Basic Pasta Making

Homemade spinach and beet pastaGuys, I'm on a pasta making kick! Trey got me the KitchenAid pasta attachments for my birthday last month, and I have been playing around with them ever since. I really wanted to learn to make fresh pasta this year. It's been on my mind for a while, but I always felt a little intimidated to get started. I figured it would be sort of hard and that my first few batches would probably be flops. So I prepared myself for that mentally. (Yes, I psych myself up for kitchen things.)Making fresh pasta isn't as hard as you thinkBut it turns out that making pasta from scratch isn't all that difficult. I was surprised that my first attempt turned out really good, and it was delicious! That was actually the first time I had ever eaten fresh pasta too. Double win that night. 🙂 I learned how to make pasta from Martha Stewart's Cooking School. The book has a great step-by-step guide to making pasta dough. Honestly it's a really wonderful book for anyone looking to develop all sorts of basic kitchen skills. I'm a fan.Pasta dough recipeAfter I started to feel comfortable with the process I started making up my own little variations. I really wanted to add flavors to my pasta doughs (and color!). For regular pasta dough, I mix up 2 cups flour, 2 large eggs and a teaspoon of olive oil. For beet pasta, I used 2 cups flour, 1 large egg, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 1/2 tablespoons fresh beet juice. For spinach pasta I used 2 cups flour, 1 large egg 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 1/2 tablespoons fresh spinach juice. Elsie let me borrow her juicer so I could make my vegetable juices, but you could also buy vegetable juice. I like to mix my dough in a bowl until it's a crumbly mess. Then I turn the dough out onto a floured counter and knead together for 4-6 minutes. Then you let the dough rest for 20 to 30 minutes (be sure to cover it so it doesn't dry out too much). I have also made dough the night before, put it in a ziplock bag and store it in the refrigerator overnight. This works great but be sure to allow the chilled dough to sit out on the counter for 45 minutes to an hour before working with it again so it can warm up a bit. Cold dough doesn't stretch well, just like cold muscles. (Yeah, I know about that.)Adventures in homemade pasta makingDivide each dough ball into two pieces and roll out into an oval. Feed the dough through the pasta roller set at 1. You can also roll pasta dough out by hand using a rolling pin.How to make pasta at homeOnce you feed the dough through once fold it (as pictured above). Now feed it through the pasta roller set at 1 again (or roll by hand again). How to make fresh pastaFeed the dough through the pasta roller at each level (1, 2, 3…) until you get to 5. I stopped at 5, because I was making fettuccine. If you are making a thinner pasta, like ravioli, you may need to go a few more steps. Check your manual if you are a newbie like me.Homemade beet pasta recipeOnce you have your long thin giant pasta noodle you are ready to change your attachment. I put on the fettuccine attachment. You can also cut pasta by hand using a pizza cutter. Feed the dough through the cutter and catch it as your fresh pasta comes out the other side.Fresh beet pastaDrape your finished pasta on a drying rack. I like to go through all the steps with one pasta dough ball, keeping the other covered, so it doesn't dry out while I work. Once your pasta has been on the drying rack for few minutes it will begin to dry out. Duh. You can cook it or roll it into little pasta nests to save for later in the day. I bet you want to see my ultra fancy pasta drying rack, huh?Pasta drying rackGotcha! I don't have a fancy drying rack. I needed one in a pinch, I realized, so I use a cheap wooden clothes drying rack. Sort of funny I guess but it works well for me, and I can just fold it up and store it away when I'm not making pasta. So I think I'll just keep at it. Step by step instructions for making fresh pastaYou cook fresh pasta the same way you do store bought dry pasta expect that it takes slightly less time. I cooked this fettuccine in boiling salted water for 6-7 minutes and it was ready to serve. The best is to just taste and see if your pasta is done. What's fun about these pastas is that the dough is really colorful and contains very concentrated vegetable juices, but they don't have an overt vegetable taste. They are delicious, and I am pretty sure they could still pass a picky eaters taste test. Unless the picky eater hates colors. Poor color-hating picky eater.

Thanks for letting me share my current kitchen obsession with you. xo. Emma

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  • When I made fresh pasta with beet all the color ran out of it when I cooked it. . . .what did I do wrong?

  • My husband is a chef, but I love making pasta and baking. We decided for Christmas this year to gift our families something homemade. We came up with the idea of him making the pasta sauce and I would make the pastas and these will be PERFECT! Festive colors and added flavors to go with whatever kind of pasta sauce he ends up creating!

  • I really admire you for kneading by hand, but did you realise that you can do it all in the kitchen aid with your dough hook?? Just a thought for when you are in a rush! Very inspired to try with veggies thank you!

  • That has to be the most beautiful pastas we have ever seen! And it’s tempting us to get the pasta maker from cash convertor! Gorgeous idea and stunning pictures..we are so inspired:)

    Roland & Priscilla

  • I have always been curious about making my own pasta. I have never had the special attachment like you have. I will have to add this to m list for someday! My mom has a kitchen aid mixer & I will have to ask her if she has the pasta attachments. If not, I will have to find me something to make pasta. I am trying to be more organic & homemade is the way to go!

  • I love fresh pasta (and yours look so pretty)! My hubby is the one in our house to make it. We got a pasta maker off of Craigslist, it’s great and so easy to make. I will have to try out your beet pasta recipe.

  • We received a pasta maker for our wedding and after many botched attempts in the past, realized that it is an essential part of the process. So far we’ve just made white pasta, but I love the idea of adding a bit of natural colour. Thanks for sharing.

  • I suggest the kitchenaid pasta attachment to everyone! Once you get the dough down it’s so easy to actually make the pasta shapes!

    xo Sara @

  • That would be a sneaky way to sneak some extra veggie’s in on my kids. Fresh pasta is the best.

  • Agree with all the comments about the super colours!

    We inherited a 1960s pasta maker from my parents (Italians) and the best tip they gave us was to NEVER clean the inside of the machine with water as it makes the machine rust. Just run paper/kitchen towel through the machine over and over (and over) again to get all the gunk out.

    Hope that helps!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • I’ve been wanting this attachment for my Kitchenaid Mixer, and you’ve just confirmed those wants! Such beautiful photos!

  • Wow this looks so fun! I have thought about making my own as well but need to invest in the equipment! I love fresh pasta… it cooks dry pasta’s a$$ 😉

  • Sooo cool! I’m moving to India tomorrow and one of the things I’ll miss is fresh pasta. I definitely have to give this a shot!

  • On my life list:
    1. Get a KitchenAid
    2. Make Pasta with Pasta Attachment
    3. Make Ice Cream with Ice Cream Attachment

    This post is so inspiring and your pasta looks beautiful. I love how courageous you are with your cooking experiments.

  • Thanks for sharing with us! 😀 It looks delicious and you make it sound so easy to make pasta at home so now i dare try to do it too.

  • I love eating pasta but I am not much of a good cook. Still I am curious about how pasta is made and this post seems like making pasta is a lot of fun. But I think it is a bit time-consuming to make your own pasta. How many hours did it take you to finally complete your pasta-making project? As I have said, I am not much of a good cook but after reading your post, I really want to try eating pasta made by my own two hands.

  • Well done, looks great. I learnt to make pasta at Leiths in London and it really wasn’t ask hard as you’d think! Having said that, I still haven’t used my pasta maker at home…naughty Caroline x

  • I have the pasta attachment on my birthday list!!! Your pasta looks so good!!!

  • So so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your tips! I’ve really been in the mood lately to make homemade pasta since I got my attachment for my bridal shower!

  • This attachment for my mixer is next on my list! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mixer and make homemade bread all the time. I just got the grinder and veggie strainer attachment and can’t wait to try making sausage and later in the year, baby food for our son 🙂

  • Just had my first crack at pasta from scratch, never thought to add the JUICE of a vegetable! For some reason, I always thought you needed to incorporate the veggie itself. Gonna have a try at some of that beet pasta…Thanks for the idea!

  • Hey – I am already comfortable making pasta, but have yet to find a gluten free pasta recipe I really like! I see you guys have been experimenting with some gluten-free stuff, maybe you could tackle that?

  • The colours are beautiful , really want to try this I need to wheel off the packet stuff!

  • I recently dabbled in pasta making, its great fun and so much more yummy.


  • Thanks for this post! I have got these kitchenaid pasta attachements, but I only used them once! So I will definitely give it a try.

  • Fresh homemade pasta are the best! I used to go to a pasta restaurant as a student in which the cook was making his own fresh pasta and they were delicious! He coloured them with spinach and beet as you do, but also with tomato, saffron, cocoa, or flavoured them with parsley.
    I made pasta only once and that was lots of fun! Well, i actually made ravioli and that was awfully long to be honest, but I remember that the pasta dough in itself was quite easy to make! I plan on trying it again since i got ravioli molds for Christmas! Can’t wait!

  • I am hoping for the Kitchen Aid to land its way in my kitchen…soon to be followed by the pasta attachment and the Ice cream maker attachment! You saying it’s not so hard is encouraging me greatly!

  • wow this is really awesome……it makes me wanna run right out and get that attachment for my mixer 🙂

  • i never knew what pasta was actually made of. it’s just flour eggs and oil? wow – not as complicated as i thought! the batches you photographed look very yummy and i bet they were! i was thinking of getting the pasta attachment too, but i think i’ll get the icecream maker first, cause i’m more of a sweet tooth. 🙂

    love, x

  • My dad is very Italian so I grew up with homemade pasta,
    So good!

    Juliette Laura

  • This looks great! I love pasta, but have never made it myself, would love to try to though! Lovely post and photos!

  • Oh I have been really wanting to get the pasta attachment…You just convinced me to get one fast…thanks!!

  • I love those colors. I would love to make some homemade pasta!! I know what to put on my birthday wish list now.

  • so freaken cool! I really want one of these attachments I’ve been dreaming of making my own pasta for ages. love all of the colors too! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • I’m really really jealous :)…I’m wishing for a kitchen aid since I’ve been a teenager 🙂
    But your pasta just looks amazing, I love the colors!

  • Jamie Oliver on youtube taught me how to make pasta!
    I still find it terribly time consuming and it all glugs together.

  • Yum yum yum! I love making pasta, definitely wanna try these!
    I also absolutely love the tattoos you and Elsie have. Would you guys ever consider doing an entry on your tattoos and your experiences? I’d love to hear!

  • I love seeing the process! But I guess this is the most far I will go. haha

    p.s.: I am hosting my first giveaway for those who are interested

  • Beautiful pasta Emma! I have the pasta attachment as well. I definitely want to try the beet and spinach recipes!
    xx Allison

  • This looks amazing!! I’ve made ordinary-colored white pasta before, but the colored pasta is so rich and beautiful looking! I’ll definitely have to give veggie-infused pastas a try, thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Sweeeeeeet! Your pasta looks awesome!!

    Totes jealous of your pasta attachment Emma. Need/want.

  • I made my own pasta for the first time ever this year too and it is so exciting and delicious!! I never thought about adding colours however so maybe I’ll have to get the friends round with a bottle of wine again….

    We used our clothes rack too!!

    Fabulous blog by the way, you guys are a great inspiration for me.


  • The beet and spinach pasta looks so beautiful. I would love to make some for myself but I am so lazy. I rather have someone make it for me or just go out to eat.

  • It is so pretty!
    I love pasta but cannot really do the typical flours. I wonder if it would easy enough to make with other types of flour (like oat flour, rice flour,etc)

  • I always wanted to make pasta myself, maybe cut out with cookie cutters in funny shapes.

  • Oh my goodness! We just did the same thing for Valentine’s Day dinner Saturday night, I wrote a post on making black pasta with squid ink ( this morning. We used a drying rack too, making pasta is really, really fun!

  • I’ve never made pasta myself, but I may have to try one day!
    Katie xx

  • I’m italian and I live in the north of Italy in Turin, near Milan…what can I look very good! I just make tagliatelle with 100 grams of flour and one egg for person, without any oil… 😉 The colors are wonderful! Good job Emma, a big kiss Francesca

  • Oo, that looks so yummy. I am big fan of Italy food but I newer try to do pasta myself. Looks great. Have a nice monday.

  • i used to make fresh pasta from scratch every time i went to my grandma’s house in italy when i was little. now we don’t go as much, but fortunately, my best friend, who is also my neighbor got a pasta making thing a year ago and we’ve been making pasta for special dinners all the time.
    beet pasta is definitely the next one we’ll be making:)

  • Colorful pasta? Oh how I wish I had the equipment for making these 🙂 <3

  • Omg! I’ve always wanted to make my own pasta and you’ve made it look super easy. I’d love to one day own a kitchenaid too! Thank for sharing dear! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and have been dying to get some new pasta attachments. Thanks for the tutorial and recipe 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • I kind of want to try this if only for the fun colors! And of course, the photo op. 🙂

  • This looks awesome! Making fresh and homemade ingredients is definitely the way to go. You are such a food inspiration Emma.

  • oh my goodness your pasta looks absolutely fabulous! we live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen so a kitchenaid isn’t in the cards right now, but once i get one i will definitely invest in the pasta attachment. gorgeous photos as always!

  • I still have to test my pasta machine. This looks so great, I think I’m going to try it tomorrow 😉 xx

  • Hi Emma,
    I’m a college student and have been following A Beautiful Mess for a year now, but this is my first post! I grew up in a big Italian family and pasta is a family tradition for me 🙂 Your pasta looks beautiful; just like my Nonna’s. You and Elsie are so creative and have a wonderful sister-bond, I really admire you both.

  • So awesome!! Making homemade pasta is on my birthday list of things to do before I turn 28. These look so gorgeous!

    Love the drying rack 🙂

  • These look great, I love the vibrancy of the colours. I’ve never eaten fresh pasta either, I’m really wanting to try some now!

  • I love making pasta myself! It’s a lot of work but it’s totally worth it and tastes even better. I made my own ravioli for christmas and everybody loved them 🙂
    xo Julia

  • I would be huge if I had one of those pasta tools. By the way love the pasta colors!



  • my grandma was doing pasta using similar machine but with “power” coming from hands 😉
    colorful pasta looks great!

  • this is great! my grandmother used to make her pasta from scratch, but i was always too intimidated to try. i love your tattoo!

  • Spinach pasta is my favorite because you get all the good stuff without any bad taste!

  • I love the beautiful colors of pasta achieved with concentrated vegetable juice. I was sure it was food coloring, but this pasta just couldn’t get any more natural/homemade! Good job Emma 🙂


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