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Amazing kitchen!At Home with Alayna PowellToday we are welcoming Alayna Powell to the blog as she shares her lovely home with us!

Living room"I moved into my 115 year old house almost two years ago. I live in a small midwest town that doesn't have too many older homes, so my search for the perfect old-charm house was pretty narrow. I picked this home because I saw so much potential the moment I walked into the door. It had been on the market for a very long time, and I think most people thought that taking on a big project home like this would be too daunting. Luckily for me, I got to polish up this diamond in the rough. All it took was a little bit of elbow grease, imagination, and a whole lot of love. 

Decor detailsDavenport couch"My yellow mid-century davenport couch is a hand-me-down that my best friend bought years ago when we lived together. It's so unbelievably comfortable, and people are often surprised by how comfy it is! Lots of naps and cuddles with my dog Elvis have been shared on this couch. In the living room and dining room, I painted the walls a soft grey that I fell in love with in Flea Market Style magazine, and I painted all the trim a bright white for a clean, modern change. 

Statement wallCute bedroomVanityBedroom"My favorite space in my home is my bedroom. It's the tiniest bedroom in the house out of four bedrooms. I picked it for my room because the closet is underneath the stairs, and I loved the little Harry Potter reference. It just makes me happy! I wanted it to be as girly and French as possible, so I painted a candy-striped accent wall, and then filled it with all of my favorite colors and girly things like my pink vintage radio and pink chenille bedspread. My pillowcases were made by my best friend from fabric I found while antiquing with my dad in Michigan last summer. It's just my happy place!

Cute shelf"The best part about small-town living is that there are so many surrounding small towns, each brimming with antique stores and thrift shops with so many treasures that I sometimes have to put things back and hope they are still there next time! Note to self: my next vehicle has to be a flatbed truck! 

Kitchen shelvesAlayna Powell"My favorite selling point on the house was the kitchen! It's a southern-facing kitchen, so it gets full sunshine all day long. I tore down the cabinets to expose the shelving on one side and painted it mint green. It took me nine hours, including washing and repainting the ceiling, but now it's so bright and cheery! I love my jadeite salt and pepper shakers that I bought in Atlanta during my family's annual Christmas antique scavenger hunt. I've wanted jadeite salt and pepper shakers forever. They are often very expensive and hard to find. When I saw them during our hunt for only $15, I knew I had to get them!"

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Credits// Author and Photography: Alayna Powell

  • I’m OBSESSED with that mint kitchen. What color paint did you use?

  • omg do I love that kitchen! it’s so me. thanks for sharing it! xx. gigi.

  • I love all of the random pops of color. They work so well together. You can feel the love.

  • That kitchen is an absolute dream! Love the ‘A’ above the bed too.

    Erin |

  • Hi A. D.! It is called Repose Grey, and it’s from Sherwin Williams 🙂

  • Thank you Kathie! Older homes are so special, I love the history and stories and secrets they have. So glad you appreciate old charm and character, too!

  • I love that, Brenda! Your mother’s kitchen sounds so special. Making memories is what it’s all about. It makes me so happy to know my kitchen made you happy. Hugs!

  • It is so much fun! We make a list of random oddities to search for (probably 10-15 items, for example, Clown Figurine, Funky Furniture, Black and White photo, Creepiest Doll, etc.) and then we have one hour to find something for each category. We use our phones to take pictures of the items we find, then after our hour is up, we sit and compare the photos and vote on who has the best or coolest item in each category. The person with the most votes wins! It’s a blast!

  • They are great, I would love one in every color! Thanks Cindi!

  • Thank you Marie-Ange! Maybe ill take you up on that someday!

  • Luckily I have very light dust in my home, and my dishes are all used so much that they don’t gather any ever. I do keep a basket of old mismatched socks that I use to dust with in the rest of the house, haha!

  • It was not handmade, I got it at Urban Outfitters! Thanks, I hope you find one like it!

  • Thanks Jamie! Reclining Green was used in the kitchen, and the grey is Repose Grey, both are from Sherwin Williams.

  • I hope you get to live your dream of restoring an old home, it’s a magic experience when it all comes together! Thanks Lauren!

  • Good luck with your space, Im sure it’ll be beautiful! Thanks Carolyn!

  • This kitchen gets the best light all day long, love it! Thanks CC!

  • Alayna, do you remember the name and brand of that lovely gray paint?? Thanks!

  • I love you house! I have lived in mostly older homes too. Just love the character in them. We did the gray with white combo too. Didn’t know if I’d like it but I sure do! Your minty kitchen makes me go “Ahhhhhhh…love”

  • I just love the colour of the kitchen!

    And who doesn’t love a super comfy couch?!

  • There is something special about an older home. The higher ceilings, moldings, floors. The kitchen reminded me of home I grew up in. My mother also painted cabinets a light green and it was also a favoriate place to curl up with our feet on the open oil stove door after coming in from the cold. Thank you for a special memory it means a lot.

  • Love the pops of color, also. Very liberating. “Old house” does not have to mean dreary décor. However, I wish ds would focus more on the grand scheme–the rooms, and not the narrow vignettes. I don’t need to see makeup. Sometimes it starts to look like just “stuff”.

  • Love your house……interested in how your family does the annual antique scavenger hunt. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do with family or friends. Thanks!

  • If one day you want to adopt a belgian family and learn french and dutch, mail me 🙂

  • It is a lovely home! I love how colourful it looks. However, I am wondering how you would deal with the dust? I mean I want to decorate my house as such too, but the dust is crazy here in Singapore. It’s a tedious job to dust everything every 2 days or so. Hopefully I can get some tips from you! 🙂

    Thank you.

  • What a fun house!
    Amber x

  • Wow that is such a cute space…mildly jealous:)


  • the closet under the stairs is amazing, and I ADORE the mint kitchen! ugh!

  • Everything looks so amazing! Love the colors 🙂

  • Was the flowery pink embroidered pillow on the couch also handmade? I love it and want to find one just like it!

  • My goodness me! What a beautiful color scheme! I’ll definitely be bringing some of these color schemes to my house too!

  • This home is darling! So many fun pops of color! And that kitchen! Hearts. For. Eyes. Times. Infinity.

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I can’t get over the kitchen…or the living room…or pretty much the whole place. 😉 My dream is to restore an older home one day!

  • Would you mind sharing the color of the paint you used? I love the mint kitchen and the gray.

  • I LOVE how she makes clutter beautiful!

    My clutter is, well, just clutter >_< Teach me your ways!

  • Beautiful home! I love the soft grey and white walls, as well as the vintage furnishings.

    Happy Tuesday

  • Wow!! Such a beautiful kitchen and bedroom! Your art collages are lovely. Such beautiful, tasteful styling! Where did you get your calendar?

  • I love this minty kitchen! Hoping to have my space finished soon so I can submit 🙂

  • Love the color! The pastel kitchen is darling and the yellow stripes.


  • Love the colors throughout. Beautiful home.

  • I’m obsessed with that mint green kitchen!


  • I love the mint green kitchen, it’s so charming. Then again mint green is my favorite color. Also I love the fact the kitchen gets a nice amount of natural light.

  • Such a cute home! That mint kitchen: SWOON!
    ♥Heather & Melissa

  • I loved this kitchen! I’m living in a rental house right now, but i have so many plans for my own house already, and this kitchen totally is in my inspiration wall.
    I love these candy colors on kitchens. Laura’s kitchen was one of my favorite too.

    I also loved the grey walls!

    Tks for sharing Alayna.

  • I used to live in an even older house for many years as a child, but my parents’s choice of decor and everything wasn’t great. Thus I was quite happy to get out of there, but now that I see this, it makes me want to go back and change everything according to my taste… Very beautiful!

  • I know what you mean! Totally obsessed for life. Thanks Anne!

  • One day you’ll get the chance, hope I get to see when you do! Have fun with it! Thank you!

  • Love the color in her kitchen! Currently obsessed with mint green

  • Absolutely love the mint green in the kitchen! Beautiful home, very unique styles! 🙂

  • This is seriously the dream. I can’t get over this place! I love how eclectic it is. All of the colours work together so well and I can only dream of being able to put this together. One day, one day!

    Lorna | xx

  • Her decor is amazing, I love the pastel base and the pops of vintage orange and brown. A little 60’s, a little 70’s, and a lot of cute!

    xx Jill
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