ABM Headquarters Tour (Part 1)

A Beautiful Mess offices A Beautiful Mess offices I like calling this our headquarters. Makes us seem like we’re real big time. The ABM office space has undergone some serious changes this past year as we’ve grown more than Elsie and I ever expected. And that’s probably because we’re not the best planners in the world, to say the least.

Today we’re excited to share part of our workspace with you. Here’s where some of the magic happens. But first, let’s take a look at this room before we moved in…

ABM office room beforeWhat I really love about this room is it’s almost like a hallway since it leads to so many other spaces. It also has great, old wood floors and a big window (not pictured). We were not as crazy about the wallpaper and border though. Plus we wanted to give this room some more personality. Here’s what we did.

ABM coffee cartABM coffee cart ABM coffee cart First off, every work area needs a coffee cart (or other designated coffee space). We have two non-coffee drinkers on staff, and I have no idea how they function. I would be such a zombie without my morning coffee!

Trey GeorgeLauraPhilip BowlesJosh RhodesThe ABM teamWe originally built this DIY desk so that it could seat six people. And for a long time it did. But as we grew, it felt more and more crowded with everyone’s computers, notebooks, cups, and other office supplies. We also found that some people feel more distracted in crowded atmospheres, so their productivity suffered (mainly I’m talking about myself). So, we’ve worked to create a space that allows us to feel connected without feeling overly distracted. 

This room is shared by Laura, Josh, Philip, and Trey. Plus we all crowd in when the coffee is ready. 🙂

Lots of lightFavorite cornerA Beautiful Mess offices A Beautiful Mess offices Crazy cat lady mugCoat rackDesktop Desk topGreen ceilingReader comment boardTrey George Some of my favorite details in the room include the teal green ceiling, the wall hanging that Laura created last month, and our Favorite Commenter’s marker board. On this little white board we write comments that make our day because we have the best readers in all the world. 🙂

I know some of you are probably already itching to see what’s in that room behind Trey in the above photo. Don’t worry! I’ll be sharing our other “headquarters” post tomorrow so you won’t have to wait long. I’ll be listing off lots of resources for the things you see in the room in the credits, but if you have any additional questions, just let us know. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

See more about our coffee cart here. Sources: Desk/DIY, Chairs/Amazon, giant calendar/Stendig, donut art/DIY, gold plant stand/Target, teal cart/Target, metal envelope/Target, light fixture/West Elm, ceiling color/Pantone Emerald.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy. 

  • Hello! I love this office! Can you tell me the paint colors you used on the ceiling and walls? Thanks!

  • Hi there, I really like the look of that cat phone case… can you please tell me where you got it? Can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks so much 🙂

  • I must have missed this somehow, but what brand is your ceiling paint?

    Beautiful office space. It’s cheery and soothing at the same time 🙂


  • From a few desk workers to another, how do you guys feel about those chairs? I’m really into the aesthetics but before I buy one I would love to know how they function for you 🙂

  • OMG! There’s so much inspiration here! And I absolutely LOVE that “Normal is boring” sign!

    Great job! And thanks for sharing! (Is there too many exclamation marks??)

  • Hi Mafer,

    I’m not sure if we’ll do a whole post about it, but I’ll leave that to the team. I can tell you that tablet-looking thing is just an external monitor, so I have more desktop space. I wanted something small and USB-powered, so it could be portable. It’s a GeChic On-Lap (just something I found on Amazon), and it works fine for what I need (spreadsheets and email). Certainly not something I’d recommend if color and resolution are important to you.


  • oh this pics are so great! and so much nice boys there;) is there one free???
    hihi…. kisses from germany and please follow me,too

    great hugs from me…. carri

  • What a beautiful office! I love the décor! The teal ceiling, the envelope mail box, the wall hanging – it’s all really lovely.The desks are amazing too. It looks like such an amazing place to work. And I know how much a good work environment makes you so much more productive. It must have been so much fun decorating the space!


  • I have a serious wish to work in an office like this, LOVE IT! That ceiling color looks so amazing combined with al the whites from the walls <3

  • Looks amazing! You have inspired my sister and I to be brave and give our own blog a go 🙂 well done for achieving HQ status!

  • So excited to see more of the ABM ‘Headquarters’. Also loving your new book Happy Handmade Home…I pre-ordered a copy through Amazon and did a joy filled wee dance when it arrived in my letterbox (all the way over here in New Zealand!)

  • Oh my, if that isn’t just the most beautiful workspace! Love everything – the teal ceiling, the lamp, the clever table and the coffee space! I’d be willing to flying out of Amsterdam every day, y’know, just to sit in the same room as all the ABM people! 🙂
    The Sorted Hats

  • This is awesome! I love seeing your creative space, however it makes me want to run around and re-do my whole office…okay, I don’t have an office, I have a dining room table with laptop:) But still, great ideas, wonderful light, and pops of color!

  • Dying. Everything is utterly flawless.

    Can I come work for you? Or better yet, just come hang out in your gorgeous office?

  • You know we’ve all been waiting for this reveal, right? It looks like such a functional, happy, space! Am so so happy for all of you, and so in awe of Elsie’s vision and all of your talents. Here’s to much bigger and better things! [Is a move on the cards? Because you know you’re going to have a million orders for physical product! Hope so! That means more ‘before and after’ decoration posts – yum!]

  • I love your workspace! Also, have y’all ever considered making an espresso how-to post? I have the same espresso maker, but have trouble getting consistent results. Y’all seem like big coffee fans (yay Intelligentsia beans!), so maybe you might haves some tips.

  • What colour white is on the walls? I see the ceiling colour but not the walls.

  • This is so inspiring. My dad is visiting and in the process of building a desk for me. I’m so excited for it and your office space really fills me with ideas on how to style my home office. Hopefully I’ll be busy all weekend turning ideas into reality! Thanks guys!!!

  • The studio looks really awesome! Would love to work in a space like this with every bouncing ideas and thoughts of each other. Can’t wait to see more!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  • Wow… amazing! I’ve only been around a few weeks, so I work out of a tiny desk in the living room. 🙂 Gotta start somewhere. But I love the ‘comment’ board, just might need to get one for myself, and the ‘Normal is Boring’ picture. That should go on our front door. lol

  • What kind of monitor is that with the blue kick stand looking thing?! I love that set up!

  • I absolutely love the ceiling! I never considered using a block of colour on the ceiling instead of the walls but it looks amazing!
    It’s amazing how far the house has come from when you first bought it! I can’t wait to see the rest!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo April Everyday

  • I don’t even drink coffee and I am seriously lusting after that coffee cart.

    Can’t wait to see more! I love your guys’ light and airy style.

  • We all like the chairs but we do have some people with back issues so we need to either use back pillows sometimes or switch out for a more back friendly chair. I mostly just need better chair posture!

    Laura 🙂

  • Hi Kat! We did do a clear coat on the table and it has a trim around the edges. For the most part it doesn’t snag on anything, but some of the deeper spots potentially could. Usually just our arms are resting on the table though 🙂


  • So beautiful and clean very contemporary. I HOPE ONE DAY MY BLOG CAN HAVE ITS OWN HEADQUARTERS, you are such an inspiration and such an amazing team.

    Congrats keep doing such an amazing job!

  • It’s nice to get a bit more of a glimpse into your headquarters! We sometimes get a peek here and there, but I like seeing it as a whole. I think that desk is fantastic! Can’t wait to see your next headquarters tour post 🙂

  • i can’t believe the transformation! wow! i’m still so impressed and surprised you all chose a house for your ‘headquarters’. i love it and can’t wait to see more!

  • Such a rad office, I mean headquarters. You really transformed the space from cramped to seemingly enormous. The white walls really are perfection with the bits & bobs of color throughout, be it the teal wall or the fresh flowers. It seems like a place to actually get things done. :] // http://www.itscarmen.com ☼ ☯

  • Thank you for sharing these great photos of your headquarters! They are so inspiring! I am a free-lance editor and work from home full-time now, and am finding my office a little…uninspired. I am going out this weekend to buy a new desk chair and some paint for the walls. Next step…a wall hanging! Love your blog and the work you all put into it. Thanks for spreading inspiration and happiness! 🙂

  • You guys are such an inspiration to budding bloggers (like me!).
    I love your tips, tricks, e-courses, apps, and of course, reading on here every day! Don’t know where I would be without your blog…. definitely not where I am today!

    <3 dani

  • is this the same room as the one in the table diy post?
    it is right?
    how come you guys changed it from black to white?

    either way, I love the space!!!
    so cheery!
    it must be a blast to work at the ABM offices!!!

  • The wall hanging is gorgeous; oh my! the teal ceiling – to die for!!! Are the chairs comfortable (does anyone get neck/shoulder strain?)? Such a wonderful room to work in.

  • LOVELY! i need go home and clear out my office and paint EVERYTHING white. so bright and inviting

  • I love the behind the scenes & day-to-day photos of what you guys do.
    I know it could be a bit boring, but could you guys do a post about how you organize/label/categorize/cull all your photos for posts & shoots? Maybe it’s just me.. but I think it would be super helpful & interesting!!
    Thank you!! xo.

  • HI!!! I LOVE THE HEADQUARTERS!!! I wish I had half the creativity you guys have 🙂

    I had a question can you give us a list or make a post about what each of you use, like computers or Trey’s tablet and for what do you use it???

    Love the blog.

  • Oooh Yay!!! I LOVE seeing your office spa–I mean–headquarters! 🙂 Such a beautiful space! You guys are so bomb! Can’t wait to see more.

  • love your ceiling- you could also add constellations, stars etc to it but maybe that would just add clutter?

  • Love it! I could only dream of actually owning a house and using it as an office, but I’m definitely okay with my loft style shop + studio space! The retail counter in my shop has the same kind of particle board/wooden top as your table in these photos. Do you have issues with it snagging or scratching you or your clothing? Mine does, so I was curious if you used anything to finish off the top or edges =)

    much love!

  • Oh my gosh Emma! How great is this space?!?! I LOVE every bit of it especially the ceiling color, the art piece painted on the wall, the coffee cart and donuts collage, the desks….oh my gosh…the desks are amazing! Wow….you guys are incredible. I love reading everything you post. Ok, I’ll stop gushing but one more thing…I’ve never been a white wall girl. I love color so much and have always thought it was better. Ok…my mind is completely changed. How fun and cheery and bright and not at all boring. Truly, just love it so much I want to live there. Have a beautiful day and enjoy your amazing offices!

  • Looks great, Laura’s wall hanging is awesome too btw! I really appreciate how you all allow yourselves and workspace to evolve instead of being stuck in a space that isn’t working for everyone

  • So pretty! I love the fact that it looks modern, yet still very homey- not a cold, industrial “workspace”. I love this space although if I were on your team (I wish!), I could’t work at a table with so many people. I get SO DISTRACTED by EVERYTHING! Lol Can’t wait to see the rest! Love, Marketa

  • Oh, I LOVE this 😀 And I adore that “Favorite Comment” board: so creative! This space really reminds me of some of the Branding Agencies that my Dad has worked for that I have had the privilege of visiting: the decor, furniture, and overall look of the HQ is so perfectly tailored to the business. You all are so cool. 🙂


  • The change is so incredible! What a bit of paint and color can do to a room, eh? I love the light that comes in through every window.

  • This is beautiful! I’m totally loving using color just on the ceiling, and the DIY table. It’s so hard to find a table that has adequate space to spread out functionally. It looks like a simple project too. Thanks for the inspiration, would love to be able to work in there!
    xo, Leah

  • This is the coolest office EVER. I love seeing the behind the scenes of what you guys do – I think a bunch of us readers are so curious! It’s neat to see some of A Beautiful Mess’s little DIYs around your headquarters, too.


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