A Simple, Pretty Updo

Loopy finished 1I've said time and time again that I love a good basic hairstyle. I will admit though, every once in a while I like a little bit of FANCY (but still simple). You know, the styles you don't use in everyday life. I like to save those for special occasions like weddings or date nights. This style would be great for something like that! Loopy Hair StepsStep 1-4: Using small elastics, begin making low pony tails across the base of the head. Don't pull the hair through all the way on the last time around. Step 5-8: Separate the large loop into several smaller loops and begin pinning down onto the head with bobbi pins. Continue until all of the loops have been pinned to the head securely.Darling loopy hairstyleAdorable loopy hairstyle

I think this style would also be really cute if you created a half beehive and did the bottom portion in loops. What do you think? xo. Katie

  • Why didn’t you post this last week? I could have saved 30 bucks on an updo for a wedding! But seriously, its pretty and it’s probably going to be my go to for up dos!

  • This is such a fun hairstyle! I think it looks so fancy, even though it also seems easy to do! Definitely trying it one of these days!


  • I love it! I get so nervous wearing updos like that though. I feel like it’s falling down all day. Maybe I just need practice, but I love the way it looks!


  • This is so cute, a bit daring for me I have to admit but I will definitely be giving it ago :p xx Emmi


  • looks so easy! would be great for a wedding or special occasion



  • Tori, I did but it didn’t stay for long. Oh well. Now I use hair chalk on days I’m need of a little a color. 🙂

  • Gosh I lurve this hairdo, not sure if I’d be able to do it on my own, seems will have to trick one of my besties into it 😉

  • I think its really sweet especially with the different tones in the hair it makes it look much more interesting.


  • Love it, I will try and attempt it. Looks easy but I’m totally rubbish with my hair. Thanks

  • That is such a cute hairstyle! I definitely must try it for my next formal event 🙂

    Style Vancity

  • Very pretty! I always love Katie’s hair ideas. Aaaand, speaking of beehives- could you pretty PLEAAASE add a video to your beehive tutorial?! 😀

  • I love this! So simple and easy to do yet the result is so lovely.


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  • Woah, such an easy way to create a beautiful undo!

    Fang Ting

  • Love it! My hair is so silky I can never get updos to stay put. With all the elastics this might actually work!

  • that is super cute. My hair is way too long and thick to do this but my daughters hair would be adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  • So cute! I’m seriously bad at doing my hair, but ya’ll broke it down well enough that I think even I can achieve this look!

  • I love all the hairstyle ideas you guys post. But what type of hair product do you use to get the style to stay yet still maintain that soft, natural look?

  • love this! so simple and so pretty. cutest video ever also. the camera loves Emma!! 🙂

  • Oh that looks so pretty! Gorgeous! I really love it with the ombre colour too, really makes the colour stand out in contrast.

  • Um. Gorgeous. Love how “wispy” it looks…whatever that means. 😉 Seriously so cute.


  • so good! and i agree with the half beehive comment completely, that would be adorable 🙂

  • It’s amazing how many different ways you can style a bun! I’ll have to try this sometime…I also posted a hair tutorial on my blog today, what a coincidence. My style is a pinecone bun! Would you check it out please?


  • Cuuute! Looks like it would work, even for my hair, which is pretty thin!


  • Oh this is lovely! I’m going to give it a go!


  • What a wonderfully fun idea. It looks great, especially with the highlights.

  • This is very sweet and I can imagine it would work on a lot of different hair lengths too without much adjustment

  • Really cute style! Emma’s hair looks like it needs some serious TLC though.


  • Could ABM do some tutorials for those of us with curly (or any non-straight) hair? I desperately want to try some new looks but I just know my hair would not cooperate or look good with a lot of the looks. Thanks for considering it!

  • Love the highlights! Such a cute simple style I’ve been working on adding some quirky sweet hairstyles to my repertoire and daily style so this is perfect!

  • Love it! Super easy and fast, I have some curls but i will make it work in my messy hair, Thanks for sharing. Love Caro

  • I think it’s nice, but I prefer my sinions lower. For sth less catchy for the eye.

    tsiou, from wwww.inwhirlofinspiration.com

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