A Trip to Palm Springs with Canon

You guys! Last weekend we went on a biz trip to Palm Springs. I know… how did we ever get so lucky (spoiled)? Definitely felt like more of a mini vacation than work. We had such a fun (and delicious! and sunny!) time. We were there teaching a scrapbooking class for Canon, which was a blast. All the students were so sweet! Plus we got to hang out with our Canon contact, Stephanie, who showed us the new Canon app that lets you print your cell phone photos from almost ANYWHERE using the cloud! Jeremy got a shot of me using it in the video. It was pretty cool to come home to Missouri and find our Palm Springs photos printed out on the printer. πŸ™‚ Anyway, this was definitely one of my favorite business trips ever. We visited all our favorite foodie spots, enjoyed some poolside time and got to ride bikes around the beautiful mid-century neighborhoods. We came home incredibly inspired!

I hope you enjoy the video Jeremy made of our trip!Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 2A Beautiful Messy Life 2Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 6Palm Springs 1Palm Springs 8Palm Springs 1xoxo! Elsie + Emma

ps. If you're curious about a list of Palm Springs spots we love we've shared them here

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson

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