20 Easy Cocktail Recipes

It may not be Friday just yet, but we are already dreaming about the weekend—and homemade cocktails. If you feel like getting cozy with a hot toddy, homemade margarita, classic sidecar, or brunch-worthy Bloody Mary, keep reading. We have SO many cocktail recipes in our archives—a roundup of our favorites is a must. *Clink*

Vodka Cocktails

We love a classic Moscow mule, but if you’re looking for something more you have to try this caramel apple version.

Do you ever crave ice cream when it’s really cold outside? (it’s currently snowing here.) Sometimes you just want a delicious, slushy drink—and this sweet and salty dog is just that.

It doesn’t get anymore #classic than this! Here’s how to make the best vodka martini. We also love this key lime version, snickerdoodle, and chocolate martini (with lots of chocolate syrup).

If you love peppermint, you have to make this peppermint White Russian (with a crushed candy cane rim)! Looking for a non-dairy version? We’ve got you covered.

Cosmopolitans feel very Sex and The City, don’t they? We’re completely into the idea of sipping on one of of these in front on the TV in our pajamas.

Tequila Cocktails (AKA Margaritas)

OK, we might as well admit it. We LOVE margaritas and our cocktail archive proves it. Haha. The most important thing to start with when making a margarita is the mix—and we really prefer the homemade kind. You only need three ingredients!

Here’s Elsie’s favorite margarita—it’s infused with orange and cranberry. SO good!! We’re big fans of this watermelon version, too.

If a frozen margarita sounds good, we have a few options. Fresh mango, spicy watermelon mezcal, avocado, and hibiscus are all winners in our book.

And, if you’ve never added a toasted coconut rim to a coconut margarita before … the time is now. 😉

Rum Cocktails

Might as well start with something fancy, right? Here’s the recipe for triple tiki rum punch and the link for that cute mug.

The best fresh (or frozen) daiquiri recipe from our favorite hometown bar, The Golden Girl Rum Club. Warm up with a cup of boozy hot chocolate. This version is non-dairy and sooo delicious.

If you’ve been searching for the best piña colada recipe, look no further. And you can serve it INSIDE the pineapple!

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing mojito—especially when you’re craving summer weather. And a patio! This raspberry version is also amazing.

If you love cinnamon and nutmeg, you have to try our spiced vanilla bean bushwacker. Hilarious name, but it’s such a treat.

We guarantee you’ve never had a mai tai like this one. Trust us, OK?

Whiskey Cocktails:

Our love for a good hot toddy is very strong. So much that we have several recipes we want you to try, like the one above (it’s made with hot honey), this apple cinnamon hot toddy, and our favorite one to enjoy around the holidays—cranberry.

We love a good whiskey sour, especially when it’s made with homemade sour mix. If you’re a peach fan, you’re going to go crazy over the recipe above—it’s a peach and basil whiskey sour!

Did someone say “boozy apple cider à la mode?” OK, just checking. 😉

Emma’s favorite old fashioned recipe is called “smoke and cinnamon” (you’ll see why!) and it’s so perfect for a cold snowy night.

Our favorite classic Manhattan cocktail with the best cherries ever.

A cocktail for dessert? Yes, please. Here’s the recipe for an incredible mint julep milkshake.

If you love a good whiskey sour but want something a little different, this version only has three ingredients: bourbon, lemon juice, and homemade honey syrup.

Elsie’s favorite fall cocktail is equal parts apple cider and whiskey lemonade. Yum!

You can see our full archive of cocktails here. If you are looking for mocktail options, we have plenty of those too! Cheers to you, friends. -The ABM team

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