ABM Studio: The Entryway (Progress)

The Entryway (progress!)We're making progresssss! Today I'm here to share the updates we've completed in the entryway. We still have a bunch of things to do in this space, but it's already come a long way. 

I surprised myself, because I was thinking, "hmmm- is this post gonna be too boring? I mean, we haven't changed much in the entryway yet." Then I looked back at the before photo…. Entryway BeforeHere's how the entryway looked on closing day. Big progress, right?! 

The new bright white walls go all the way up the stairway into the hallway. The trim is also a much brighter shade of white now. The light fixture is gone with a new one in its place (see it pictured below)! My favorite choice we made in this space was replacing the old door and screen door for just one brand new door. We debated on which color to paint the front door. There are just so many options that appealed to us. We went with this intense turquoise color, and I reassured myself there will always be other doors for other colors. (haha!)The Entryway (progress!)  Here's the view from outside. It makes me so happy every single day and it's easy to explain to people which house is ours! The Entryway (progress!) Still on our to-do list: Fill that bare wall (above) up with art, figure out something with the stairs (even just a way to polish them up?), build something in that space under the stairs and create a few small decor items like a wreath and a door mat! It's just SO good to be at the point where we can think about little details finally! 

A couple days ago these light fixtures went up (there is also a matching one at the top of the stairs, leading into the hallway). New entryway light fixture!Isn't it cute? Just need to get some bulbs. 😉

Thanks so much for taking a peek at our progress! I shared progress from our kitchen and dining room here as well. We are so thrilled our new space is taking shape! xo. Elsie 

PS. We have a big post about paint colors coming soon. I promise we'll share sources for everything in the house in the home tours. 🙂 I'm so excited, because the day we got the keys Jeremy and I made videos of every room in the "before" stage. It's gonna be so fun to look back when all the rooms are complete! 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson 

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