A Little Yellow Paint Goes a Long Way

Yellow coffee tableValspar coffee tableEver since I bought my home I've been (slowly) working on decorating. I've noticed that I tend to lean toward lots of neutral and earth tones. I love anything with a laid back vibe. But this can leave your space looking a little, well, colorless. (Duh.) So I've recruited Elsie to help me add accents and a few pops of color. I love the mid century look of my coffee table. We thought adding a little paint could be a fun and inexpensive way to add color. It's always a little scary to paint a piece of furniture!Pretty paintWe partnered with Valspar for this (and a few upcoming projects!). Elsie and I use a lot of colorful paints and get pretty particular, so we're happy about the Love Your Color Guarantee—takes the risk out of choosing your paint color. For this project, I used a coat of primer and then 3 coats of Yellow Mustard paint + primer. Even though the paint had primer in it I decided to use a first coat of primer anyway, because I really wanted the yellow to pop.Coffee tableI simply taped around the edges of the legs and got to work painting. It was super easy and quick to complete. Now I have a little POC in the middle of my living room (among the cow hide rug and cow skulls… I'm going all in on those trends. Can you tell?). We're excited to show you more projects and peeks of our homes in the upcoming months! xo. Emma

  • This is perfect! i have a very similar vintage Lane coffee table and have the same problem with neutrals. Maybe i’ll give this a try!

  • I love that use of yellow that you’ve got going on. Works really well with the earth tones. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Looks amazing. Little paint can do miracles. The only thing I disapprove is the carpet, don’t know if its faux or not…
    Other than than, love your blog and ideas. Keep them comming.

    Much love from Bulgaria!


  • I really love the cow hide rug! The yellow looks great, it really adds a lot to the room.

  • Great idea, I have a similar mid-century coffee table that I love, but often think that everything just looks a bit beige and brown … this is going straight into my inspiration book, thx x

  • This is so inspiring! With an equal love for neutral colours, I also have trouble adding a bit more colour to my home. Thank you, you girls are brilliant!

    xoxo, Femke
    By Button

  • love it and i really like a cow hide on the floor but some people are all offended by it. i got a flokati rug instead of the cow hide for my house

    Not Going Out Like That

  • I LOVE that! yellow is one of my favourite colours, & i love how you only painted the leg part, not the whole thing, it’s very tasteful, but still so cute!



  • The Yellow looks amazing!! I know what you mean about sticking with “safe” colours, and then getting kind of bored with them. Can’t wait for more home updates!!

  • So Cute! Cute oufit too! This is my fav blog 🙂 So inspiring 🙂 XX

  • Love the table, yellow goes so cool. I’m kind of freaking out with the cow skin rug and the skull, especially you being a vegetarian… Are they faux?

  • This looks awesome. I plan on doing this to my desk in pink.



  • Its so funny but as soon as I saw it I knew it was in your house. Really cute.


  • Where the legs metal or wood? If metal did you sand them first?


  • Love this and I love the yellow. I am looking to incorporate some more mustard yellow into my decor and this would be perfect. I am totally going to “steal” this look. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very inspiring I love the concept and the yellow color on the table plus the decorations around the table.

  • I love this shade of yellow! I think it works really well in the palette of your living room, gives it a nice punch!

    I painted an old ikea stepstool in the same color for my living room: http://astorytellinghome.com/2012/10/04/easy-crafts-for-lazy-people-ikea-bekvam-step-stool-hack/

  • Everybody is obsessing over your table and I just want your rug. I love seeing things that remind me of cows and the outdoors.

  • Love love love. My house is currently pretty neutral too so I definitely need some more color. Great idea!

  • Love that table in yellow!!

    New outfit in http://cravingforbarneys.com

  • I love yellow…. and I have in mind some projects that involve yellow too.


  • I’m loving yellow right now! I think it works so well on your cute little coffee table 🙂 just the right amount of colour!


  • I know this post is about chai which I love, but that nail polish color is to die for! What is it?!

  • I love yellow, featured my yellow Marigold washing-up gloves on my post recently. My son had a bright yellow bedroom until his late teens – it’s a happy colour!

  • I am totally going to find away to do this. I might even buy a table for no reason…

  • I have the exact same coffee table!!! I was feeling like it needed to be spruced up, think I will steal your idea – thanks!

  • Oh wow, that looks fantastic. I love it ♥

    xxx Lena


  • That really does spruce up the table!

    xo Jennifer


  • Love it! That color really brightens things up! Stop by my blog if you have the chance, currently featuring a DIY pink glittery pumpkin, my floral crown, a cat print dress, and a give-away!


  • Looks great. I really love how the yellow pops with all of the neutrals in the room.

  • This looks great! It’s also a kick in the butt for me as I’ve been needing to add more yellow into my own sitting room. Thanks!

  • Yellow is seriously my favorite color. I have all yellow chairs. Doing this to a coffee table would really bring that together!

  • Ooh, I LOVE IT… Just looking around the house at the coffee tables I can paint the legs on… I may try out a dark purple colour. Thanks for the inspirations!

  • Oh my goodness! I have that exact coffee table (and matching side table) in my attic! They belonged to my grandparents and I inherited them. I had to put them in storage (for now) when we moved into a smaller house. I’m looking forward to the day when we have the space to use it again. Thank you for wonderful, unexpected memory!

  • Stunning color combination! The yellow goes very well with the overall tone of your home! I Love this!

  • The yellow is fabulous. I love love the pop is adds. As always, you are so creative! xo


  • Love this! Your right it adds a touch of brightness and it is subtle. Love it.

  • I never thought to paint JUST the legs on a table, this is fantastic! I see a DIY in my near future…

  • Mustard yellow is my favourite colour, I love the way you’ve used just enough to add some ‘pop’ to the table without taking away from the lovely wooden top and mid century style. x

  • I like the color combination! the coffe table looks amazing in the room and cozy!

  • Love yellow paint! It adds the perfect pop to any neutral room! 🙂
    xo eden

  • I’m lovin the contrast of that skull next to the girly flowers. Cute!


  • Emma I love your coffee table. I’m not daring enough for yellow, but I think a nice shade of teal and it would look right at home in my living room. You know if you ever decide you want to get rid of it 😉 Love your taste as always.

  • I love how the yellow paint just pops out and gives the living room a playful vibe. Gorgeous!

  • Thats adorable! It gives the room a little extra “pop.” Time to go thrifting so I can do the same…

  • Really great and perfect choice of color. I like it. Have a nice day.


  • Love the pop of yellow! My sister painted her shelves and highlighted her desk in a gorgeous mustard yellow paint that matches one of her walls. Yellow = <3


  • The yellow you picked looks great with all neutral. Every room needs a little pop!! Thanks for sharing!


  • Lovely yellow touch! Yellow is my favourite colour and Im always willing to use it everywhere! Its funny adding it with little touches 🙂


  • I am (normally) very anti painting furniture… especially beautiful mid-century pieces. HOWEVER, this is gorgeous! Just painting the legs, you didn’t take away from the gorgeous wood used on the top or the metal feet.
    Good job choosing a paint color. Good job on the (very successful) project. Love it!

  • Love! Love! Love! I have been considering painting our coffee table yellow for awhile but just haven’t mustered up the courage to do it.

  • I love these posts! Your houses are so beautiful. I think the yellow looks amazing amongst all of the brown and beige!


  • um, yes, this table looks awesome!
    the yellow is a great addition!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  • That’s exactly what I was doing 2 weeks ago! 🙂 Yellow accents at my coffe table 🙂 Like it! 🙂

  • The pop of colour is PERFECT Emma! I love how your style and Elsie’s style complement each other so well. Love the southern desert inspiration as well, very cool and sophisticated 🙂

    Virginie xo

  • i think a little yellow does make it brighter and more fun!


  • I love this Idea! I am always so hesitant to paint furniture, but I’ve been wanting to paint this old dresser for a while now! This might have just given me the push I needed 🙂 Thanks, you guys never cease to amaze your readers, Keep up the good work!

  • your living room looks amazing!!! great job! i think i’d be a little scared to paint furniture but the finished product looks so good, that one day i might join in on the painting fun!!

  • A great look! Yellow is my favorite color and I especially love subtle hints of it in decor!

  • This is a very nice coffee table!
    Black, yellow, brown. Gorgeous.

    Esther x

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