ABM Headquarters Tour (Part 2)

A Beautiful Mess officesA Beautiful Mess offices ABM officesToday I’m excited to show the second part to our headquarters (you can see the first room here, in case you missed it).  As I mentioned yesterday when we shared the first of our two office rooms, we wanted a space that allowed us all to feel connected and be able to communicate with each other quickly, but that was also a little more spread out and less distracting. That was a big part of why we decided to move upstairs and disperse our team into a couple of different rooms. 

ABM office space ABM office space ABM office space ABM office space In this second room, you can usually find me (Emma!), Sarah, and Jacki. Jacki was on vacation the week we snapped these photos so that’s why her desk looks abandoned. 🙂

Probably my favorite feature in this room is the striped ceiling. It’s so fun!

ABM office space ABM office plantsCook book libraryStrip ceilingABM office space We have quite the art collection going in this room too. On one wall we have our bulletin mood board, on another wall is a large vintage map, and above my desk area I used Mandi’s tutorial to create some fun pop art prints of my three dogs.

ABM office spaceI love our little office space. It’s simple, colorful, and has everything our tiny team needs. Next up we’ll be showing you Elsie’s office. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Sources: Desks + chairs/Amazon, rug/Target, curtains/Target, file cabinet/Poppin, giant map + dress form/vintage, color wheel clock/DIY, book shelves/Target, and light fixture/West Elm.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy. 

  • I love the vintage map! I have an old school roll down map in my house and it has to be one of my favourite pieces of art ever!

  • Hi Julie! Send us an email at: Support AT redvelvetart DOT com and we’ll be able to help you with that! 🙂 -Jacki

  • I love the striped ceiling! What color gray is that? I’m having a hard time finding a gray paint I love, I don’t want a blue-gray.

  • your room look comforting and refreshing! it’s motivated to work.
    is the chandelier DIY?? if it is, can you pls share with us the tutorial?? it’s amazing!!

  • Hi Ladies,

    I have a question for you and a potential blog post idea! How do you all deal with cyber-bullying? I am sure you get mean comments or strange stalkers all the time and I would really love to know how you handle this?


  • Such a lovely space! Love it! Excited to see Elsies office!

    Lulu xx


  • I am not a fan of the new layout on my iPad. The articles only fill the left half of my screen and I can’t zoom in on pictures or text anymore. 🙁 maybe I’m missing something but I can’t seem to fix it.

  • Loving the office tour! Thanks for sharing. Next time do you mind please showing what the room looked like before? I love before and after photos. Plus it can provide a greater appreciation of the amount of work you have invested into the space.

    Love, love, love the striped ceiling and the desk chairs. Great job!

  • Your office is so dreamy! So clean and inspirational to work in. Loved the little hook on the wall to hold your headphones Emma. You guys are always finding clever little ways to be functional and pretty! Thanks for sharing. x

  • I bought the same bookcase from Target for my college room, but in the white-natural combination. Such a versatile piece!

  • I love it! I particularly love that inspiration board– as much as I love Pinterest (and I totally do) there’s something about a real cork board/magnet board that is just so fun.

    Always, Anita

  • Wow! I love your office, it’s such an inspiring and fresh place 🙂
    Can’t wait to see Elsie’s studio!

  • I’m loving your headquarters! So bright and cheerful!

  • Oh the striped ceiling is so cute! And I love the rug. It’s seems like a really lovely room to work in!


  • Emma, your desk looks a little different than Sarah’s and Jacki’s. Do you have a link for it? Thank you!

    I really wish we had Target in Europe. I would be the Ombre curtains in a heartbeat.

  • This is lovely. Is it always this tidy though? I get my workspace just the way I like it and then I work in it and it all goes sideways. Could you give some tips about keeping things organised?


  • I love how sleek this room looks x>
    I can’t wait to see elsie’s office room!
    Thank you so much for putting so much effort in this, without you girls i don’t know from where else i could get ideas & inspirations.This blog is truly like a treasure chest.

  • Very nice place and looks so creative. I wish you many amazing ideas and you make a perfect job. xaxa

  • You can see the friendship and fun filling this happy space!

  • That striped ceiling is great! Love seeing these glimpses of your workspace, and the little projects you’ve got on display!

  • This looks like something straight out of a kikki k catalogue. It’s amazing. Wish I had a workplace like that!! Wow…thank you so much for sharing 🙂 you probably have no idea, but your blog continually makes my day. Keep up the good work! xx

    Meet me at: http://bicyclestograpefruit.blogspot.com

  • The two rooms are beautiful, but this one I must say is my fave! I am so excited for you guys, and how much you’ve come. It’s very interesting too how your workspace is an entire house! Hope we get updates on the rooms whenever there’s a makeover!


  • Love how colorful this space is. The ceiling and pops of color are a great combo. Jealous of your desk area, Emma! <3

  • Those stripes are awesome! I adore the fun pops of different patterns.


  • I love how eclectic and put together this room is! I would love to have an office like that. And the ceiling! 🙂

  • Loving seeing this tour! I’m like you, Emma; I’d have to be a bit removed to focus.

  • Love your work place…that file cabinet is gorgeous… inspiring place to do some inspiring work…



  • I love this! You have such an inspiring and creative place! I’m so excited to get to work on my new home office. Hopefully I can add some elements that really get my creative juices flowing as well! So cute!

  • I spot a whole lot of A Beautiful Mess DIY projects! I love how we can recreate parts of your headquarters at home, haha. I think my favorite detail is that gorgeous striped ceiling, though.


  • WOW! You’re office is such a wonderful place. It looks so refreshing. I love the chandelier the most!


  • Can you please share what paint you used for the wall color? I love the subtlety but not the start white!

  • You guys have created such a nice space for yourselves!
    Every detail looks so carefully thought out and wonderful. I think my favorite is the striped ceiling though. So cool!


  • oh my goodness this is beautiful! i love the orange filing cabinet and the ceiling *swoon*

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