20 of Our Favorite Cocktails

Blood orange bloody maryIt may not be Friday just yet but we are already dreaming about the weekend! Here are 20 of our favorite cocktail recipes from our archives, in case you are needing to unwind or entertain friends this coming weekend. 🙂

1. It's no secret that we love bloody mary's! You should try a blood orange bloody maryWhiskey lemonade2. One of Emma's all time favorites: whiskey lemonadeFirst kiss punch3. This sweet drink is called First Kiss punchInfused vodka4. We love trying to infuse liquors! You can see our first attempt and the results here.Cinnamon sour5. Do you love unexpected flavors? Try a cinnamon sourThe skunkboy6. Elsie has a tradition of creating namesake cocktails for her close friends. This delicious creation is called the Skunkboy, named after KatieJalapeno bloody mary7. If you're in need of a little spice in your life try a jalapeno bloody marySangria8. If you're planning a picnic or backyard BBQ this summer might we suggest making a pitcher of sangria. Yum!Dolled up old fashioned9. Try a spin on a classic drink, like this dolled up old fashionedCitrus sparkler10. Nothing says "summertime" like a citrus sparklerMojito11. One of our all time favorites, and a signature cocktail choice at Elsie's wedding: a classic mojitoCucumber margarita12. Another twist on a summertime classic is a cucumber margaritaWhiskey ginger13. Want to make your own ginger syrup? Here's a recipe to creating a homemade whiskey ginger. Wasabi bloody mary14. Try a wasabi bloody mary for brunch this weekend. Lemon fizz15. In the mood for something a little sweeter? Try a blood orange lemon fizz.The pink house16. Another namesake cocktail created for our friend Rachel, the pink house.  Mango and sweet plum17. We love this mango + plum sweet tea cocktail. Yum!Whiskey sours18. Love this simple recipe for homemade whiskey soursSmashed raspberry lemonade cocktail19. There are so many ways to add fresh fruit to your drink. Try a smashed raspberry lemonade cocktailWhite wine spritzer20. And if you want something refreshing and simple try a white wine spritzer. Mmm!

If you can't or don't drink no worries, we got you covered. Check our recipe archives for lots of yummy non-alcoholic beverages. 🙂 Enjoy! xo. Emma + Elsie

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