#ABeautifulMessxEtsy: The Sellers We Worked With!

Today, we are highlighting the incredible sellers we worked with on the A Beautiful Mess x Etsy collection! About nine months ago, Emma and I started the process of curating this collection with Etsy and along the way we got to work with an amazing group of sellers, bouncing ideas, choosing materials, tweaking samples and eventually launching this entire collection together. We have become huge fans of each of the sellers in our collection, so today we’re excited to share a bit more about each seller and the work they create!

À la maison & co.

Passionate about art and decoration since always, the founder of À la maison & co., Carole-Anne Roy, has been designing and manufacturing accessories for the home and everyday life for about six years. The company was born out of a desire by its founder to let her creativity run wild without constraint. Strongly inspired by the shapes and textures of fabric, Carole-Anne and her team advocate a slow made approach by favoring the quality of the finish and by prioritizing optimal quality materials. À la maison & co. wishes to inspire people to decorate their home to make it a place where it is good to live and simply feel good. Click here to shop Carol-Anne’s throw pillows (in peach and blush).

Brown Butter Beauty

Brown Butter Beauty creates artisan skin and haircare formulas that harness the benefits of botanical ingredients. Christine Gant, former museum photographer, founded Brown Butter Beauty in 2007 with the intention of creating effective products with natural botanical-based ingredients. Her main hope was for her beauty/personal care line to ultimately inspire and encourage women to practice necessary self-care, wellness, and beauty rituals using natural-based ingredients. Click here to shop Christine’s natural body oil.

Bardot Bow Gallery

Emily is designer and owner of Bardot Bow Gallery, a curated collection of upscale hair accessories that are handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bardot Bow Gallery represents a modern celebration of hair and fashion through the decades. Like a fresh tube of lipstick, these accessories are a small and affordable way to add a little fun and “romance the ordinary.” This brand celebrates femininity, confidence and female empowerment. Emily balances her business among her husband and their tiny tribe of four. She enjoys time with close friends, traveling, wine, yoga and perusing shops and markets in artsy towns. Click here to shop Emily’s headbands (for adults and kids) in apricot, vanilla and rust.

Calhoun and Co.

Calhoun and Co. is a gift and home décor line founded by Kerry Stokes. We’re based in Brooklyn, New York. Our products are designed with a little bit of humor, cozy weekend vibes, and the intention of spreading a little more kindness into the world. We have fun with our work and believe gift giving should be an enjoyable experience. Our inspiration comes from community, friendly faces, interesting places, and spending Saturday morning cozied up with a cup of coffee and our dog, Slug. Click here to shop Kerry’s knit blanket.

C by M Creative

Mary is the owner and creator of C by M Creative, and a businesswoman turned entrepreneur who decided to follow her dream and open her own artisanal woodworking boutique that focuses on creativity, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices. From tree to finished product, the entire process is done by our team of artisans. We hand cut, solar dry, and ultimately handcraft all of our products, ensuring that each item is created with love, patience, and care. Click here to shop Mary’s wooden serving trays.

Design Pretty

Oneka is a wife and mom of three beautiful children. She makes a line of gemstone home décor out of her home studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She was born in Georgetown Guyana and immigrated to New Jersey when she was 5 years old. At 21, she started her own business making custom linens and window treatments and she’s been creating ever since. Her product line has evolved since its inception, from sewing linens to creating a tabletop collection out of quartz. Click here to shop Oneka’s coaster set.

Dovekie & Finch

Gwen and Nathan McLamb are the husband and wife team and makers behind Dovekie & Finch. Gwen started exploring the concrete medium as a creative outlet during her Stage 3 breast cancer treatments. It wasn’t long before Nathan jumped on board! Over the last four years, they have continued to learn more about creating with concrete and the science behind a quality artisan concrete piece. They continue to hone their skills, dream up designs, and find their niche. They love to incorporate copper, gemstones, moss, leather, and paint into their creations. They have a deep love of plants so designing planters was an obvious choice and makes up a large percentage of their work. But you will also find other fun home décor items like trays, ring holders, coasters, and even lamps. Click here to shop Gwen and Nathan’s ceramic display trays.

Gabrielle Silverlight

Gabrielle is a handmade ceramics artist from Philadelphia. Each sculptural object is created to heighten everyday activities through functional, tactile and unique design. Gabrielle’s collection is an exploration of form and texture that combines strong geometric patterns and color with organic aesthetics. Influenced by coastal landscapes and the plant world as well as various art movements, Gabrielle works intuitively, often letting the process guide the end result. Every piece is made with the intention that it will stand out yet still fuse seamlessly into everyday wear, use and décor. Click here to shop Gabrielle’s floral vases.

Hazel Bea

Kate is the maker and mama behind the hook at Hazel Bea, where she designs and create cozy knits. She’s an East Coast Canadian and mom to two sweet girls, Caroline and Charlotte. Being a mom in a very cold climate in the winter inspires many of her designs. The goal for her has always been to make things that are fun and functional and really well made so that they can be worn year after year! Click here to shop Kate’s knit hats (for adults and kids in pink + brown and ivory + orange).

Katie M Mudd Ceramics

Katie is a production potter based in Portland, Oregon, and she spends her days covered in clay. She loves everything about this medium—the mess, the patience, and the awareness it requires—they all teach her something new every day. And through it all, there is something so special and rewarding in knowing that in this process she’s making a piece that will become part of somebody else’s life, and somebody else’s narrative. Click here to shop Katie’s ceramic mugs/tumblers, coffee pour over, and planters (pink and stars).

Kaju Creations

Mariana Carneiro is a jewelry designer from Rio de Janeiro. She founded Kaju, a Vancouver-based jewelry studio focused on contemporary designs created by the designer Mariana Carneiro. Each piece is designed, molded, baked, sanded, and assembled by hand, which makes each of them special and unique. Kaju is all about empowering women to feel their best! As comfort is essential to feel good, her pieces are hypoallergenic and carefully designed to be super lightweight. Click here to shop statement earrings (in rainbow and terrazzo).

Posterity Paper

Tiffany Grimes helps busy women show up for the people in they love through modern, humorous and thoughtful stationery. She witnessed the simple power of sending a greeting card and handwritten message from her late grandmother. Tiffany’s mission is to continue her grandmother’s legacy by inspiring a new generation of thoughtfulness through stationery. The diversity of her experiences and interests bring a fresh voice to the stationery industry. Her unique POV is informed by her faith, her race, her infatuation with ’90s slang and her curiously compatible love for Anne of Green Gables and Afros. When she’s not homeschooling her three children or watching basketball with her husband, Tiffany can be found sipping chai and catching up on her backlog of podcast episodes. Click here to shop Tiffany’s greeting cards.

Proper Letter

Aislinn is the owner of Proper Letter. Proper Letter is a hand-lettering and design studio with a mission of filling spaces with intentional, empowering and fun words. She specializes in hand-lettered goods, of all types and mediums, with a focus on uplifting and inspiring those who own them. Click here to shop Aislinn’s welcome doormat.


Erin Barrett is a fiber artist and textile designer based out of her home studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon after being introduced to the art of weaving, Erin started researching more about the craft and eventually taught herself how to weave. From there, the beloved hobby blossomed into the small business that Sunwoven is today. Through this work, Erin hopes to bring warmth, happiness and inspiration into the homes of others with each handmade piece she creates. Click here to shop Erin’s handmade weavings (rainbow and roving).

The Jungle Hook

Alex designs and creates handcrafted wooden decor in Austin, Texas. Trained as an engineer, he spent several years in the world of product and packaging design before deciding that what he really wanted to do was come up with ideas for things he was excited about and create those things. He likes when his work makes people smile. When he’s not busy making things, Alex enjoys hiking, exploring local creeks and swimming holes, and connecting with family and friends. Click here to shop Alex’s animal wall hooks (elephant, triceratops, and giraffe).

To shop our entire collection, click here!

xx- Elsie

  • Thank you for highlighting all the makers like this! I really enjoyed reading a little about all of them and putting a face to their amazing creations!

    • Some of the items have sold out already but the sellers are trying to restock when this happens if they are able. But yes, pretty much it’s avail until it’s gone. 🙂

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