At Home With Anne Ziegler

Gorgeous dining spaceLOVE the white dishes and walls in this spaceWe are very excited to have Anne Ziegler from Domino's new Color Issue sharing bits of her lovely home with us today! Gorgeous living space with the perfect pops of colorStack books for perfect splashes of colorLove the pops of colorLove how bright this space is!"After a decade of cramped apartment living in New York city we wanted a laid-back airy open space. We stumbled upon this two-bedroom home in the Laurel Canyon and fell in love with the high ceilings and open beams. We wanted a peaceful place away from the overstimulation of our work lives." Dream work spaceInspiration board"One of my favorite pieces is our bright blue butcher block table. It was one of my first furniture purchases in New York and it has played many roles in my apartments over the years, from a desk to a dinner table. When my friends come over they laugh and recognize it from a decade ago." Clean and simple bedroomLarge wall art and lucite table"We have lived in the house since June. I guess you could say that the spaces have become more refined. Once you have the furniture decided, it is about the right details. I am striving for a 'less is more' feeling so each purchase needs to really add something to the space." Love the shades of blueAt Home With Anne ZieglerLove everything about this space!Thanks so much, Anne, and our friends at Domino Magazine for sharing this gorgeous space with us!

Credits // Photography by Brittany Ambridge

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  • What a beautiful home. Really enjoying the clean lines and colors. Thanks for sharing!

  • So … many comments on the floors. Anyone get an answer as to what kind of timber/finish they are?

    Love them too.

  • Hello, somebody please help I NEED that polka dot bedspread! Does anyone know where I can find it/ one like it?

  • This is absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful and simple palette — you can never go wrong with white on white on white!

    Reminds us of one of our projects, also in Laurel Canyon!

  • what a beautiful home! i love love love the office. any idea where the pink heart print is from? xo

  • First, please forgive me for starting off with negative criticism 🙁 I love your blog and will continue to visit daily, but I just had to comment. (Next time I promise to comment with something positive–and there are lots of positive things I could say about ABM!) As usual, I was excited to see the “at home with” series. But I actually choked on my tea laughing out loud when I read that this week’s home owner was from Domino’s COLOR issue. And there is no color in her house!! Now, I too love fresh, white walls that make bright colors “pop” but white everything?? It may be clean & bright but it is also boring and so predictable! Think: rental. So many people are afraid of color, especially color on their walls. I would love to see you feature more homes that are colorful and beautifully styled. And, honestly, more realistic homes that regular people with kids and dogs and dirt and messy lives actually live in instead of homes that look like they were styled for a magazine shoot. (Do you know how difficult it would be to keep a house with white walls, floor & furniture looking this clean?? Do we really need that kind of pressure in our already overloaded lives??) Seriously, though, I humbly request that you might please mix in a few more colorful homes to inspire us to take that plunge with color in our own lives! Having had marigold, teal, rust and, most recently, “cinnamon slate” walls, I know first hand how joyful and inspiring color in your home can be! Most of the homes you have featured recently look so much the same, only with different objects arranged on the same mid-century tables. Anne Ziegler’s home is lovely and extremely…pristine and orderly, but I would love to see a little more variety from time to time, please? Thank you for your time and, again, sorry to criticize when I haven’t complimented you enough. I love you, ABM! Keep up the good work!

  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! And yes Jill – where are the cords! lol
    The Macadame. xx

  • Wow. This is just beautiful. I love how clean and bright it feels, but there is still lots of personality. Those floors are perfect.

  • The plain, unstained wood floors give it such an interesting look you don’t see everyday. Wish I could make a space look like that!

  • Love the home – especially the floors. WOW!

    On another note, can anyone tell me where that shirt is from that Anne is wearing. Love that too…and probably more in my budget than the floors. 🙂

  • I’m really curious about the art piece hanging in her living room above her chair. It looks really intriguing. I wonder what it is?

  • I love it! Such gorgeous lightness.

    I’d really like to see a feature where people show collections of beautiful objects they love and/or have collected. I have so many pretty cups and saucers and vintage homewares, and I’d love to showcase those rather than my home.

  • Adore all the wood and white. It’s so fresh and uncluttered. I love it!

  • Everything is beautiful, nice decoration… I would like to get them as gifts… I will enter them in to have my dreams come true.

  • I seriously love this house! All white with fabulous flooring! This is my dream house.


  • natural, bright,clear…a HOME with all the letters! beautiful! kisses from Argentina!

  • I love all of the white. Need some tips on how to keep it all clean!

  • Wauw I absolutely love this! It both simple and personal at the same time – I love that all the rooms are so light and white, it makes them bigger and more calm to look at.. Perfection 🙂


  • So gorgeous! I love how bright and white everything is! And the awesome art work that’s up on the walls is stunning!


  • This home is so beautiful. This is pretty much exactly what I want my home to look like eventually.

  • The floors and the natural light are just incredible. Wow. I also love the simplicity of the bed, yet it looks so tidy.

  • i’m so in love with how bright and open her space is! love, love all the white 🙂
    xo jac

  • Tout en blanc, comme ça, ça fait rêver ! C’est tellement frais et épuré, j’adore !

  • WOW…. That’s a lot of white ~ but I love it. Absolutely beautiful!! Especially love the floors. 🙂

  • beautiful, bright, amazing…a HOME with all the letters! thanks for share it!

  • I’m really liking the office space. I think it’s the clean white table paired with the fun light blue lamp!

  • beautiful place, I want a house like this one!!! Love the office place!!


  • Oh wow, it’s absolutely beautiful! Love the open space. Everything looks gorgeous in white as well.

  • I LOVE this house! So beautiful! Trily inspiring!

  • Beautiful home, Love the white clean look with hints of vibrant colors and textures.

  • Less is certainly more in this case! I love the look of all the whites with the raw wood – makes it feel less like a science lab and much cozier!

  • WOW! Seriously, just wow. I love how crisp and airy her home looks. Lovely use of trendy pieces!
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  • So crisp and white! Gives all the home decor full attention 🙂

  • Soooo beautiful! I have never been successful at the all white look, but every time I see a beautiful space like this, I get delusions of decorating grandeur all over again!

  • What a gorgeous space! It’s so bright and I love the office!
    xx – Erica

  • Well, I’m about to pin every one of these… what a perfect balance of peaceful and stimulating. BE.A.U.TI.FUL. (thank you for sharing with us!)

  • Such a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  • Such a beautiful home, the white interior is lovely! x

  • I want my house to look like this. Its so simple but still stylish and beautiful. Right now im living in a hole of clutter!

  • Such a lovely house, I adore the pavement

  • Such a great atmosphere, absolutely love it.

    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  • Absolutely splendid home, so full of light!! Love it and the decoration is just the right amount, not too much and yet very present, congratulations!

  • Wow – this place is totally my cup of tea. The white! Those floorboards! Beautiful taste 🙂

  • WOW. The floors are giving me life. This is the kind of house I’d like to wake up in, go over to the window, and gaze out over the ocean!

  • This home is so beautiful! Especially love those desk chairs and the wall art

    Xx Milly

  • Anne ~ or anyone! I’d love to know more about the flooring in your home.
    We’re about to redo our kitchen and that is exactly what I want!

    Gorgeous place..thanks for sharing!

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