Affordable Vases to Collect

Vases are one of those funny things that you can never have too many of. When I buy flowers (typically from the grocery store), I love to buy two or three bunches and some eucalyptus as well. It’s so fun to bring them home and create 3-5 arrangements for our home.

The older I get, the more I appreciate this ritual and I feel the urge to cement “flower Fridays” as a real thing moving forward. I am a true believer that weekly rituals can make life happier, bit by bit.

Something I’ve noticed is that you really can’t have too many vases. Recently, I couldn’t find the size I needed and I was surprised— haven’t I been buying vases my whole life?

I decided in that moment to create my own inexpensive vase collection so that I always have ceramic pots waiting to be filled with fresh flowers.

Here are a few that are currently available! They are all under $35 (some much less!).

Seagrass Vase / Bud Vase Set / Watercolor Vase / Circular Vase / Face Vase / Orange Vase / Crock Vase / Glass Bud Vase / Small Glass Vase / 3-D Vase / Ribbed Vase / Terracotta Vase

Remember to collect a variety of big and small, and don’t forget to include some bud vases for those happy little bedside or bathroom vanity arrangements.

xx! Elsie

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  • Cute collection! Goodwill, charity, and thrift shops are dynamite places to collect vases for very little money! I don’t feel like this blog is very thrift-friendly anymore, but don’t forget second-hand items!

  • Hmm…I don’t want to sound negative but all the vases came from the same three places…(two of which are not available where I am…). The vases are pretty but a few more different options of where to buy them would have made this post better 🙂

  • Absolutely will be starting my own collection! Have you guys ever done a post/pod ep about styling fresh flowers? Or picking vases to go with types of flowers? I could use some help hahah

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