A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home is here!

Happy Handmade HomeHi, friends! After more than two years of anticipation (on our part, haha!), our new book, A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home, is in stores. 

You can find our book here.

Happy Handmade Home Happy Handmade HomeHappy Handmade HomeWe spent the better part of last year tearing apart our homes, working weekends, and trying (and retrying) projects for the book. I still have scrapbook paper plastered to one of my bathroom walls from an experiment we were doing in making your own wallpaper (it really works—haha!). It was a crazy experience, and I treasure the funny memories we made during the process. Did you know we had to reshoot our cover image three times? Emma and I were even more bonded (like old married people) by the end of this project. Books will do that to you. Nothing like knocking through a 300 item checklist together to teach you to value and appreciate the other person (or in our case, team!). It’s intense, but at the end of it all… so, so gratifying. 

This book was a passion project. A dream to create. It was a collaboration and a team effort. Today I just wanted to say thank you to each of your who is celebrating along with us. 

Extra thank you’s to those of you who have been loyal readers for years and years, those of you who have seen us try, fail, move forward, mess up, rework, and keep going. 

Thank you so much for encouraging and supporting us as we live our dream, one milestone at a time. We hope you enjoy our new book. The most fulfilling part of the entire experience is seeing those Instagram photos come in of you guys trying our DIYs at home. 

Happy Book Day!Cheers to YOU! Thank you so much for reading. -Elsie 

Credits // Photos by Sarah Rhodes and Janae Hardy. 

  • Hi Jake! Send me an email at support AT redvelvetart DOT com and I’ll be able to help you with that 🙂 -Jacki

  • Is there a way to become a retailer of this book. I have a shop and would love to have a few copies of it for sale. Please let me know how to get in touch. Thanks.

  • congrats on your beautiful book! it’s available at powells.com, one of the country’s biggest independent bookstores (and luckily for me, santa’s fave place to buy prezzies!)

  • i found my copy (first day!) at Powell’s in downtown Portland. There were only a few copies, but it looks like they’ll carry it online too. For any Portland, OR-area folks looking for it 🙂

    girls- the book is seriously so great, i’m going to be pouring over it this weekend. also, i might have fangirled a little bit when both of you liked my instagram photo! (@stacymrutherford)

  • I can’t wait for my copy to be delivered!! It looks so inspiring! 🙂


  • I bought the book on Amazon and I’m flipping through right now! Wonderful! it is the gift I bought for me to celebrate my 49 years

  • So excited to get my copy!
    this is random but elsie, can i ask where you found the chambray shirt you are wearing in the last picture. i have been looking everywhere for one that only buttons half way up. 🙂

  • Aw man, I wish I had found out about free shipping earlier! Amazon charged me as much as the book to get it to NZ. Cannot wait for it to arrive!!! www.fishpond.co.nz also stocks it. 🙂

  • I can’t wait for my copy to arrive! I ordered my copy on AbeBooks.com, a global marketplace for new, used, rare and collectible books. Thousands of independent booksellers list their books for sale on AbeBooks (including Book Depository), and Happy Handmade Home is being sold on AbeBooks by sellers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

    Here’s the product landing page: http://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/9780770434052/13509812286

    I actually work in marketing at AbeBooks, and will certainly be promoting your book the second my copy arrives!

    Thank you, and congratulations!

    – Jessica

  • I got it on my front porch yesterday and I was so freaking excited! I love all of the projects in there and I cannot wait to try them out. My little house is going to get so much love!
    the clover field

  • Talk about perfect timing. I just moved into my own place three days before the release. So excited!

  • Congratulations on the book! I have it on my wish list until pay day then it’s getting brought 🙂 I need the inspiration for my home 🙂


  • Oh, my! Congratulations! I’m going to go out right now and track down a copy (or two).



  • Wow well done that is so awesome. Congrats.

    On another note, thanks for getting rid of the continue button. I am so happy.

    You girls are an inspiration.



  • My hearty wishes on this wonderful achievement! You guys are so inspiring.



  • Yay! Congratulations 😀 I’ve been waiting for this for so long (although not two years), and now I just have to wait until October 7th (hah!), and then it’ll hopefully arrive here in Norway 😉 Can’t wait 😀


  • Congrats! Looks like an awesome book. Chapters Indigo in Canada is carrying it online and in stores 🙂

  • I love the book! you girls are awesome! My little sister sent me a copy as a surprise! it was really a surprise…my hubby sent me a pic of a package I received at home with the name “marla” (a nickname my sister gave me)and instantly I knew what it was!!! I called her and asked if she sent me the book…literally tearing up! i was not expecting it! love her! sister are the best!

  • Congratulations, you guys! It is such a beautiful book, full of inspiration :).


  • Kristina,
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. It makes my day more than you know.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hooray! Glad it’s available in Canada. I hope you enjoy it.
    xx- Elsie

  • Thank you so much Christina! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Congratulations!! I’m so so very happy for you awesome ladies and your whole team! I can’t wait to get my book in the mail!


  • YAY!!! Congrats, guys! That’s a heck of an accomplishment. Looking forward to reading it, for sure.


  • It’s available in New Zealand on fishpond.co.nz with free shipping.. Ordered mine a while ago and I’m SO impatient waiting for it to arrive!!!!

  • Elsie – I started reading your personal blog years and years ago – during your scrapbooking days (pre-ABM). I remember watching videos on YouTube of you and Rachel, wishing I could meet you! To be honest, I wasn’t even completely sure what a “blog” was back then, let alone how to comment and/or contact you. But as a quiet reader, you have taught me so much more than you could ever know. You have inspired me to live creatively, trust my instincts, ignore negativity, and find my voice. If you were able to unknowingly inspire one reader so deeply, I can only imagine the number of lives you have touched and changed.

    A big congrats to both Elsie & Emma. ABM has certainly transformed over the past few years, but only for the better (in my eyes!) since your team and scope of work has grown. I have read comments from other readers that feel a little bit of nostalgia for Elsie’s voice. But it only makes it an extra special treat when she does share. It’s kind of incredible to find so many different perspectives and voices in one place, all of which are clear, strong and so unique! It’s fun that when I see a recipe post, I can be certain that Emma’s adorable sarcasm will make me laugh. That when I find Trey has shared, I know that his super savvy business sense will snap me back into reality (and his wit makes it hurt less…). That when Laura writes, I can sit in awe of her fashion sense (and beauty in general) and also get my fix of kitties… That when Joshua shares, I am literally dialing my boyfriend’s phone number before I’ve read a single word because he just HAS to become a craftsman and build us a dining room table… or porch swing… or pet bed.

    I could go on… but I think you get it. Your team is so beautiful and eclectic. And together – you make magic. I was a BIG fan of your Photo Idea Book, but Happy (Handmade) Home just topped it on our coffee table.

    Thanks again for being so amazing, and for loving your readers the way you do.

    Kristina xo

  • Yeahhh!!! So exciting!! Mine was pre order and is expected by september 11 so i’ll be checking my mail box every single day!!
    Congratulations again girls!!!!

  • And it´s available in Montréal (Canada)! Hourra! I think I deserve a little treat “à moi de moi” 😉

  • Got mine in yesterday. I absolutely love it. Thanks for all that you do!

  • I’m still waiting for my copy to arrive but yay!! I can’t believe the day is finally here. IT TOOK FOREVER AND A DAY.

    Congrats to the entire ABM team! I’m having a cup of hot chocolate on your behalf 🙂

  • I could of sworn I saw this book at Chapters/Indigo a month ago…

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