about Nashville at all but you two make it sound so cute and lovely. Maybe I’ll have to see for myself one day.


  • Great photos. I will have to visit her one day!


  • I lived there for 3 years and when I found Thai Phooket, I was pretty sure I was going to die of some intestinal disease based upon the look from outside but after trying— amazing. No other word. Favorite place. Titans players are always in there too. If 300 lb linemen think it’s the best, listen to them.

  • Have you been to Steadfast coffee in Germantown yet? It’s a favorite…. coffee soda + great design. I think you’d love it. Welcome to Nashville!!!

  • nashville is my dream city i wan to visit! totally loving your guide you’ve put together!

  • Love this list. I have to suggest a trip to downtown Franklin for the amazing shopping!

  • So many great places on your list.

    Here are a few of our other favorites: Gabby’s, Rotier’s, Dino’s, Desano’s, Eddly’s, Prince’s, Hattie B’s, Fido, Bobbie’s Dairy Dip, I Dream of Weenie, Fox’s Donut Den, Arnolds and City House. The last two are the best two. Enjoy!

  • I live in East Nasty, and i have to recommend Nashville Biscuit House for breakfast. It’s kinda a hole-in-the-wall place, but dude, it’s way better than Pancake Pantry. I had no idea Little Octopus had burgers! I’m going to have to go. Nice travel guide! I’m new to Nashville, so this is so helpful to me. 🙂

  • I’ve never been to Nashville but I always like when Jeni’s gets props (it originated in my wonderful city, Columbus, Ohio.)

  • My younger sister moved to Nashville in January and loves it! I’m hoping to visit her in the fall, this will definitely come in handy 🙂

  • I just got home from Nashville and I visited Las Paletas again (MY FAVORITE) and tried a couple new places for me – Sky Blue Cafe and The Southern. SO GOOD. I went to both for breakfast.

    Sky Blue Cafe – you gotta try the brie stuffed french toast… YUM.

  • In addition to the great recommendations:
    -If you go to The Flying Saucer, order the pretzel and request ALL of the dipping sauces!
    -Order The Local Burger at Fido with regular fries (not the sweet potato). It’s my favorite Nashville burger!
    -Try the Cookie Dough Eggroll at Jackson’s
    -And to repeat suggestions above, Woodland’s Vegetarian Buffet and Baja Burrito (their avocado tacos!)

    Also, nashvillefoodfan on Instagram has lots of great suggestions and makes everything look delicious!

  • Love this post!!! Would love to see you visit Franklin, Tennessee and Pucketts Grocery.

  • Welcome to Nashville! I have lived here for a long time and your list is full of places I have not been. Enjoy your exploration of your new city and keep sharing your finds. I love your enthusiasm!

  • Oh I’m so happy there will be more volumes. I’ll be visiting Nashville soon for the first time so this is perfect! For the another volume I would love to hear about fun things to do in Nashville (not just food and shop places…although that will definitely be a big part of my visit there 😉 Maybe you can share some good sights to see. Congratulations on your new home!

  • How has no one mentioned Hot chicken?!! Prince’s is the best, but Bolton’s sides are awesome. Warning: it’s very very hot.

    Also Gojo or Mesab for great Ethiopian.

    For non-food spots, the Nashville Flea Market is always great, but April and October are the best months! Also consider a walk at Radnor Lake or a bike ride over in Shelby Bottoms. And the downtown public Library.. is incredible (and not just for parking during concerts/predators games).

    And since you clearly love east Nashville you may as well hit up Holland House one night for drinks! Also, Mitchell’s Deli has wonderful sandwiches, Olive and Sinclair will give you tours of their chocolate “factory,” stop by Hop Stop for a good beer (or to fill your growler, Village Pub for pretzels + beer cheese and Rose Pepper has some stellar margaritas.

    Ditto To:
    Las Paletas
    fido (food!!)
    Gaslamp Antiques
    SILLY GOOSE honestly shocked that you haven’t raved about them yet…

  • You girls sure had a lot of fun at Nashville. Makes me wish that I can hop on a plane now and visit 🙂

  • This is fantastic! I’m going to Nashville in October and I will definitely be going to some of these places. Looking forward to the next posts about Nashville.

  • I’ve always wondered how Nashville is like having heard about it all the time but haven’t been there myself. Thanks for rounding up your picks for the eateries. The food and decor all look so good!



    I live in east nashville too and really, it’s my favorite spot to eat. I can usually afford the spots.. glad to hear/see you live here too! maybe we’ll bump into each other at the Turnip truck.

  • I’ve lived in Nashville my whole life and I have to say Two Boots pizza is my absolute favorite pizza place around! It’s the best after you’ve been out for a night on the town and need something to eat. They have a pizza with Hattie B’a famous hot chicken on it that is amazing. Also, Two Bits (on demonbruen next to the naked statues) is a great bar with a super cool vibe– totally worth checking out!!

  • Check out dozen bakery on Hagan street!
    their stuff is super incredible, and Claire, the owner, is a total sweetheart!

  • Also I have to recommend shopping at Pangaea in Hillsboro Village, seeing a movie at the Belcourt, and hiking at Percy Warner park and Radnor Lake for some non-food options!

  • I love this! I have never been but now I think I need to go! 🙂 I can’t wait to see/hear more about it!

  • Fido’s is a great little cafe – and right across the street (don’t remember the name) is this INCREDIBLE kitchen shop. It looks like a dingy mess from the outside but every single kitchen item you could ever imagine (and more!) can be found there.

  • I was just visiting Nashville last week. We ran across the Americano Freestyle Tapas Bar. If you are into tapas, check it out! Everything I tried was super YUM!

  • Pinewood is my go-to with my business partner – it’s actually where our business idea was born! The fact that they have Crema (and almond milk!) makes it even better. Delicious food and such a great atmosphere!

  • My husband and I went to Nashville last year for our ‘babymoon’ and had the best time! We went to a couple places on your list but also LOVED Thai Phooket (looks a little suspect from the outside and didn’t have air conditioning but the food was great) and the Pancake Pantry. I am also a big American Pickers fan so visiting Antique Archaeology Nashville was fun 🙂 We really enjoyed walking around the 12 South neighborhood. Edley’s BBQ was good there and my husband enjoyed walking around the corner to the Filling Station and grabbing some beers. Looking forward to visiting again. It’s a great city! 🙂

  • Backing Tori up on Gaslamp, The Belcourt, and Fido’s. Love them all.

  • I love that the Smiling Elephant will substitute things or leave out fish sauce if you request it. I finally got to eat Pad Thai again!

  • HALP!

    Where is that gingham dress from in the coffee picture at Marche? it might be an older pic. I have been looking all over for a dress like that!!!!

  • Ah! This is so exciting to see. I’m moving from Chicago (my favorite place in the world) to Nashville on Monday (eek) and it’s so cool so see recommendations from a fellow transplant. I don’t have any recs personally, but my friend Kate is behind the instagram @nashvillefoodfan and is always posting drool-worthy pictures!

  • I agree about Silly Goose!! SO good. It’s sandwiched between 2 of my other Nashville favorites: Jeni’s and Two ten Jack (the BEST ramen).

  • Nashville looks like the most stylish place on earth. I’ve never been to the US except for a layover in Atlanta but if I ever make it there, Nashville is definitely on my list!

  • So glad you mentioned Two Ten Jack! We’re always excited to show up on lists! Don’t forget to try Lucky Belly in Hillsboro Village across from Belcourt. It’s Two Ten Jack’s little brother. Sushi, burgers, spiked shakes, what more could you want! (The pork belly burger is amazing! Jason McConnell, of Red Pony, 55 South, and Cork and Cow in Franklin, curated Lucky Belly’s and Two Ten Jack’s menus). Also Chauhan Ale & Masala House (from chef Maneet Chauhan), and any of the MStreet restaurants, Saint Anejo, Whiskey Kitchen, Kayne Prime, Tavern, Moto. The list goes on. We’re so excited to have you both here!

  • I’m bookmarking this! We’re planning a trip to Nashville soon so thanks for sharing!

    xo Ida

  • You absolutely need to try Baja Burrito- it’s a Nashville staple and my absolute favorite place. While you’re in Berry Hill, check out Loving Pie Company and Juice Bar. Fenwick’s 300 (Amazing BRUNCH).

    Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is so good- Hot Chicken!!
    Steadfast Coffee in East Germantown and also check out Consider the Wildflowers (considerthewldflwrs.com)

    Here’s a google map of place I recommend to folks when they visit for the first time: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zm20EMnWEYVM.khlYcKpYxOCE&usp=sharing

  • This such a great city guide to Nashville! I’ve never been to the city, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about Barista Parlor, and I really want to visit when I finally visit Nashville. Little Octopus and The Patterson House also look like cool spaces.


  • Thank you! This post is so beautiful I read it twice – pure pleasure.

    Nashville is THE city I dream of seeing one day – people here always say New York, but I’m Nashville all the way, so gorgeous and unique.

    For now, living vicariously through you : ) And thank you very much for the food porn, sharing is caring.

  • We visit Nashville quite a bit because we have friends there. Can’t wait to try some of these places. Thanks for mentioning that AMOT has a good gluten free menu. I have to eat gluten free, so it’s always helpful to know that stuff!

  • Love this suggestions! Your photos are darling. I’ve got to add Nashville to my travel list! Too fun!


  • You know Jenni Bowlin is not too far away and her Vintage Affair is coming up December 4th and 5th! We usually try to make it there (we are in Knoxville). You also need to check out the Gaylord – amazing place and you don’t even have to stay there, you can just go and walk around. I haven’t been in years, but would love to go back sometime soon.

  • Aaahhh this list makes me so pumped to get back to Nashville! I love Pharmacy! If you guys are up for something a little more upscale you need to get to Etch. Emma will die over their old fashioned’s and all your heads will explode over the cauliflower. That sounds really violent but I mean it in the best way possible!

  • I’ve only been in Nashville for three years, and I’m excited to try some of the places you mentioned! I’ll add to your list: Whiskey Kitchen, Fido, Puckett’s (the original in Leiper’s Fork), Meridee’s Bread Basket (it’s in downtown Franklin), Lockeland Table, Rosepepper, Edley’s BBQ, Urban Grub, Ember’s Ski Lodge… I could keep going, but I’ll stop. I apologize in advance if I see you in public, because I may freak out.

  • Oh this speaks to my heart! I’m actually from Montreal, Canada but Nashville is my absolute favorite city! I’m seriously considering moving there, I’ve felt such a calling to this city since the first time I visited. Here are a few recommendations:

    -Husk for the absolute best brunch and the most beautiful location. Try the shrimp and grits, they are out-of-this-world good!
    -Frothy Monkey for great coffee and great sandwiches and really cute outdoor seating
    -Las Paletas for delicious popsicles
    -Pangaea for really cute jewelry and clothes
    -Hey Rooster for US-made small batch goods, such as jewelry, beauty products, etc.
    -Bookman Bookwoman for new and used books (and some celebrity sightings ha!)
    -Turnip Truck for natural health products and organic food
    -The Bluebird Cafe for really intimate live music. I cannot recommend this enough! There’s no cover charge but a 1 or 2 drink minimum. Get there early though because it’s a very small location and the line starts very early.

    I wish you the happiest times in this new phase of your life in beautiful Nashville 🙂

  • I just love all these photos, and it seems like you guys are SO happy!! Congratulations on your new adventures 🙂



  • I’m headed to a long weekend in Nashville for a wedding at the end of August. I’ve never been and I’m already excited but this post just pushed me over the top! Counting the minutes till I’m inhaling all this food!! Thank you for the timely post 😀

  • What a pretty city! 2-year Nashville gal here and you’ve hit so many gems already- Mas Tacos being my all-time favorite meal in the state.

    Make sure you don’t miss-
    The Monkey Mocha at Frothy Monkey
    More records and music books and in-store performances than one heart can handle at Grimey’s.
    Late-night legendary karaoke at Santa’s Pub (Get there early- the list fills up, and it’s the most charming triple-wide trailer you’ve ever seen).
    The Ryman!!! Best place to see a show and oh-so-historically gorgeous.
    EVERYTHING at The Grilled Cheeserie, ever.
    Banana paletas at Las Paletas (you can dip them in Olive & Sinclair chocolate!!!)
    Anything at Husk is incredible, their menu changes frequently, too!
    Carolina Sweets (sweet potato fries topped with pulled pork!) at M.L. Rose
    All of the shakes at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip
    Dance like crazy at Motown Mondays at The 5 Spot.
    Yazoo + Jackalope Breweries!
    The lights at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens at night are SO pretty and the perfect date walk spot.
    And finally, the best hair salon on earth- Parlor & Juke. Savannah changed my hair color/cut and my LIFE, but every stylist and barber there is INCREDIBLE. Book early! <3

  • If you’re ever over on the west side of Nashville a great cafe is the Thistle Stop Cafe it helps support women who have survived prostitution, trafficking, and addiction http://www.thistlestopcafe.org/

  • I’ve been wanting a trip to Nashville for a while now and oh my, these places are so breathtaking! I am absolutely in love and even more obsessed with this town!!!! Definitely favoriting this post for life! Can’t wait to know more through your blog!



  • Nashville is my hometown! I didn’t realize how amazing it was until I left for school. Be sure to check out Frothy Monkey (12th South or downtown Franklin), Jeni’s Ice Cream, and Mike’s Ice Cream (on Broadway). If you haven’t ventured to downtown Franklin yet, it’s worth it 🙂

  • I visited it once. Some one there took us to a popular breakfast place, the Pancake Pantry. http://www.thepancakepantry.com/

  • I was just in Nashville and if I could get the photos to load up to my wordpress I would totally have a post about it. I loved the Loveless Diner. Nashville is an adorable and fun city – where everyone seems to be going these days!

  • tenn sixteen has the best hot chicken and waffles. get it with a side of honey 🙂

    also, butchertown hall is perfect.
    amazing burger. amazing desserts. beautiful atmosphere.

    welcome to nashville!

  • Hehe! Someday we’ll go to Pancake Pantry (on like a Tuesday bc OMG so busy). I can’t wait to try it!

    Thanks for the recs!
    xoxo Elsie

  • It’s a really great city! I feel lucky it’s our new home. 🙂
    Hope you get to come visit soon! xx- Elsie

  • We love:

    Elliston Place Soda Shop (“Oldest Continuously Operated Restaurant in Nashville”)
    Hattie B’s
    Whitt’s (pulled pork sandwich special on Wednesday nights)
    Sam’s Kabab Gyro (Highway 70, Bellevue)

    And things to do:
    Percy Warner Parks are our favorite
    Radnor Lake
    Cumberland Park near LP Field/Walking bridge to downtown
    Two Bits Bar
    Franklin/Leipers Fork
    Santa’s Bar
    Idle Hour Bar

  • Food:
    Butchertown Hall (Germantown)
    Silly Goose (East Nashville)
    Rosepepper (EN)

    Ice Cream:
    Pied Piper (EN)

    Holland House (EN)

    Ugly Mugs (EN)
    Portland Brew (EN)
    Bongo Java (multiple locations)

    Hey Rooster (EN)

  • Dear Elsie,

    I am following you from Madrid. I cannot belive that you can find Kalimotxo as a cocktail in USA!!! This is a very tipical dink for young people here in Spain, is the one that teenagers usually have when they start hanging out at night and drinking for the firt time.
    Please tell us if you like it!!???

  • I love this list! We’re not too far from Nashville so I’ll have to pin this in case we ever go!


  • I’m new to Nashville, too – only have a few months under my belt after moving here from NYC (a former fashion editor!) would love to meet up sometime and try out some new places together! laurenrfinney.com

  • I have lived in Nashville my whole life, and the best place on earth is…
    The Frothy Monkey!
    Love this post!

  • Hooray for Nashville! I lived there for seven years and only moved away two years ago, still making it back regularly and trying to decide if/when/how to make it back there for good.
    SO many good spots to eat and drink. So glad to see Biscuit Love on your list! The owners are dear friends and are some of the kindest, most hardworking people I know. Love seeing their dream come true!

  • You need to try Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint!! They have a few locations, I’ve only been to the Nolensville one and it was AMAZING. Try the Redneck Taco 🙂

  • Love this little city of ours. Welcome!
    You need to try Rolf & Daughters, CityHouse, Gabby’s (great burgers), Arnolds, Peg Leg.
    You must visit Cheekwood, a game at the new Sounds stadium, and visit breweries Yazoo, Black Abby, Jackalope, TN Brew Works.

  • Love that you’re in Nashville now! SO many great places opening here all the time-I sometimes feel like I could come up with a new list of favorite places monthly!

    marnie, currently

  • My daughter and I love Nashville. Wait ’til you experience the CMA Festival! Lots of free music (and paid concerts too, if you choose) and food along Broadway, not to mention wall-to-wall friendly people.

    Our favorite places are:
    Merchant’s on Broadway
    Whiskey Kitchen
    The Frothy Monkey (4 locations)
    And go to The Row for breakfast and try their Beignets!
    We loved Soulshine Pizza

  • I love these guides! Any time I’m traveling I pop over here first to make sure I see what you have to say about my destination first.

  • So you said in a precious post that you were moving but I wasn’t sure where to (I’m new to this blog). It’s so fun to see where you live now! I’m actually dying to visit Nashville because I see so many bloggers that love it there. Your pictures are so great!



  • Yay for Nashville. Love seeing other people enjoy it as much as those who live here. You must try Rolf & Daughters, City House, Arnolds, Peg Leg, Gabby’s (for burgers)…the list is forever long.
    Checkout Cheekwood and a game at the new Sounds stadium,
    Love this little city of ours, Welcome to Music City!

  • I cannot wait to visit!!! Bonus: having a personal tour guide. 😉 Xoxo


  • I’ve never been to Nashville but I think I might have to go. If you ever want to know about Portland Oregon, I got your back. lol.

  • Have you had the Chicken & Waffles at Pinewood Social yet? It’s one of those off menu secrets that it pretty much the best thing ever. Get it girl.

  • For AMAZING comfort vegetarian food, check out the Wild Cow. The Buffalo tofu and greens is soooooo good.It’s in East Nashville and part of a cute little strip where there’s also a Jeni’s next door!

  • You must go to Silly Goose! Oh my word that place is to die for! It’s a farm-to-table restaurant with the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted! Seriously! Go! 🙂 The Rosie salad is what I always get and it is the bomb. The restaurant itself is so so cute too.

  • great list, but very heavy on east nashville 🙂 as a life-long nashvillian, i highly suggest you try the following:
    -The Stone Fox (West Nashville, brunch and cocktails)
    -Headquarters (West Nashville, A D O R A B L E tiny coffee shop)
    -Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Buffet (West End area)
    -Sonobana for Sushi (West Nashville)
    -12 South Taproom (12 South neighborhood, great beer selection)
    -Wendell Smiths Meat and 3 (West Nashville)
    -Bobby’s Dairy Dip (Across from Wendell Smiths, shakes, ice cream, burgers..)

    welcome to nashville ! !

  • I’ve lived in Nashville for just a year and as far as experiencing all the amazing restaurants, I’ve only scratched the surface! 3 more places you have to try are Las Paletas (amazing popsicles in 12th S area), Smiling Elephant (the best thai food you’ve ever had in Melrose), & Baja Burrito (in Melrose)

  • Okay, I live in Nashville and I have to agree that these are all great! I haven’t been to a couple of these yet, but they’re on my list. I have some more recommendations for you: Gaslamp Antiques. It’s one of our best antique stores that is definitely filled with treasures. There’s two large warehouses and you could easily spend a whole day there. There’s also handmade things by local artists there. If you have a hankering for pizza, you guys should try Mafiaoza’s on 12 South. They’re really into gangsters and have pictures of Al Capone and Baby Face on the walls, and scripts from Godfather and Scarface. You can get a whole pizza or order by the slice and top it with your basic stuff or get a little fancy and choose artichoke, eggplant, etc. It is SO yummy! The Ugly Mug and Fido are two of my favorite coffee/tea places. The Belcourt, which is near Fido, is this really old movie theater that shows indie films and occasionally classic ones. They play It’s a Wonderful Life during Christmas season. 🙂 On the same strip is The Bookman Bookwoman, a little used bookstore. They carry new books too. It’s so fun to get lost in those nooks and crannies searching for a new read, and the smell… Oh my gosh, it’s that perfect old book smell. Pangaea is one of my favorite little shops next door.

    I could probably think of a lot more, and I’ll probably send more your way in the future. Congratulations on moving here! Like you said, Nashville is one of the friendliest cities, and is certainly filled with creatives of all kinds, so it’s great to have y’all!

  • yum!! Welcome to Nashville! There are also a ton of great coffee shops that aren’t as new as Barista Parlor and Crema, like Fido, Frothy Monkey, and Bongo Java. I would recommend giving those a try, they are amazing!! Have fun!!

  • If you have yet to try Thai Phooket and Smiling Elephant, give those two a shot when you are feeling like you need some great Thai!

  • Hail Nashville on Gallantin is one of the country’s best oddities shops!

  • love this roundup! we love the flying saucer draught house and the union station hotel next to it… would love if in a future roundup of your fave spots you included a few vegan eateries!! congrats on your beautiful new home and new southern city!!

  • Love seeing this! I grew up outside of Nashville, but I have been gone for over 10 years. The city has changed so much since then. We still travel home to visit family, but there usually isn’t much time for exploring.

    Some of my favorites:
    Bongo Java (the original near Belmont’s campus)
    Pancake Pantry
    Las Paletas

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