Acrylic Earring Holder DIY

Chances are, you probably have all your earrings somewhere in a pile or tangled together in the bottom of a jewelry box, but no more! This DIY is here to save the day! Earlier this year, I made a brass pyramid DIY to hold a lot of my earrings and it works great except for one tiny thing … it only holds earrings that hook into your ear rather than the kind that have a straight post and a backing. This earring stand, however, is perfect for that type of earring and looks really cute on your dresser as well!Supplies:
– balsa wood board (about 3″ wide, available at most craft stores)
– balsa wood square sticks (about 1/2″ wide, available at most craft stores)
– X-Acto knife, box cutter, and metal ruler
– cutting mat
– acrylic sheet (about 1/8″ thick, available at most home improvement stores)
– marble paper and mod podge or marble contact paper
– drill and drill bits
– white paint
– hot glue gun

You’ll want a 6×8″ rectangle of acrylic for your earring holder and if you can’t find one that exact size it’s actually pretty easy to cut one down to whatever you need. Just measure 8″ out from the end of a sheet and score a deep line with a box cutter and a metal ruler (go over the line a few times to ensure a good score).Line up the score line with the edge of a table or step and snap your acrylic piece off at the line. It is a pretty loud sound, so you may want to wear earplugs or put on some headphones for a second. Score another line on the piece you snapped off to create your 6×8″ rectangle and repeat the snapping process.Use your X-Acto knife to cut your balsa wood into a 3×6″ rectangle and cut your balsa square sticks into two 6″ pieces. Those are a little harder to cut with the X-Acto, so you may have to saw at them a bit, but it should work.Lay your acrylic rectangle on a cutting mat so you can see the lines below and mark a dot every inch vertically and horizontally so you have a grid of evenly spaced dots.Use a drill and a really small drill bit to drill through each hole (put a scrap piece of wood underneath the acrylic first). You only need the hole to be big enough for an earring to go through so you can use a pretty tiny bit for this one. Remove the protective plastic sheets from the acrylic.Hot glue your balsa wood square sticks in the middle of your balsa board, leaving just enough room for your acrylic piece to wedge in between. Paint the sides of your wood (or stain them) and then cover your wood base with either marbled paper and mod podge or marbled contact paper. You can either cut it to size and then put it on or you can cut a rough estimate, attach it, and then use an X-Acto to trim the excess from the sides. Slide your acrylic sheet into the middle slot and you’re ready to display some earrings! AGH! So good! I love how my gold geometric earrings look (a DIY, by the way) floating in the air with those pom-pom and tassel earrings nearby. Of course, you can use whatever pattern of paper you want for the base or you could just paint or stain it a solid color too. You could also tweak the dimensions on this and the bigger you make it, the more earrings you could hold! So get your earrings out of that pile and onto one of these instead! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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