Apple Plush Pillow Tutorial (with download!)

Apple Plush Pillow with DownloadI love this time of year when the weather starts cooling down and it's time to break out the extra blankets and cozy decorations!  It's always an extra inspiring time for crafts in our home.  Here's a little pillow tribute to fall (or "Apple Season" as we like to call it)!

Apple Plush Pillow PatternHere is an illustration to use as a guide for cutting out your apple. You'll need two layers of red fabric in this size. Leave a little extra space at the top (as we've shown with the dotted line) because this is where you will stuff your apple from and attach the stem. For the facial features, we created a download for you to print out at home (or you can "eyeball it" based on our photo!) Template/ DOWNLOAD

Apple Plush Pillow Steps
1. Supplies Needed: red velvet, white and black felt, burlap, green cotton fabric, scissors, stuffing, iron. 2. Cut out pieces using the templates.  Turn the red velvet inside out and stitch around the edges, leaving an opening at the top where the stem will go.  Flip the apple right-side-out (so the velvet is now showing).  Stuff the pillow with the stuffing. 3. Stitch around the edges of the leaf (green fabric), leaving a small opening.  Flip the leaf right-side out and iron flat. 4. Stitch around the edge of the stem (burlap), leaving the bottom open.  Stuff the stem until slightly plump. 5. Insert the stem and leaf into the opening of the apple and hand-stitch the opening closed (sewing through the stem and leaf). 6. Apply the eyes and mouth with fabric glue.  You're all finished! 

Apple Plush Pillow Tutorial (with pattern)I hope you enjoy making this apple pillow for your home!  I can't wait to come up with more fun additions to our Fall decor in the coming weeks. xoxo, Katie

PS. Everyone please give Katie a warm welcome because she will be working part time in our studio now. Welcome Katie! 

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