Article Sven Review (And How I Restuffed our Cushions)

Over the past four years, one of my most asked questions has always been, “What do you really think of your Article Sven sofas.” I get a DM like this at least once every week, so I thought it would be helpful to write a thorough review here. Just to let you know upfront—this is the exact same review (just longer) that I send privately in our DMs all the time. I also wanted to share how I restuffed our couch cushions recently because it was super easy and made such a huge difference!

I think the main reason why I get SO many questions is because buying a sofa online that you can’t test IS scary. I get it! I wish I could read a post just like this before every major purchase!

In our main living spaces, we have the Sven sofas and also the sectional (pictured above).

I chose the sofas because my friend who has kids said they wear really well over time. I have had my share of sofas in the past that did NOT age gracefully, or were a huge pain to upkeep due to our dogs (we have two dogs that shed a good amount). I chose these sofas for practical concerns.

When they first arrived, I noticed that they already looked a bit worn in due to the leather. They are big and comfy, but not “too big” like a lot of the comfy sofas from past decades. I really loved that they feel a bit broken in right away—you don’t have to be scared of messing them up. Since becoming a mom, I now FULLY recognize the value in low maintenance furniture and these are very easy to take care of.

To spot clean them, I use water and a microfiber cloth. If you want to use special cleaners, that is up to you, but water has worked well for me (I don’t use too much, just what is needed to remove the stain). And speaking of stains, we’ve had some pretty gross spills (and other accidents lol) on these sofas. They are easy to clean and can take a beating!

One thing a lot of people have asked about is the back cushions losing their shape. Here’s a tip for the EASIEST way to fix that because yes, they will lose some shape over time (especially if it is your main sofa where you spend a lot of time, aka your television/lounge spot).

Look at that difference!

All I did here to restuff our cushions was add ONE standard size pillow to the back of each pillow. There is a zipper on the bottom back of each pillow, so you can add more filling or an extra pillow like we did.

We just used some pillows from our guest room that were looking a little worn out (needed to be replaced anyway).

We have had this sectional for about two years and our other sofa set for four years. I highly recommend these sofas if you are looking for something kid and pet friendly, as long as you like the comfy look and feel of them. If want something a bit more tailored looking, I would look at the Timber sofa (it’s still comfy, but not as big/fluffy—we have them at our holiday house in Missouri).

Also, I can’t say enough good things about brown leather. I LOVE IT. It is so easy to decorate around season to season.

OK, that’s all I have for now! If you have any more questions about the Sven sofa, I am happy to answer in the comments.

Article is currently having a big Labor Day sale and the Sven sofa (in oxford blue) is included, along with a lot of other things. Click here for more details on that sale.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Article couch was gifted, but all opinions are our own. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Does anyone have the Matilda from Sand and Stable (sold at Wayfair)? It looks identical to the SVEN but cost 1k less. With all the problems that everyone seems to be having with the SVEN, I thought I’d take my chances at a cheaper price point.

  • I agree with you that buying a sofa online can be scary, but sometimes it works. My story with the Sven sofa is very picturesque. I was always a lover of sofas with tan leather upholstery, and I always wondered what it would be like when I would have my own place and could furnish it to my liking, with a more or less decent budget. I had already seen the Sven sofa in several stores and had had the opportunity to test it long before I had the money to buy it in my hands. When I ordered a model that I discovered in Manhattan Home Design, I was terrified because I didn’t know if it would live up to my expectations but, fortunately, it did. It’s practically the element that I love the most in my living room.

  • I love this sofa and i have been searching for a long time. I have a question with the sun? Do you have any sun spots or damage?

  • I cannot thank you enough for this hack. It’s like I have a brand new couch. I am so grateful.

  • I googled Article Sven cushion sag and food this post, I used it as an excuse to replace some pillows from our bedroom and used the old ones in the sofa cushion backs and it is AMAZING. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • I am having. A hard time deciding between the Sven and the Timber. When it comes down to it I like the look of the Sven better but my hubby is convinced three cushions will be better than 1 for a variety of reasons- mostly because he is a solid strong dude and doesn’t want to sit down and have others rolling into him on the one big cushion- he likes the idea of separation. Can you speak to the differences of each? Pros and cons? And do you have a favorite?

    • Do you end up getting a couch? I’m in the same situation- deciding between the Sven and the Timber

    • Hi, I have the same Sven sectional from article and my seat cushions have zippers. I’ve been debating trying to stuff some fiber fill into the seat, because mine are looking a little deflated. It’ll definitely be a bit of a chore to get around the tufting, but I’m sure it would be worth the effort. My leather seems to stain easily, too. Even just spilling water leaves a ring. I don’t think I would buy this sofa again.

  • I have an identical sofa from SLK furniture and I’m back and forth with them about the squishy pillow issue. The pillows are so squishy that they can’t hold my back and neck up. Slk are sending me firmer pillows for the second time now and I have a feeling that third time is a charm!

    • Hi! Debating on purchasing the SLK sofa as well, what do you think of it now? For pillows, do you mean the back cushion? Was worried it would be too soft

  • I am so glad to see an update on this sofa!
    I’ve had it on my wishlist for years, but I always seem to spend my sofa money on other junk. I have 5 kids, so it’s really important that it ages well.

    Elsie, is the leather thick, or does it feel on the thinner side?

    I ask because a friend ended up with a huge rip in the leather of a different brand couch on the first day! It was from a pen in her teenager’s pocket. Ugh.

  • I have the same sofa and I do love it. I’m definitely going to try the pillow trick! I have gotten a couple of punctures in the leather unfortunately (we have a cat and a bigger dog) and mine has also discolored a little more on the front of the seats. They’re getting a bit grey. ????

  • I read this with great interest as we ordered online and panicked about doing so, so I was curious as to your experience. We bought from Joybird and it was a mixed bag. I actually just did the same as you, shared a review. Thanks for the helpful info!

  • We have the same Sven sofa from Article (just not the sectional), and I don’t know why ours is so awful when everyone seems to love theirs! I read a million reviews before buying and it’s still been such a regret. The seat cushion is about two inches short for the couch (Article said it would ‘settle,’ which it didn’t) so there’s always an awkward gap at one end; the back cushions deflated almost instantly; but most important the leather stains when almost anything touches it (forget sitting on it if you put on lotion or sunblock in the past six hours or if you’re wearing blue jeans, even old ones; my kid left a coconut cookie on the couch and there’s a massive grease stain that won’t come out for anything). We have tried everything to save this couch, called Article a few times, used leather conditioner and restorer, and no dice. After less than two years the couch was moved out of sight to the basement because it’s so terrible looking, and we dug our old couch, the one that we had attempted to replace, back out of the basement.

    • I agree with this! I have the exact same sofa (bought it two years ago) and definitely regret buying it. My pillows are totally squashed down compared to how the pictures look online, and despite being pretty careful with it/constantly cleaning, it has little stains all over it. Anything even remotely oily is a no-go, so food can’t be anywhere near it. The leather seems really nice, thick, and soft, but it really doesn’t seem to hold up to normal wear and tear in terms of staining. Article sells this couch in fabric now, which I think would’ve been a much better choice. Article has decent customer service, but I don’t think I would’ve purchased this if I knew how much of a pain it would be.

    • This has been nearly our exact experience!! And I’ve thought the very thing…how could hundreds of others have ZERO problems with this? Could it really only be my sofa or is it crowd mentality? This won’t extend our base cushion of course, but so excited that it maybe won’t have to be in the unfinished basement. Maybe with the back cushions filled, it can earn a place in the loft.???? Thank you!

  • Just got to give you a HUGE THANKYOU!!! Your idea for adding a pillow has saved my very expensive leather couch from the garbage bin. And you’ve saved me a ton of cash.

  • Hi! Have you noticed the seat cushion sagging in the places where you sit more often? That is the thing I worried about with a sofa with one big seat cushion. On our tufted sofas, we usually sit on one side the most (by a lamp, good for reading) but I can rotate the cushions around so they wear evenly. With one big seat cushion I worry it would just sag in one spot?

  • OMG this is so helpful! I’ve wanted this sofa for almost two years now, and I definitely admire the sectional in your living room. It looks styled yet comfy and lived in at the same time. I figured that if it’s really been holding up with two kiddos and two dogs, then it’s gotta be a great piece! Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping to get one soon!

  • This hack is brilliant! I have the Swen sofa in velvet and our cushions desperately needed to be revived, so I followed your hack using a couple old standard pillows. I think king size pillows might work better since they are longer, but I used what I had and it’s perfect. Thank you!!!!

    • I just checked the sofa cushions ARE longer than the sectional cushions. So yes, king size pillows for the sofa!! xx

  • I am so excited to try this out with my Sven couch! My cushions aren’t as saggy yet because it’s only about 6 months old but maybe it will be a preventative measure. I love this couch, so glad I purchased it. I have 3 little dogs that climb and lay all over it, we’ve spilled things, and it still looks amazing. It’s comfy and stylish. Best couch purchase ever.

  • Have you treated or conditioned the leather with anything? (It’s the small standalone stains that stand out to me and bother me, but maybe as you get more wear they all start to blend in? 🙂 We’ve had ours for 6 months.)

  • I think sofas that have cushions which are loose, have more issues with the stuffing! (at least that has been my experience)
    We purchased almost identical sofas from a company called EQ3 (or , the only difference being that the cushions are all attached. They are 4 years old now, and still look brand new!!! We LOVE them! I’m wondering if it’s the fact that the cushions are secured, maybe helps with the problem that the Article sofa has?!

  • We have the Timber sofa in the same color and love it! So amazingly comfortable and the more scratches and flaws it gets, the better it looks. We have the sven in fabric and I’m having some issues with it. The fabric won’t stay tight on the seat, making it look saggy, cheap and worn out after a month. Glad to see the leather version wears better.

  • Have you had any issues with scratches/damage from your dogs’ nails? I love the sofas, but have two dogs that we let lay on our furniture.

    • Hi!
      So the sofas arrive already kind of imperfect, which I love. The leather already has some difference and I have never noticed any dog nail scratches (although I’m sure there are some, but they are well hidden!) xx

  • Oh gosh, I love the sofa! It looks so comfortable and rustic – it really brings character to your living room! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • You just added a pillow to the cushions? DId you have to remove any of the old stuffing in order to do that?

    • No, I didn’t remove any of the old stuffing. Just added a standard size pillow to each of the 3 back cushions.

      • This pillow insert hack is pure genius! I’ve had this sofa about 3 years and the back cushions l had become so saggy and sad looking. We had actually tried adding more down before and it didn’t make much difference. After reading your post, I popped in a standard pillow against the backside of each sofa back cushion (one pillow per cushion) and its firmed you again and back it it’s original shape. Thanks!!

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