At Home With Diana La Counte

At Home With Diana La CounteWe have been long-time admirers of Diana's pink kitchen, so we are very excited to have her sharing this lovely space today!

Diana La Counte's pink kitchen via A Beautiful Mess"We live in an older historical home, from 1907! Our old dining room was the master bedroom, and our pantry was the closet. The cabinets were added in the 90's, and we've kept them but upgraded the paint, the backsplash tile, the counters and the flooring. We wanted to keep the historical value of the house without compromising the foundation."

Love the bright detailsLovely pink chalkboard door"I love our old stove. It came with the house, and it was rusted, leaked gas, and unusable. But the owners didn't want to move it. We had it professionally restored from a local business that restores vintage appliances exclusively. Just to be safe, we had it checked out from the gas company, and they said it worked better than most industrial restaurant stoves. It's been our favorite investment for this space."

Darling pink kitchen via A Beautiful MessSweetest pup in a fun hello kitty:pink kitchen"The pantry is my favorite project. It used to be a closet, but turned into an awkward nook. We hired a carpenter to check out the space and told him our dilemma. If one day we needed the space for a play room, family area, we can easily use the pantry as storage."PInk credenza & Marilyn"We've lived here for 2 years in August. The kitchen was useable but the dining room slowly became a dumping ground in between renovations. It connects the house right in the middle, and I was so embarrassed walking through. There was nothing pretty about it. After finally getting it cleaned up, opening up the curtains, and hanging my favorite prints, it's become our brightest room."

Beautiful dining area-- love those ghost chairsHouse Tour 6"This is the heart of the house. I can wait for laundry down the hallway, listen to music (music is always on in this part of the house), and bring our laptops to work. We're loving this space more and more. And even though it's used for two, I can't wait to see what it evolves to when we welcome our third family member."

House Tour 2Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen/dining space with us, Diana!  You can say hello to Diana over at her blog Our City Lights. xo.

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