Brass Earring Pyramid DIY

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) I am totally into jewelry organization. All those small rings, earrings, and dainty necklaces need somewhere to go at the end of the day or they just disappear into the abyss never to be seen again.

I’ve done a personalized epoxy jewelry box, made marbled ring dishes, and made a jewelry storage cabinet (with a mirror on the front), but I still haven’t done an earring organizer. So I thought it would be fun to make a pyramid earring stand like I’ve seen in a few stores lately.

It’s basically like making a brass Himmeli ornament except that it sits on a dresser rather than hanging in the air. Ready to make your own?

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Supplies:
mini pipe cutter
-brass tubes (I used 9 of these)
22 gauge gold floral wire 
-wire cutters
-ruler and marker

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more)Use the pipe cutter to cut your pipe into the following sizes: 6.5cm (x12), 15cm (x4), 10cm (x4), 5.5cm (x4).

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Thread a long piece of wire through the four 15cm pieces and twist the wire ends together to make a square. Snip the wire ends about 1″ short and  tuck the ends back into one of the pipes out of view. This will be the bottom of your pyramid.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Take another piece of wire and twist it around one of the corners of your base about 1″ in from the end of your wire. String six of the 6.5cm pieces onto the wire and down over the end of the wire that you just twisted to keep it out of sight.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Attach the free end of the wire to the opposite corner of your pyramid base, twist it around, snip the end 1″ short, and tuck the end back into a tube. This will be half of your vertical pyramid lines.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) To make the other half, repeat the process on the other two corners with the remaining six 6.5cm tubes, but when stringing on the tubes, only put on three, wrap the wire around the middle of the other six tubes, and then add the last three to create the top peak of the pyramid.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) To add the side structure pieces, wrap, snip, and tuck a wire end around one of the lower breaks in the vertical tubes. Add on one of the 10cm tubes to the wire, wrap the wire around the lower break on the vertical tube next to it and keep going with all four tubes until you can wrap, snip, and tuck the end once all four are attached.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Repeat the process with the 5.5cm tubes on the upper break in the vertical tubes, and your pyramid is done and ready for earrings!

NOTE: You may notice in the pictures that there is a thicker gold floral wire and a much thinner silver wire that was used. I did my first assembly with the thin silver wire thinking it would show less and be easier to bend, but it’s SO easy to bend that the wires wouldn’t even support the weight of the pyramid. So I switched to the thicker wire which works much better.

Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) Brass Earring Pyramid DIY (click through for more) I love when organization is pretty to look at and fits in with the rest of my decor and this gold pyramid does both in my space.

Actually, I love camels and just bought a camel ring holder that I think will be the perfect companion for the this earring pyramid, don’t you think? Hope this project was a cute way to solve an organization problem for you too! xo. Laura

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Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. 

  • hi! i bought all the materials needed to build this and didn’t realize i am 20cm short of what i need of brass tubes. could you tell me what are the measurements to make a slightly smaller earring pyramid?
    i really liked it and would like to build it but i am back in my home country and i can’t find the materials here so i bought them on my last trip to the US. thank you so much!

  • I glad to read this really loved it alot so nice jewelry making idea that you have discovered thanks for sharing this with us.

  • I so love your jewelry storage ideas! Would make a lovely gift too.

  • HA HA, yep, my mistake! It would be pretty tiny otherwise!

    Laura 🙂

  • I would just google brass tubing online and see what is available to you, hopefully there are other stores!

    Laura 🙂

  • I was just going to say the same thing. I think you mean centimeters. Millimeters are itty bitty.

  • This is amazing, love how easy to follow your DIY projects are!

  • Is it really supposed to be millimeters (mm) or did you guys mean centimeters (cm)? Millimeter measurements would make an awfully tiny pyramid. Cute… but tiny in an unfunctional way.

  • Hi! I love this and I plan to DIY it soon 🙂 I think you mean cm and not mm for the length (otherwise it’s a jewelry hanger for teeny mice!)

  • This is a wonderful idea, and it looks fantastic! I love how easy you can craft such things!

  • Is it just a coincidence that you featured this DIY during Passover week? 😉

  • Would be really cool if you guys can come up with a nice idea on how to store stud earrings, too.

    • I put my stud earrings on a two or four holed button, and toss them in my jewelry box. My jewelry box has a black lining, so I use black earrings, and they are very easy to locate.

      Pretty sure this is an idea from one of Martha Stewart’s colleagues.

  • Hi Patricia! We have a few guides at the top of the post. $ – 10.00 or less, $$ – 50 or less, and $$$ is 100+
    hope that helps 🙂 -Jacki

  • This is so cute!

    Can I request something? I know this might be hard but do you guys mind putting price estimates on DIY materials and/or final product? I’m soon moving to a small (but expensive) first apartment and I need to budget for furniture. Your blog is the #1 place I want to go for DIY ideas but I also want to have a better idea of whether or not I should DIY or just buy. Just a suggestion, thanks!

  • Do you know of anywhere else you can get this tubing? I checked Walmart’s Canadian website and it doesn’t seem like they sell it.

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