A Faux Braid Updo for Shorter Hair

Pull-through faux braid updo (click-through for the full tutorial)A pull-through faux braid was one of my favorite styles when I had longer hair. It’s a great style for making your hair look really thick, and I just realized I can still do this style even though I chopped most of my hair off. Score!

Updos that work for shorter hair are so great if you’re perpetually “hair bored” like myself. Boredom drove me to get a bob, but with a bob you suddenly feel so limited in how you can style your hair.

But I’m getting the hang of this shorter hair (which is actually more of a lob at this point!), and this style is a piece of cake—although it tends to sound confusing when you try to explain it! But trust me, it is easier than actual braids, so just grab a handful of elastics and a hair clip, and let’s go!

Faux braid updo for shorter hair (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: Make two small ponytails stacked on top of your head.

Step Two: Take the top ponytail and split it in two. Bring the second ponytail up between the two halves and temporarily pin it out of the way.

Step Three: Your split ponytail should still be in two sections. Add some hair to both of those sections and use a small elastic to tie it off in a ponytail. You will now have two small ponytails again.

Step Four: Take the top ponytail and split it in two. Again bring the bottom ponytail up between the two halves and temporarily pin it out of the way.

Step Five: Take the split ponytail again and add some hair to it, and tie off with an elastic.

Step Six: Just keep repeating the same process until you get to the base of your neck. Tie off your hair in a small ponytail.

Step Seven: Carefully pull and pancake each section to get a fuller look. You have to do this gently if your hair is shorter and you have layers. As you pull, your ponytail at the base of your neck will get smaller.

Step Eight: Take your remaining little ponytail, twist it up, and pin it under.

Faux braid updo for shorter hair (click-through for the full tutorial)That’s it! With the finished look, you wouldn’t even guess my hair was on the short side. It looks really nice and full from the back, but my favorite view of this hairstyle is from the side where it sort of mimics a mohawk.

It looks really cute this time of year with a scarf wrapped around your neck and some statement earrings. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice.

  • Hi from germany. Loving your color!! Which one is it. Thanks a Lot Best regards

  • That look so cute and seems pretty easy to do, I’ll definitely try sometime


  • This looks nice! My hair is slightly longer but I think that might be doable x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  • The hairstyle looks so good on you! And that hair colour – stunning!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Thank is so good! I am about to get my hair cut short again so I will definitly use this when I need to get it off my face! Your hair colour is gorgous by the way!


  • I really love this tutorial but I particularly loved your bright vibrant hair colour it’s beautiful and really suits your complexion. Well written post and lovely hairstyle.
    The Pale Tails

    • you show the best ways to put your hair when it is short if you would like I could show a few more tricks with short hair.

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