A Trip to Palm Springs with Canon

You guys! Last weekend we went on a biz trip to Palm Springs. I know… how did we ever get so lucky (spoiled)? Definitely felt like more of a mini vacation than work. We had such a fun (and delicious! and sunny!) time. We were there teaching a scrapbooking class for Canon, which was a blast. All the students were so sweet! Plus we got to hang out with our Canon contact, Stephanie, who showed us the new Canon app that lets you print your cell phone photos from almost ANYWHERE using the cloud! Jeremy got a shot of me using it in the video. It was pretty cool to come home to Missouri and find our Palm Springs photos printed out on the printer. 🙂 Anyway, this was definitely one of my favorite business trips ever. We visited all our favorite foodie spots, enjoyed some poolside time and got to ride bikes around the beautiful mid-century neighborhoods. We came home incredibly inspired!

I hope you enjoy the video Jeremy made of our trip!Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 2A Beautiful Messy Life   2Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 6Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 8Palm Springs 1xoxo! Elsie + Emma

ps. If you're curious about a list of Palm Springs spots we love we've shared them here

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson

  • Awesome!! congratulations on that incredible opportunity!
    I have a new post on my blog! www.androbelinsider.blogspot.com Hope you can read it!

  • What’s the printer you use to print the picture from your iphone?
    Thank you


  • Hi girls, such a cool video 🙂 and beautiful pictures like always.


  • More please Jeremy! Such a beautiful job. Also this is totally random, but I’m looking for music to put to videos and photos of the day my son was born. Is this music one of jeremy’s songs? I assume some day you guys will be adding to your families and videos are such a perfect way to remember what will probably be the most important day of your life. Let me know if you have any song recommendations ORRRR you cld start working on your own music for that day and sell it on itunes!!!

  • This video is so lovely, it’s just plane feel good and it reminds me to go chase my dreams. I very much liked the song and instantly downloaded Jeremy’s album on itunes. Thanks for reminding me to chase my dreams.

  • Seems like y’all had an awesome time! I’m loving these videos!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • What a lovely video! Can I ask what Jeremy & yourselves use to edit the videos with? I recently upgraded my camera & I’m trying to get my head around the video function…
    I have been a huge follower of yours Elsie since your early days on flickr & its great to see you doing so well. Although I am not a dab hand at crafts, I do a bit of photography & get lots of inspiration from your site.

    Keep up the amazing work ladies!!

  • Great feel-good video! As soon as I read “Palm Springs” I knew that I was gonna see pictures from the ACE Hotel 😉 Cool place, I bet, although I only know the one in Portland.

  • Such a sweet video! Does Jeremy use a smartphone to film the videos, or the a camera? Really great clips and editing, really inspiring!

  • Jeremy make really good videos 🙂
    And Elsie and Emma look beautiful as always 😀

  • seems like you guys had loads of fun! the place looks pretty too


  • Ah this is rad is rad! I have such a hankering to hit up Palm Springs. And you guys got paid to go! So rad. I love it. Yay life!

  • Love Jeremy’s video! What a cool idea the title using a letter for each window in the airport. Beautiful scenes great use of lighting! Please keep coming more videos!

  • What a superb app can you get it on all smart phones? Thinkin of upgrading mine see and that app would be awesome for me. Looks like you had a lovely time 🙂

  • Looked like you had an incredible time! There were amazing shots, and that app! I want 🙂 But seriously, that was amazing footage, and then the following photos! Gorgeous! xoxo

    Emily ❘❘ daisylocks.blogspot.com

  • what a cool video! had a really vintage home-movies nostalgic vibe to it! just thought i’d mention one thing though- you have said you got to *HANG OUR Canon contact* when of course you meant *hang with our /hang out with* . saw you had some comments lately regarding typos and spellings.. sheesh you really need to get on that ladies! Canon might not see the funny side if it in this instance. Gee I think nearly every second blog post I read here has some sort of silly mistake or typo in it.. it can get a bit annoying for a reader to notice so often, please ladies hire an editor or someone to proof read!

  • Oh man I love love love all of Jeremy’s videos! Including this one! Palm Springs looks really beautiful 🙂

  • Uhm that printer is amazeballs! I wasn’t going to bother buying a new printer because I hardly ever print anything and when I do I use the library, but the fact that you can print pictures from your cell phone is freaking brilliant! I’m in!

  • I love your videos! More please! You captured sunny California perfectly. I’ve eaten at Cheeky’s and it is great!

  • What an adorable video! Great job Jeremy!

    Stephanie May*


  • This video was the best yet. Made me feel really happy for you all. Plus, that bathing suit? SHAZAM!

  • Love the boot glass, I want one…..actually I need one x


  • Your video vacation journals have inspired me so much that I am attempting to capture video on my vacay now;) From NYC to Dallas, Arkansas to San Diego and back out to my home of HI, I hope it makes for a great video! Where do you get your music so that it doesn’t infringe on copyright laws?

  • I loved the video! He is so talented! Also, thank you for the list of places to check out 🙂 I can’t wait for me and my hubby to explore Palm Springs.

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • What a neat experience you got to have! I hope to one day be able to go on fun trips with my blog! You guys are such an inspiration.
    Jeremy is very talented with video! I always love watching them:)
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • palm springs always makes me think of my bestie and the awesome weekend we had there:) oh and cute vid!


  • SO cool! Such a great video! And that bloody mary?! Oh my!


  • Really soo nice video and you look always great. Nice trip and pics. Have a great weekend.


  • how fun! the video is awesome and that bloody mary?!? omg, YUM!



  • Looks amazing, and what a great video! I love seeing the snapshots of everyone at work and play.


  • Lovely video! Palm Springs is one of my favorite places! I think it’s such a vintage/dreamy/perfect place!

  • Thank you so much for making beautiful and inspiring videos like the one in this post. It really helps someone like me who’s in an office for what feels like 95% of my life to remember the sunshiny days and aspire after them for the future.

  • Hi, Elsie! Lovely video and photos! Umm…this has nothing to do with the post but I was hoping you read this comment. I was wondering if the Mr. + Mrs. outfit posts can come back. At least just one more time. Tremma version. Please?

  • Whoa – did I see Emma drinking our Jamaican famous Red Stripe beer? :-)) Good for you Emma!

  • I absolutely LOVE Jeremy’s videos and really hope to see more of them! He’s so talented and I love the way he mixes the short glimpses into your adventures with great music!!

  • Nice video and great shots! Is that a bloody mary in that “shoe” glass? 🙂 Looks delish – cannot wait to get to Palm Springs one day soon.

  • How come you guys never wear helmets when you’re riding bikes? I live in Portland, OR where we have tons of cyclists and it freaks me out to see people not wearing them when I know what one crazy car or bad turn can do to you!

  • Have you guys ever tried using posse.com – its a great way of collecting all your favourite places in a town in one spot – you collect “streets” filled with your favourite things, then you can look up other peoples streets to get recommendations of where is a cool restaurant / shop / activity etc in other towns (or your own town) – great if you want to find a good cocktail nearby or if you want to locate somewhere kid-friendly etc

  • Jeremy is so talented!!! I’ve been patiently waiting for this video ever since he instagrammed him working on it 🙂 more videos please!

  • Must have been a wonderful trip and you look so super cool in your dungarees! I have to admit much better than I in my dungarees 🙂

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  • Seeing these pics makes me miss living in the desert! Palm Springs was my home for a couple years almost 10 years ago…it’s changed so much! Now I want to go back and see all these fun places you recommended! One thing I know hasn’t changed is Las Casuelas in downtown PS…it’s so yummy and the atmosphere makes for a fun night! I miss their chicken cilantro salad! YUMMM! Sherman’s Deli is also so good, locally owned and always good, especially for breakfast! Thanks for sharing such great pics! Now I’m hungry… 🙁

  • Oh my! It was so wonderful watching this video and it brought back so many memories from my husband and I’s honeymoon/our friends wedding there two weeks ago!!

    We stayed at The Alcazar which was attached to Cheekys! We loved the food and they actually did all the food for our friends wedding too 🙂

    Take me back already!! Glad you ladies had SO much fun!!

    Lulu xx


  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … You guys are amazing. What an excellent team you all make together. The video and the photos are fantastic!

  • Hi sisters! it’s really nice video. I love the music a lot. I follow you since 3 or 4 years and it’s amazing what is happening to you now. I mean, the conférences for canon, trips…good for you! congratulations!!

  • Love this both the pics and video! I totally went to Cheeky’s thanks to your post. Love it there. Palm Springs is one of my favorite escapes. Just went back for my bday.

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