Aperol Spritz (For One)

An Aperol Spritz is one of my very favorite warm-weather cocktails, and it’s certainly one of my favorites to make at home because it’s so easy. In fact, a spritz is SO easy to make that it almost feels a little silly to post a recipe for one. But I do have a couple of tips around how I like to make mine at home usually just for myself, as my husband likes them OK but tends to drink something else unless I really peer pressure him.


If you’ve never tried an Aperol Spritz before, I LOVE them and highly recommend. It’s made of three ingredients: Aperol + Prosecco + Club Soda and then garnished with an orange wedge. It looks very fruity but it actually is slightly bitter (in a good way) and very refreshing. You need absolutely NO bar skills to make a spritz.

Here are my tips for making an Aperol spritz (for one) at home. First, I like to buy the tiny (individual) bottles of Prosecco. If you are hosting a party and making multiple servings then buying a full bottle makes more sense, but when it’s just me at home I don’t want to open a full bottle of Prosecco because it’s just going to go to waste.

Second, I love to use lots of different kinds of sparkling water/club soda. You are only going to use a splash of it in the cocktail itself, so open something that you plan to drink the rest of. I really like this because although I do love to have a cocktail now and again, I still want to stay hydrated so having an almost full bottle of Topo Chico along with my spritz isn’t a bad system to ensure I keep drinking water and not just alcohol.

And last, I usually only use one big slice of an orange in my Aperol Spritz, so I either eat the rest of the orange OR I save it by using a food hugger or beeswax wrap.

Cheers friends! xo. Emma

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Aperol Spritz (for one)

Servings 1 serving


  • 1 small bottle Prosecco
  • 4 ounces Aperol
  • big splash of sparkling water
  • orange slice for garnish


  • Combine ingredients over ice and enjoy.


More commonly, a spritz is equal parts sparkling wine (Prosecco) to Aperol, but I tend to make mine more like 2 parts Prosecco to 1 part Aperol. This is totally up to your own taste, make it how you like it! And don't forget to drink the rest of the sparkling water.
Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
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    FYI, here in Italy (where I am now for Christmas and New Years) it is usually 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part club soda. And on another subject, I made your Overnight Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast today New Year’s day, yummy!

  • I was introduced to these in Argentina last year and fell immediately in love! We have a local brewhouse that makes them and they are delightful for brunch too! I’m hoping this rainy weather clears up this week and I will make them this weekend.

  • Yum! I’ve been missing my weekender Aperols and now I can drink them at home, so thanks for the recipe!

  • thanks for sharing the recipe cause i had no idea what was in it!! hahaha when people order it, i normally just smile and wave hahaha

    stay safe!
    Beijinhos Jessy

  • Ooooo! Aperol Spritz’s are one of my most favorite drinks! I think I’ll make one today!♥️

  • Yay! I was hoping for a new cocktail recipe from y’all! Do you think it’s okay to sub Campari for Aperol? Thanks!

    • Honestly, I have found that Campari is much more bitter and Aperol is bitter with a tad more sweet. Depends on what flavor profile you like, but Aperol is not that expensive and just makes the cocktail wonderful. I’d try the real thing if I were you!

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