At Home With Danni Hong

At Home With Danni HongOur next guest for our "At Home With" series is Danni Hong.  Danni is here to share her gorgeous living space with us! Danni Hong's lovely home"For a long time, our home and space was filled with our furniture from college and just a lot of junk. After a while we were so tired of the way we were living, we decided to get rid of everything and fill it with items that really matched our aesthetic and style—items that were more unique and special. We shop at local flea markets, and that's how we came to acquire pretty much everything in our home! The more we bought the more we realized we liked the "industrial" look. We ended up with a lot of metal and wire pieces. We love our place and coming home to space  that really matches who we are." Amazing rug Ohfhome6"My favorite finds are some bowls straight from my Grandfather's village. We were able to take a family trip to China a few years ago and visit the house my grandfather grew up in. It was abandoned and there were some dishes still there. So we split them up, and each of us got some. Definitely one of the most special items we have in our place!" Love those hanging baskets for storage Pretty organization"We have lived here for about 7 years. As I mentioned above, our home was just filled with a lot of furniture and things from our days in college. One of our friends who would hang out with us a lot in college came over recently. He hadn't been over in years but when he walked in he said he felt like he walked through a time machine and was transported back in time. I forgot he hadn't seen our home for a while and all the new decor was totally different than what he remembered before. So I guess our space has evolved quite a bit since then ;)" Lovely tabletop knick knacks Pretty pitchers Vintage lovelies"I don't know if it's super unusual, but one year we went to Portland for my birthday. And we came across this auction. They were auctioning this 'bear ass bank' which had a bear on one end and a donkey on the other. I thought it was so funny! It was a fun memory to create, going to the auction, actually bidding & winning 😉 It was our first auction we had ever been to." At Home With Danni Hong via A Beautiful Mess "The space gets used for eating and relaxing. Sometimes it gets used for crafting. During craft show season, all my stuff takes over, and it's filled with boxes, suitcases, and product—it looks like a crafty hurricane went through. It doesn't always stay as clean as it looks in the photos, but we enjoy the space when we're not busy working!"Love that scooter!Thank you for sharing this wonderful space with us, Danni! You can find more of Danni over at her blog Oh, Hello Friend. xo.

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*photos by Jennifer Young

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