A Beautiful Mess Photo App

PhotoAfter more than 9 months of concepting, designing, and developing, we're so excited to announce we'll be releasing the A Beautiful Mess photo app, coming soon to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! We announced it on Instagram earlier this week and got some great questions we want to address here:Photo 3 copyWhat does the app do?
A few things! We designed it with blogging, scrapbooking and Instagram in mind. So it has a handful of filters modeled after our photography styling here on the blog. It also comes packed with a variety of cute photo borders. You can also use this app to add text in a variety of fonts to your photos. And it has fun, pre-drawn doodles (like arrows and speech bubbles). Lastly, it has a whole bunch of pre-written phrases in my handwriting! Here, take a look:Photo 1 copyPhoto 1 copyWhen will the app be released?
Funny story. 🙂 Had you asked us on Monday, we would've told you it would be released tomorrow. But we've run into some small, technical issues with iTunes store. The app's totally ready to go, but there are some backend issues with the store receiving the app that we're told should be worked out any time now. That said, we're hoping it's only going to set back the release a few days (thinking Monday or Tuesday of next week). But as soon as the issue is resolved and the app is available, we'll announce it immediately!

UPDATE: the app is now available! Check it out herePhoto 2What will it cost?

The app will only cost $0.99, which will get you the fully loaded app with all the features described above. Then, if you want even more options for customizing your photos, we'll have extra packs available for in-app purchase.Photo 3Why isn't it available for Android? Will you be developing that soon?
The short answer is we definitely hope to make an Android version in the near future! As you may or may not know, developing an app is really, really expensive. Even if you're creating a lot of the elements yourself like we did, it can get very pricey. That said, we were faced with a difficult decision when the estimate for developing the app came in, because creating an Android version literally doubled the cost of the project. So hang tight, Android users. We didn't forget about you!! 🙂Photo 4 copyWhat inspired your app's icon design?
The app icon is directly inspired by the Polaroid 1000 Land Camera from the 80s. I've always loved the look of this camera—so much so I got a tattoo of it several years back. 😉 The hot pink makes us smile too!Photo 4Will it be availabe on iTunes Internationally?
Yes! It was very important to us to make available internationally. Fun fact: Over 40% of the ABM readership lives in a country other than the United States. We love our international readers and are so happy to be able to make the app available to you!

What if I have a techincal question or trouble with getting/using the app? Please email our developers right away and they will be able to help: contact AT rocketmobile DOT coPhoto 1So happy we finally get to announce this app. We've put so much work into it. We hope you love it as much as we do! We'll be doing another Q&A about the design and development process in a couple weeks after you all have had a chance to play with the app. xo. Elsie + Emma

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