ABM Studio: The Entryway (Progress)

The Entryway (progress!)We're making progresssss! Today I'm here to share the updates we've completed in the entryway. We still have a bunch of things to do in this space, but it's already come a long way. 

I surprised myself, because I was thinking, "hmmm- is this post gonna be too boring? I mean, we haven't changed much in the entryway yet." Then I looked back at the before photo…. Entryway BeforeHere's how the entryway looked on closing day. Big progress, right?! 

The new bright white walls go all the way up the stairway into the hallway. The trim is also a much brighter shade of white now. The light fixture is gone with a new one in its place (see it pictured below)! My favorite choice we made in this space was replacing the old door and screen door for just one brand new door. We debated on which color to paint the front door. There are just so many options that appealed to us. We went with this intense turquoise color, and I reassured myself there will always be other doors for other colors. (haha!)The Entryway (progress!)  Here's the view from outside. It makes me so happy every single day and it's easy to explain to people which house is ours! The Entryway (progress!) Still on our to-do list: Fill that bare wall (above) up with art, figure out something with the stairs (even just a way to polish them up?), build something in that space under the stairs and create a few small decor items like a wreath and a door mat! It's just SO good to be at the point where we can think about little details finally! 

A couple days ago these light fixtures went up (there is also a matching one at the top of the stairs, leading into the hallway). New entryway light fixture!Isn't it cute? Just need to get some bulbs. 😉

Thanks so much for taking a peek at our progress! I shared progress from our kitchen and dining room here as well. We are so thrilled our new space is taking shape! xo. Elsie 

PS. We have a big post about paint colors coming soon. I promise we'll share sources for everything in the house in the home tours. 🙂 I'm so excited, because the day we got the keys Jeremy and I made videos of every room in the "before" stage. It's gonna be so fun to look back when all the rooms are complete! 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson 

  • I love that colour for a front door! It’s so cheery and bright 🙂

  • I’m crazy about the front door color and the light! I painted my outside door color a bright poppy red but now I’m wondering if I can talk my husband into a bright turquoise inside. Would that be too weird to have a two tone door? My entry isn’t very big and I think it would totally perk it up. Dying for the light info too!

  • the colour of the door is so cute!! Where is the geo pendant light from? I want one for myself! x


  • I can’t wait to renovate my future home! Im looking in to buying my grandparents house.


  • The light fixtures are wonderful, and the antique character is absolutely charming!


  • The color of the entrance door is amazing!
    I have it in my son room, love it!


  • It looks soo beautiful!! Great job!



  • I love it!! It is so bright and welcoming! I can’t wait to see what else you do with the space. Also, I NEED to know where that light came from! That is exactly what I need in my foyer!

  • Being a lover of vintage light fixtures I would have found the beauty that came with the house to be an extra good thing and would never have removed it. I once lived in an old house and part of the condition of the sale when I left it was that I was bringing some of the old original light fixtures with me! That said though, the new one you got is pretty cute. And I love the colour of the door.

  • I love it ! each day I hope you posted about the progress of the house decoration.

    It makes me dream to see your choices and the creation process !

    Hugs from Paris, France

  • Wow! The door colour is amazing!! Love it!!

    Lulu xx


  • This is sooo beautiful – lovely colour – are you guys doing the painting and work yourselves, DIY?

  • You girls are so amazing at everything that you do! Your progress speed is crazy and it all looks soo good!Can’t wait to see the finished house, do you think you would ever actually do tours?
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • I love the bright door and the cool lighting 😀


  • Love it!! I did the same color on the inside of my front door, as well as the French doors on the opposite side. I also went with bold yellow stripes in my foyer to layer in some more color since the rest of the house is predominantly gray. Here’s the post. http://culdesaclife.com/2013/06/06/turquoise-much/

  • Hi Sarah! Yes, I will! I don’t know it off-hand, but we’ll share it soon!
    xo- Elsie

  • the blue door looks so good

    The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog

  • Great update and I think you chose right, with turquoise. What about a fun DIY graphic on the bases of each step? Or just two different stains?

    xo Ashley

  • I love the color of the door with the white walls and the wood floor, it’s a great combo!

  • You have not one- but two houses you get to redo and decorate! I am so jealous, it would be so fun 🙂

  • Love it! The new door and pretty color made a huge difference! I’m anxious to see what you choose to do with the stairs. The details on the moulding are really nice.

  • What a change…very pretty! Very similar to the Young House Love entry which I also love.

  • The new light fixture is adorable! Can’t wait for the sources to be up!

  • I absolutely LOVE that color on the door. Such a fabulous shade of turquoise. That light fixture is so cool, too! Great choices, girls.

    xo Denise

  • I love the colour of that door! And the stairs are gorgeous! I’d be very happy with this as my entry way 🙂


  • love the door color! & also – those details under each step? wow. so sweet. i love the house’s old bones & how well everything is coming together.

  • I love the update so far! That turquoise is perfect! I can’t wait to see everything else.



  • That bright blue door really draws you in!


  • The door color is so much fun! Love the light fixture, too. Thanks for sharing all of the awesome progress you’ve made so far!

  • I LOVE the color you chose for the door. Will you share the paint information later, please??
    That light fixture is also fabulous!

  • This colour is stunning, I love the wooden floors too! Wonderful!

    For inspiration I have created a blog > http://www.electricsoiree.com > If you have a moment to check it out 🙂

  • So darn sweet! The door color is a little bright for me, but the whole home is going to be one fabulous office and studio, so I say go for it! Love your progress pictures! Such a sweet process!


  • Beautiful. It’s coming out really stunning. wow


  • That’s my favourite colour on your door! I love it! Going to paint some things in my little student room in teal next month.

  • Oh, just love that door!! It’s my favourite colour <3 I really have to restrain myself, otherwise my whole house would be blue 🙂 (althought I am thinking of painting the stairs blue, especially now I’ve seen your post!)

  • The turquoise door is beautiful and I can see how it would cheer you! 🙂


  • It already looks great! Can’t wait so see what else you’re up to! xx


  • the bright turquoise door makes me smile:)


  • Love the blue door! I’m sure it was hard to pick the color.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do under the stairs. Whatever it is, I’m sure I will be jealous!


  • God I love this blog. SO GOOD. Makes me want to buy a new house and redo the whole thing except for a) I’m a poor student and b) have no idea how to do anything…

    Shame on me.

    I was wondering, if at some point during this unreal process- Could you show us how you take down wallpaper (especially if it has been painted over???)

    Help me?!

    Keep doing what you’re doing because all of us are loving it.

  • It is coming along so wonderfully!


  • That door is builder grade ugly! I like the color but the style doesn’t match the charm of the rest of the house. Why get rid of a door that let in natural light? You could have etched a design onto the glass for privacy if that was an issue. Aren’t the stairs dark now? What a bummer.

  • Yes! I’ve been wondering how awesome a turquoise door would look on our house and you’ve convinced me I should go for it! We have a yellow brick house and I believe it would look pretty awesome together. 🙂 Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see it all finished!

  • Very nice guys! It is reminding me of “young house love” blog entryway! I think the knobs on the front door should be changed to something a little more substantial IMO, then just add a wreath and magic!! 😛 Either way, your progress is awesome!!! Excited for these posts!!!

  • that door is perfect!! i absolutely love that color



  • Why have I never thought about painting the inside of my front door? Dreaming of colors now!

  • Beautiful!! Could you please share the source for the new geo pendant light? I am looking to replace the light fixtures in my house and am DYING over this one!! Thanks so much!

  • That front door is such a welcoming colour to return home to. I’m really conscious of how colours in my home make me feel, and I have a lot of that vibrant but relaxing and warm turquoise colour dotted around. Best of all, the garden shed is painted that colour and I love it 🙂 Great to see the progress!

  • I love the door colour! Just wondering if it’s a wooden or steel door? I hoping to paint my steel door but I’m not sure if it’s possible and/or long-lasting. Thanks

  • I love the color of the door and the grays of both the exterior and interior rooms! We need a new color on our door and while I’d LOVE to do a turquoise like you’ve done I think we’ll probably end up with a nice bright red instead.

    Happy Tuesday!

  • This reminds me so much of the entryway in the Young House Love house! I love the bright door. So lovely. Can’t wait to see more!


  • yay for the intense turquoise color! red, turquoise, and yellow have always been my go-to “door colors” and they’re what I’m deciding between for when we buy our first home… so it was so fun to see a real picture outside of my imagination! thanks for sharing more progress elsie 🙂 the house is looking so cute. i hope you guys plan on taking videos of the finished (when is a home ever finished?!) spaces to compare to the “before” home videos! xo

  • maybe under the staircase you can add some shelving and do some seasonal displays since you like to switch it up every so often.

    or even to display collections of sorts!

  • The colour of that door is pretty much perfect. Love the contrast with the floor.

  • Oh, how much I love the blue door! The geometric pendant light also fits perfectly with the whole look. Job well done! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Looks so lovely 🙂 Absolutely adore the new colour of the door!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  • It’s SO nice to see you’ve left those gorgeous stairs paintless (so far at least lol). They look SO gorgeous against those bright walls! Very nice:)

  • Love the door color! But did you really get rid of the antique light that was hanging in the entry way? Sadness.

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