At Home With Kelly Ginn in Memphis, Tennessee

At Home with Kelly GinnPendant Light/Ikea

Today we are excited to share Kelly Ginn's beautiful home with you! We absolutely love all of the colorful vintage pieces in this space. You can really feel all of the love that's been put into it!

Wicker chair"I won’t lie, when I stepped into this house, it wasn’t exactly our “dream home". Some walls were purple, others were pink, there was a gold foil (not in a cute way, ladies) collage on what is now my office wall, and I almost couldn’t see past the train wreck state it was in. Thankfully John helped me see that aesthetically, the house was unique and had lovely bones. The open floor plan is what we love most about our home. Even if we’re three “rooms” away from each other, we can still see each other, which is pretty sweet.

Blue mason jarsGallery wallDecor details"I am sure from the images you can tell I am a collector of all things colorful. There are SO many things in my home that I call my “favorite". Our honeycomb shelves were a project that both John, my dad and I worked on. I will always love what a statement they make in our home. Our retro-inspired green couch from Urban Outfitters was our splurge piece, and I don’t regret it because it pops with color against our white walls. 

At Home with via A Beautiful MessCouch/Urban Outfitters, Honeycomb shelves/DIY.

Honeycomb shelvesPyrex"I absolutely adore my colorful collection of vintage pyrex bowls that my mom has so graciously found for me at yard sales. Some of the colors are hard to come by or terribly expensive, so I will always cherish those.

OfficeOffice chair/Amazon, Wall calendar/MoMa online, Rug/Pattern Society.

Vintage decor"I would say both John and I agree that our “office” is our favorite spot in the whole house for several reasons: 1. As wedding photographers, we spend the majority of our time in our office editing, blogging, answering emails, and phone calls. We work extremely hard to be familiar with our couples and we spend time getting to know them and even cultivate friendships with them. So when we look up at our gallery wall in our office, those aren’t strangers, those are friends that graced us with the honor of capturing their special day. 2. Another reason we love our office so much is because of the natural light that pours in. As natural light photographers, John and I are always “chasing the light”, so when I saw the potential this particular room had, I knew it would make for a perfect office. And 3. Tebow, our fur child, likes to sit in between John and me while we’re working. He also frequently nudges us to let us know that it’s “park time".

Love this old TV!"With a lot of TLC (plus the help of our families) we have completely transformed our home into our dream home. It is now bursting at the seams with character and charm. We love how inviting it is."

Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly! You can find more of Kelly here and on Instagram. xo.

Credits// Author: Kelly Ginn. Photography: Kelly and John Ginn. Sources: ,  Honeycomb shelves/DIY, , , 

  • This is such a cute home! Thanks for sharing such a great space!


  • Thanks so much Emily! They were a score of mine from a yard sale! Best $70 I’ve ever spent!

  • You will totally find stuff to fill it with! I bet it will all look amazing!

  • This home is so sweet! There are so many great retro accents mixed in to each space, and it has such great personality!

  • This is one of my favorite homes that you’ve shared. Love that gallery wall!

  • A fantastic looking home. Really stylish, but still very personal as well.

    I really loved all the different shapes, styles and sizes of frame in the study. Brilliant!


  • WOW. I LOVE all the At Home With’s but I seriously think this is my favourite so far! I love everything- Starting with those chairs! Such a cool, fun and happy looking home.

  • This is so exciting! I love Kelly’s work and am so happy to see her home featured here. It’s truly lovely and thoughtful in the way they decorated. So pretty!

  • So cute. Especially love the shape of your chairs & your table. I have an old yellow oval table with 3 chairs. (my chairs need to be re-done)


  • Wow what a beautiful place, the design is fab but it looks really homely and unique. really love it

  • i love this retro eclectic vibe! I have moved three times in six years and with each move my husband and I got rid of more and more stuff. We just bought a new house this week, and these pictures are making me wish that I had more meaning full “stuff”‘to fill it with. The picture on the top right of your office wall is so adorable! Love it all!

  • It is so refreshing to see a young couple appreciate and utilize vintage decor. Great Job! You have a beautiful home.

  • This is so awesome! the frame gallery wall is beautiful! man i hope my house is this cool one day!

  • What a lovely home you have! It’s just the right mix of quirky and retro while still feeling light, airy, and open. I live all your well-edited “do-hickies”…please don’t change a thing!

  • I looooove this. So warm and personal. Really beautiful!
    – Kaitlyn |

  • This home is amazing! I have been debating a vintage Pyrex collection and this sealed the deal. SO adorable!

    Kristin |

  • While this is a beautiful home, please tell me honestly: do you dust every object, trinket, frame and do hickey regularly? This was an exhausting thought!

  • I recognize some of those bowls you’ve got there, lol. What a great space you have, just beautiful.


  • This home is wonderfully designed! I love almost everything. Midcentury modern is just playful and beautiful. It is inspiring me for sure.

    Mackenzie @

  • So proud of you and John, Kelly. You have a beautiful home. I love the vintage Pyrex bowls, too. You two have done an amazing job.

  • I love this home so much! It’s so playful, happy and fun! That gallery wall is amaaaazing.

    It’s funny, I have the same chandelier from Ikea, nearly the same kitchen table and chairs, and many other similar pieces in my own home from that first photo, so I’m obviously going to be a little biased towards loving this décor, but it’s so fun to see how she’s decorated differently with so many similar vintage and retro pieces.


  • Love it! I’m a huge fan of the vintage decor with the type writer and phone 🙂

  • This living space is so great! I especially love the gallery wall in the office above the fireplace. What a great statement!

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